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Turkey’s HDP Women’s Assembly issues feminist call-to-arms against ‘one man rule’ – Left Foot Forward

Posted: February 10, 2017 at 3:52 am

Left party launches ‘NO’ campaign for Erdogan’s referendum

Photo: HDP Womens Assembly

Turkeys Peoples Democratic Party, or HDP, Womens Assembly launched its No campaign for the upcoming referendum on Turkeys constitution, with an event in Ankara on February 5. The proposed changes would award President Erdogan more executive powers.

Here is the full text of the HDP Womens Assemblys declaration: (Emphasis has been added in bold for ease of scanning)

Dear Women;

We have struggled for our freedom against dominance based on singularity throughout history.

We have opposed the domination of one gender over the other; the dominance of one person over the entire family; the rule of kings, emperors and sultans over the peoples; the oppression of one nation over others; capitalists domination over labor and nature, and the oppression of a single belief system over other belief systems.

We have struggled hand in hand against all oppressive forms of government in cities, in the countryside, at work, at home, on the street, at the resistance and intifada zones.

While the Turkish Penal Code and the Civil Code were enacted during 2000s, we have made sure that changes empowering women were included. We, tens of thousands of women, have raised our voices/risen up against abortion law, femicide, remissions to sentences and the and the rape-law.

We have pushed back the sexist pressures and achieved great gains. On the International Womens Day and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, with our female comrades all over the world, we have been out on streets to realize freedom, equality. We have raised the womens rebellion to establish cohabitation.

As women from HDP; we have been the subjects of the fight for freedom and equality through historical experience, and the tradition of womens liberation struggle.

We struggled to build the New Life with the help of transforming power of women. We put womens will and management style into practice in all areas of life by co-chairing and equally acting in all institutions, specifically within political parties and local governments.

We have not only pushed the AKP government back in June 7 elections, but also entered the parliament with 26 women MPs and established the first Female Deputies Group. We stood by the women of Rojava, [northern Syria] who have been struggling against ISIS selling women in slave markets, building female revolution step by step.

Consequently, the AKP government first attacked women, trying to destroy womens achievements. Women who resisted were slain, their bodies exposed, detained, arrested.

Our Co-chair Figen Yksekda, the Speaker of the Womens Assembly Besime Konca and female MPs, DBP Co-chair Sebahat Tuncel, KJA spokeswoman Ayla Akat Ata, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Co-chair Gltan Kanak, municipal co-chairs, municipal councilors, party executives and members were taken hostage through arrests.

Our elected local governments, representatives of the will of the people, were usurped by appointed trustees. The first thing these trustees did was to stop municipal practices pertaining to women.

Women Centers and Violence Relief Lines were shut down, womens directorates were abolished, and femaleemployees were fired.

With statutory decrees issued during the state of emergency period, many female employees were fired; womens associations, womens cooperatives and news agencies were shut down. Attacks purging women from political life, working life, media, and social life have accelerated.

The AKP/palace ruling dictates how we should live each and every moment. They continuously talk and talk about how we should speak, how we should laugh and work, whether we should wear headscarves, how many children we should have.

In the environment of violence and hatred created by the war and militarist policies of the current government, we do not feel safe as women on the streets, buses, or on the metro trains, even in our homes and workplaces, for those who attack women can comfortably wander around.

Impunity leads to new violence practices every day. Femicides do not stop; everyday a woman is murdered by men.

Bombs fall on our lives; our daughters and sons have been losing their lives due to wars raged in the country and abroad. War and death are the only pledges of the government, while we, women, pledge to live and let live.

That is why we say NO to the politics of war and death. Once again we declare that we will provide permanent and fair peace through our struggle for equality and freedom.

We are getting poorer due to the economic policies that ignore the people but favour the interests of business and a handful of government cohorts!

The economic crisis deepens everyday. Our bread is getting smaller, our food diminishes with the price hikes coming one after the other.Unemployment is on the rise; we, the women, are the first on the firing line.

For these reasons we say NO to business-focused and war-oriented economic policies. Together we are going to build a secure new life in which we share what we produce on the basis of equality, a life in which the rights of labor is respected, a life in which the nature and life is protected.

They want to hand over the authority to a single person, as if it was not enough that they undermined our democratic rights and freedoms by using their power in an unlimited way during their 14 years of government.

Under the name of constitutional amendment, they are trying to make the regime that gives all power to one person, permanent.

Process of negotiating the constitutional amendment in the parliament was initiated by arrests of our co-chairs and our deputies. Later, the methods amounted to violence during the parliamentary sessions gave the clues about the type of administration they aimed.

Under the attacks of racist and misogynist hostility, the speeches of the members of the parliament were restricted, votes were carried out by orders, female deputies were physically attacked and the proposal was passed through the Assembly by force.

Now a vote awaits us all that will predestine all our future, polarize the society, deepen the war, enlarge the poverty, and purge women from every aspect of life. They call this freak a Presidential System, which actually is a ONE MAN REGIME.

This monist and authoritarian regime they intend to bring aims to make the rule of state of emergency and statutory decrees permanent by sustaining fascism, oppression and exploitation, based on hostility against women.

Power that can not be controlled by any other power is absolute power. History has also shown that all absolute powers are dictatorships. There is no democracy where everything is monist. This change aims at engulfing our existing rights and abolishing them as well.

We know that the ONE MAN REGIME is even worse than junta legislation of September 12 1980 coup, and it is determined to institutionalize fascism.

However, they know us well, too. We, women, have not bowed to repression, and we will not. We are not giving up our achievements obtained through struggles. No matter how it is formulated, we as women have said NO to fascism hidden behind epaulettes or neckties, we will continue to say NO.

We know how the centralization of legislative, executive and judiciary powers under under a single person poses a threat against the non-hegemonic and masterless New Life we have been aiming to establish; making politics more male-dominated, reinforcing the sexist and nationalist structures and excluding women.

We will not allow this. We say NO to both the ONE and the MAN regime.

Women are the guarantee of pluralism, diversity, and different people living together in equality and respect. The ceaseless struggle of women for equality and freedom is at the same time the struggle of building A NEW LIFE. We will not allow ONE-MAN RULE to stand in the way of our hope, we say NO!

-Say NO to stop polarization, to stay friends with our neighbors -Say NO for the responsibility we owe to those burned in Cizre basements, and those who were killed in the middle of the street by stray bullets -Say NO for Taybet Ana -Say NO to put a stop to rape and violence -Say NO to put a stop to violence against women -Say NO to the darkness of ISIS and its backward repressions being made law. -Say NO to provide freedom of religious beliefs -Say NO for our ways of life -Say NO for our labor, our body, and our identity -Say NO to the mentality of obey and be comfortable -Say NO to serving others slavishly -Say NO for equal representation, equal life -Say NO for a safe future against the exploitation of labor and workers deaths -Say NO for living together, for growing old together -Say NO for local democracy -Say NO for ecological life -Say NO for nature, for our cities, for our villages to not be plundered -Say NO for hope -Say NO for smiling children and a peaceful future -Say NO for peace, justice and freedom -Say NO for a democratic republic, a common homeland, a new life

Rally, women!

We are turning our faces to the sun we are going house to house, square to square and calling women to the colour of the earth; on behalf of life in all its colors, we say NO.

With the spirit of resistance of March 8 [International Womens Day] and the enthusiasm of [the Turkish Newroz festival], we are calling women to come together everywhere, in every language, hand in hand, to be the rainbow, to turn WINTER into SPRING.

Against all forms of hegemony; for the sake of equality, freedom, peace, hope and happiness, we are calling to build and organize in full force to say NO. This is our call Let us not forget that we succeeded on June 7 [see above]! We will succeed again. WELL DEFINITELY WIN

Peoples Democratic Party Womens Assembly February 5th, 2017

The Peoples Democracy Party (HDP) is a left-wing coalition in Turkey. Follow HDP on Twitter @HDPEnglish

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter@AdamBarnett13

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Turkey’s HDP Women’s Assembly issues feminist call-to-arms against ‘one man rule’ – Left Foot Forward

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Open Letter to NFL Players Traveling to Israel on a Trip Organized by Netanyahu’s Government – The Nation.

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Palestinian girls hold red cards in front of an Israeli soldier. (Reuters / Mohamad Torokman)

Below is an open letter signed by luminaries such as Angela Davis and Alice Walker as well as athlete-activists such as John Carlos and Craig Hodges, and organizations including Jewish Voice for Peace and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. The letter asks NFL players to consider the political ramifications of a propaganda trip organized by the Israeli government that aims to prevent players from seeing the experience of Palestinians living under military occupation. It is a trip, as the letter makes clear, that aims to use your fame to advance their own agenda: an agenda that comes at the expense of the Palestinian people. Details of the trip, which was supposed to be private, were , and this letter is the response. (Note: the Times of Israel article states that New England Patriot Martellus Bennett is a part of this delegation. I have confirmed that this is not the case. Also please note that other players mentioned in the Times of Israel article are reevaluating whether they will attend.)

We are writing to you as individuals and groups who work in support of human rights and collective liberation and admire many of you who have been outspoken in movements for freedom and justice in the United States.

We have been especially inspired by you using your celebrity to shed light about and support various struggles including Black Lives Matter. The decision by Martellus Bennett to boycott the upcoming Patriots team visit to the White House following the Super Bowl win is especially brave and sends a clear message that one must take a stand against racism and oppression.

Based on the public dedication to social justice that many of you share, it came as a surprise to us to see that you will be going on a tour of Israel next week sponsored by the Israeli government as part of an effort to get you to become ambassadors of goodwill for Israel. We would ask that you reconsider attending. These trips bringing celebrities to Israel are part of a larger Brand Israel campaign to help the Israeli government normalize and whitewash its ongoing denial of Palestinian rights. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dedicated a lot of resources to this campaign, which is designed explicitly to improve Israels image abroad to counter worldwide outrage over its massacres and war crimes. Speaking about your trip, Israels head of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Minister Gilad Erdan said, The ministry which I lead is spearheading an intensive fight against the delegitimization and BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanction] campaigns against Israel, and part of this struggle includes hosting influencers and opinion-formers of international standing in different fields, including sport. In other words, they are aiming to use your fame to advance their own agenda: an agenda that comes at the expense of the Palestinian people.

Palestinians have chosen boycott as a tactic only after exhausting so many other approaches, and with the guidance of black South Africans who called for BDS against the apartheid regime until it ended. As you are probably aware, the cultural boycott, including sports, was of particular significance in challenging apartheid in South Africa.

What Palestinians face due to Israeli policies is familiar to black and brown communities in the United States and vice versa. That is why when activists in Ferguson were facing tear gas by police while organizing to demand justice for Mike Brown during the summer of 2014, Palestinian activists were tweeting them advice about how to deal with its effects and people in Ferguson were holding up signs in solidarity with Palestinians under Israeli bombs in Gaza. That is why in 2015, more than 1,100 Black activists, artists, scholars, students and organizations, including Angela Davis, Cornel West, and Talib Kweli, signed a Black Solidarity Statement with Palestine, declaring their commitment to working to to ensure Palestinian liberation at the same time as we work towards our own. That is why more than 60 leading Black and Palestinian artists and activists, including Ms. Lauryn Hill, Alice Walker, and Danny Glover were featured in a video highlighting challenges that both communities are confronting, including militarized policing and the prison industry. That is why in rallies across the United States today people are chanting: From Palestine to Mexico, All These Walls Have Got to Go.

Palestinians have for decades been fighting policies similar to the ones people are protesting in cities across the United States. This May, Palestinians will mark 69 years since they were forcibly displaced off their lands during the establishment of the state of Israel. Since then Israel has continued to expel, deny, and ban Palestinians, tearing apart families and keeping millions of refugees from returning home. Israels brutal military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem has now lasted 50 years and has included the building of illegal Jewish-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land, the construction of an apartheid wall to further keep Palestinians out, and the destruction of more than 25,000 Palestinian homes. Within Israel there is a purposeful policy to divide people based on their nationality and religion, with more than 50 laws that privilege Jewish citizens over non-Jewish citizens. Palestinian athletes have been subject to violence by Israeli soldiers and not been allowed to travel to participate in competition, including the Rio Olympics. And this summer will mark three years since Israels deadly assault on Gaza, when Israel dropped an estimated 20,000 tons of explosives, killing at least 2,200 Palestinians, including 500 children. All of these war crimes against Palestinians are funded by the United States, which sends at least $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel every year.

The stakes are higher now than ever. Get The Nation in your inbox.

Your trip to Israel comes at a time of growing cooperation between the US and Israeli governments, as evidenced by the close relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, who both are eager to work together to continue implementing their right-wing, racist agendas. The dehumanizing language US politicians use against refugees fleeing to the United States and the decision to ban them is reminiscent of Israeli officials calling asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea infiltrators and detaining them in the desert. Your visit also comes at a time of growing public outcry against all oppressive policies. Palestinians are struggling today for their rights just like those who struggled in the U.S. Civil Rights and South African anti-Apartheid Movements, and just like brown and black communities are doing so across the United States now.

In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a historic, rights-based call for people of conscience worldwide to stand with them and launch boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns targeting Israel and institutions complicit in its oppressive policies until its complies with international law and guarantees Palestinian rights. Since the call there have been hundreds of BDS successes worldwide. Just like in other struggles, celebrities are taking a stand against Israels crimes and supporting the Palestinian call for international solidarity. Musicians like Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Roger Waters, Elvis Costello, and the late Gil Scott-Heron have canceled concerts or refused to play in Israel. Other cultural figures, including Naomi Klein, Judith Butler, Angela Davis, and Alice Walker have joined the impressive ranks of those supporting BDS as a time-honored nonviolent tactic to achieve for freedom, justice, and equality.

You now have an opportunity to speak out against the injustices facing Palestinians. We urge you to rethink your participation in this trip to Israel and the message it will send to your millions of fans who look up to you. The power athletes have in contributing to the fight for justice is evidenced in the legacy of the late Muhammad Ali, who himself was an advocate for Palestinian rights. Angela Davis recently said at the Womens March in DC attended by tens of thousands of people: Womens rights are human rights all over the planet and that is why we say freedom and justice for Palestine. Please reconsider taking this trip to ensure you are standing on the right side of history.

Signed, Organizations: US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, US Palestinian Community Network, The Dream Defenders, Jewish Voice for Peace, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Individuals: Angela Davis, Dr. John Carlos, Alice Walker, Craig Hodges, Bill Fletcher Jr., Alicia Garza, Marc Lamont Hill, Boots Riley, Umi Selah, Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor, Jasiri X

See original here:

Open Letter to NFL Players Traveling to Israel on a Trip Organized by Netanyahu’s Government – The Nation.

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Collin Nji: The first African to win Google’s CodeIn Challenge – Pulse … – Pulse Nigeria

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EFCC is an instrument for political oppression Ozekhome – Naija247news

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Mike Ozekhome, whose account was frozen last week by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said that the action was a calculated attempt to ridicule him for defending Governor Ayodele Fayose in court.

The lawyer has vowed to challenge the EFCC in court in due course and ensure the reversal of the action.

A federal high court had placed restriction on the lawyers account which contained N75m domiciled at the GTB alleging the sum was a crime money.

Speaking with journalists in Ado Ekiti yesterday, the lawyer accused the anti-graft agency of turning out to be instrument for political oppression and intimidation against perceived opponents of the All Progressives Congress-led federal government.

He said: I cant be ruffled for this action , because I have not done

illegal , illegitimate or illicit or something out of ordinary.

Governor Fayose paid me my professional fee , which was a sum of N75m out of the humongous amount owed me over cases I am holding for him, his aides and friends.

I am currently prosecuting eight cases on his behalf . The one involving Abiodun Agbede and Zenith bank, Femi Fani-Kayodes wife and others. As a professional, I had given my professional fees but thegovernor could not pay because his accounts had been frozen by EFCC, which makes the governor financially strangulated.

But last year December, Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court unfrozen and unblocked the account. He then transferred the money into my Chambers account .

In recent time, I had defeated EFCC in five different cases and so it has developed a complex for me and they thought they can embarrassme. When has payment of legal fee become or translated to a commission of a crime?

The transfer of money was not done by force, or done under false pretence or through the barrel of gun. The money is legitimate and legal. EFCC is bringing itself to the level of becoming the enemy of the people.

Ozekhome said he has been a consistent critic of Buharis governmentand this he said he did out of the passion for the liberation of thedowntrodden Nigerians.

He, however, said that n every criticism, he had always proffered solutions adding that he had always been speaking for the rejected, dejected, depressed, oppressed, repressed and the hapless in the society.

So, this allegation of money laundering by EFCC is insidious, odious and invidious and it came from the pit of hell.

The lawyer said he will soon file a suit against EFCC for the reversal of the action.

See original here:

EFCC is an instrument for political oppression Ozekhome – Naija247news

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Shahbal to introduce tough laws to curb drug abuse – Daily Nation

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Friday February 10 2017

Mombasa gubernatorial aspirant Suleiman Shahbal addresses the press at Jubilee Party’s office in Nyali on February 9, 2017. He wants the war on drugs to be intensified. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Businessman Suleiman Shahbal told Governor Hassan Joho to stop politicising the war on drugs.

He on Thursday said 6,725 people had died due to the narcotics in Mombasa in the last two years.

Mr Shahbal, the Jubilee candidate for the governors seat, said 96,752 people at the Coast were hooked to drugs.

Among them are 40,000 students aged between 12 and 17 years.

He was quoting a report on narcotics by the National Authority for Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse and US anti-narcotics agency.

Some of his family members are among those who had died due to the drugs, he said.

At least 60 well-known drug lords were on the loose in the country.

Mombasa is gradually turning into another Colombia with militia gangs, armed youths and criminals moving around. Narcotics is driving virtually every sector in Mombasa, he said at the Jubilee offices in Nyali.

Escobar was a very popular person in Colombia at first. He built schools, hospitals and seemed to be the defender of the peoples welfare and their champion.

“But what became of him later? He became one of the biggest drug barons in the world. This is what is happening in Mombasa.

He was referring to Pablo Escobar the head of the notorious Medellin cartel and one of the worlds most wanted fugitives who was killed by Colombian security forces during a shootout in 1993.

The politician said nobody had linked Mr Joho to drug trafficking.

Why does Governor Joho get so worked up about drugs? Nobody has linked him to the drugs trade. What we have linked him with is fake degrees and everybody knows that he has no degree and cannot get one. Let him go back to school, he said.

Mr Shahbal said that a senior ODM official was a beneficiary of proceeds from the sale of drugs.

He declined to name the official, only saying it is obvious.

If elected governor, Mr Shahbal would push the national government to introduce tough laws such as those in Malaysia and US where anybody involved in the illegal trade was hanged and all proceeds accrued from the trade confiscated by the State, he said.

I will push to make the drug trade a capital offence with zero returns. In the county, we will sensitise grassroots citizens and empower them to arrest any user and hand them over to the police, he said.

Governor Joho on Monday accused the Jubilee Government of plotting to end his political career by linking him to drug trafficking.

If Uhuru and Ruto have evidence I am involved in the trade or anybody else for that matter, why dont they arrest them? Mr Joho said.

Separately, Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar accused the governor of criticising the Jubilee government for its poor development record yet he had achieved nothing for the people who elected him.

If you are fighting someone you must ensure that you are accountable. Are you responsible? If (Mr) Uhuru is giving his people tenders then you should not give your relatives tenders, Mr Omar said.

Mr Omar accused Mr Johos government of boasting that it was an efficient revenue collector, saying that was no reason to be proud.

If you hear a country is taking a lot of revenue from its people then that is a country governed by exploitation.

“There is no pride in Mombasa County being the most expensive in terms of doing business, he said in Kizingo.

He said this when he flagged off a caravan to mobilise voters to register.

World Half Marathon champion clocks 1 hour, 05 minutes and 06 seconds at the Ras Al Khaimah Half

Cabinet approves spending of Sh100 billion to increase salaries of all public servants.

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Shahbal to introduce tough laws to curb drug abuse – Daily Nation

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Palma: Church leaders will continue to oppose bloody war on drugs … – Inquirer.net

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CEBU CITYPresident Rodrigo Duterte just cant silence bishops and priests.

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma on Thursday said Catholic Church leaders would continue to speak out and oppose the administrations bloody war on drugs as well as plans to bring back the death penalty even if they continued to be lambasted by the countrys top executive.

So what? We are not protecting our image. Our primary concern is to proclaim the truth and to help discern what is good for the people and the community, he said in an interview after celebrating Mass to welcome the international centennial image of Our Lady of Fatima at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

Im sure its not just the President who will castigate the Church. There are other people who will speak ill about us. But in the end, we just cant remain silent out of fear of being criticized. That is not the right way, he added.

President Duterte has been relentless in his criticisms of Catholic Church leaders who have been vocal in condemning the extrajudicial killings that had attended the administrations crackdown on the narcotics trade.

Palma clarified that bishops and priests fully support the Presidents war on illegal drugs but abhor means to end human life.

Palma said Catholic Church leaders have always kept communication lines with the President opened to bridge the gap between the two institutions.

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Palma: Church leaders will continue to oppose bloody war on drugs … – Inquirer.net

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DERMODY: War on Drugs requires more than ‘quick-fix’ | The Daily … – RU Daily Targum

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Imagine that a disease broke out, the flu for instance, and killed 50,000 Americans in just one year. You would probably be concerned, right? Wouldn’t you agree that something must be done, to help those who are sick and prevent any future infection? That would be the most sensible response. Heres the problem that deadly disease that I just mentioned is not hypothetical.

America has a drug problem and it has become disturbingly deadly. Last year, for the first time, drug overdose accounted for more deaths in the United States than fatal car accidents. To put it bluntly, that is a lot of casualties almost one every 19 minutes to be exact. So yes, this is a very real and infectious disease. An epidemic, you could say, that is creeping into households of all income levels and tearing families apart in both urban and suburban settings.

Alright, so this overdose epidemic is real, we know that much. Now comes the panic and the urgency to help, right? Wrong. I say that because this is not a new problem. Despite recent spikes in drug overdose, drug addiction has plagued America for quite some time. Over 40 years ago, for example, former President Ronald Reagan declared a war on drugs in an attempt to address this problem. Today, we are still fighting and clearly losing that war.Death by overdose was actually more prominent in 2016 than any year prior. Clearly, something is not working. Despite continuous funding and increased awareness, the drug problem in America is as widespread as ever.

So why have the efforts of countless presidents and other political leaders not been enough to end, or even control, this overdose epidemic? The answer is quite simple: America is obsessed with quick-fix solutions to complex problems. Overweight? Dont change your diet, just get surgery. Can’t get your kids to focus? Dont increase their exercise and vitamin intake, just get them a prescription. Crashing economy? Dont restructure, just print more money. As you can see, there is a trend here.

America has adopted this culture that is notorious for ignoring the causes and treating the symptoms. As consumer health advocate Mike Adams said, For every problem that demands a mature, well-planned solution, there’s a much more seductive quick-fix that completely ignores the problem but temporarily makes the symptoms go away. With that being said, America has certainly been seduced by the idea of a quick-fix solution. Through the media and advertisements, we are constantly bombarded with the misconception that there are fast and easy solutions to our most complex problems. As a result, we oftentimes take the easy way out, sweep our problems under the rug and fail to address our real issues. This is one reason why so many Americans have become addicted to drugs in the first place. Getting high, whether from a prescribed or an illicit drugs, is a quick, but only temporary, fix to our problems.

This quick-fix culture has not only fueled drug addiction in America but has simultaneously prevented us from fixing the complex problem. What does a quick-fix solution to the drug problem look like? Exactly what has been going on for the past 40 years. Poorly planned attacks that are as misguided as they are superficial. At first, in theory, these quick-fix solutions sound great. They are bold, convincing and promise to eradicate all drug use, but it should not have taken this long to realize that these solutions are hollow. The War on Drugs, for instance, placed policemen at the forefront of this battle against addiction. This may have sounded foolproof at the time seeing as there is a drug problem in America and drug use is often illegal. But by cracking down on drug dealers and users, we are being reactive rather than proactive. By the time the user is addicted, its too late, and the problem has already occurred. That is why the War on Drugs was nothing more than an attempt to cover up the symptoms of drug addiction. Consequently, the underlying problems that actually fuel drug addiction were ignored and therefore left to became worse.

Drug addiction is a problem that, demands a mature, well-planned solution. This solution is not going to be some glamorous war. Its going to be a long, slow but steady battle. We need leaders who, “have the courage to address core solutions rather than settling for short-term symptom reductions. We wont fix this problem with smooth rhetoric and bold executive orders, but with local and realistic efforts. These efforts will involve law enforcement reform, cooperation from health care providers and educators and an end to the stigma against drug addicts none of which are quick-fixes.

Luke Dermody is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in political science and criminal justice with a minor in economics. His column, “Under the Radar,” runs on alternate Fridays.

YOUR VOICE | The Daily Targum welcomes submissions from all readers. Due to space limitations in our print newspaper, letters to the editor must not exceed 500 words. Guest columns and commentaries must be between 700 and 850 words. All authors must include their name, phone number, class year and college affiliation or department to be considered for publication. Please submit via email to oped@dailytargum.com by 4 p.m. to be considered for the following days publication. Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Targum Publishing Company or its staff.

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DERMODY: War on Drugs requires more than ‘quick-fix’ | The Daily … – RU Daily Targum

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Duterte orders war on illegal gambling – Philippine Star

Posted: at 3:50 am

MANILA, Philippines Following the war against illegal drugs, President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered law enforcement and government agencies to curb illegal gambling.

The president issued Executive Order (EO) 13 which directs the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies to intensify the fight against illegal gambling.

Concerned agencies such as the Department of Justice, the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Department of Information and Communications Technology were also ordered to coordinate with law enforcement agencies.

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“The same law enforcement agencies are further directed to coordinate and promptly act on requests of gambling regulatory authorities to investigate and put a stop to illegal gambling activities in their respective jurisdictions,” the order read.

The president noted that the confusion in the jurisdiction and scope of authority of gambling regulators contributes to the proliferation of illegal gambling and gaming.

Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

The EO defined illegal gambling as a manner of directly or indirectly taking part in a game scheme wherein wagers consisting of money or articles of value at stake which is not authorized or licensed by the government.

The EO also clarified that online gambling operators are prohibited from allowing persons physically located outside the country to place bets or participate in games through an online portal.

The Office of the President will exercise oversight in the implementation of the intensified fight against illegal gambling.

“Whereas, the State condemns the existence of illegal gambling activities as a widespread social menace and source of corruption, as it has become an influential factor in an individual’s disregard for the value of dignified work, perseverance and thrift,” the order read.

The president signed EO 13 on February 2 through Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

RELATED: Duterte orders closure of all online gaming firms

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Duterte orders war on illegal gambling – Philippine Star

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Idaho House Panel Introduces Bill Limiting Indian Gambling | Boise … – Boise State Public Radio

Posted: at 3:50 am

The ongoing battle over appropriate Indian gambling is once again coming to a head in the Idaho Legislature, with both sides preparing to rip open old wounds.

Rep. Tom Loertscher, a Republican from Iona, introduced legislation Wednesday that would ban lucrative video gambling terminals inside the tribes’ casinos. The proposal was tepidly accepted by the House State Affairs Committee, with some lawmakers raising concerns about the ripple effects of the bill.

Click ‘play’ to hear the audio version of this story.

“We’ve been bothered by several gambling issues over the last few years,” said Loertscher, chairman of the House panel. “This is a major policy thing that we need to address.”

The move comes two years after lawmakers banned the use of so-called historical horse racing due to fears that the electronic betting machines resembled slot machines. The repeal effort generated outrage from the horse racing industry. It claimed the tribes were unfairly trying to squelch competition because they have a monopoly on video gambling in Idaho.

Yet the fight over Indian gambling has been a sore subject since 1988 when the Idaho Lottery was established.

Under federal Indian gambling law, Idaho tribes can only operate their own bingo and lottery operations as long as the state has already authorized that form of gambling. This has created lingering tension between the state and tribes over what types of gambling devices are legal.

According to the tribes, they operate what the state allows: A video form of the state lottery.

However, prolonged disagreement led the tribe to successfully push a 2002 ballot initiative amending Idaho’s law to say as long as the tribe’s machines do not have a lever or dispense coins only cash out tickets then the machines could not be defined as a slot machines and are not a simulation of casino gambling.

Then in 2006, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the tribes’ ability to offer video gambling devices after the state sued. The court’s decision also influenced a 2009 ruling where the Idaho Supreme Court declared Idaho could no longer sue regarding the constitutionality of the tribes’ machines.

Loertscher’s bill would remove a key section of the law amended in 2002 so that even if the tribe’s machines do not have a lever or dispense coins, they would still be banned from possessing slot machines. It’s a subtle difference, but one that would could potentially upend the entire system.

“This issue has been addressed in the judicial branch and now they want to get the Legislature involved,” said House Assistant Majority Leader Brent Crane, R-Nampa, who said he only voted to introduce the proposal to learn more about the issue. “I’m not convinced that’s going to happen.”

Other lawmakers contend that the Idaho Constitution outlaws casino-style gambling but claim tribes are violating that ban due to a loophole in the law.

“We simply can’t have any statute that would attempt to override the constitution,” said Rep. Steven Harris, R-Meridian, who has supported other efforts to limit gambling in Idaho this year.

For the tribes, the issue comes down to protecting their sovereignty.

“This is highly unnecessary,” said Rep. Paulette Jordan, D-Plummer, a member of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, who voted against introducing Loertscher’s bill. “I don’t believe this bill will make it out of committee and I would urge the chairman to reread our laws.”

A full hearing for the bill has not been scheduled.

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Idaho House Panel Introduces Bill Limiting Indian Gambling | Boise … – Boise State Public Radio

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Gamblers caught in Hat Yai open-air casino bust – Bangkok Post

Posted: at 3:50 am

Gamblers caught during the raid on an open-air gambling den at a rubber plantation in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district on Thursday night are taken by police pickup to Hat Yai police station on Thursday night. The shade net screen concealing the casino is in the background. (Photo by Assawin Pakkawan)

SONGKHLA – Sixteen gamblers were arrested and about 400,000 baht seized during a raid on a rubber plantation in Hat Yai which was operating as an open-air casino on Thursday night.

A team of soldiers, police and local officials swooped on the rubber plantation at Soi Prasarnmit in tambon Khuan Lang around 9pmon Thursday.

A large shade net had been erected around the plantation to screen it, with many cars and motorcycles parked inside.

As the authorities arrived gamblers started running away in panic, but 16 were caught – four men and 12 women. Others made good their escape – but left their transport behind.

Gambling gear, about 400,000 baht cash, 20 cars and pickup trucks and around 40 motorcycles were seized.

The gamblers were handed over to Hat Yai police station for legal action, a member of the combined team said.

It was the gambling den’s opening night, the officer said.

An investigation found it was run by the same person whose gambling den in Hat Yai was raided and shut down in early January.

Thursday night’s raid was led by Col Jatuporn Kalampasut, chief of the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) Region 4 intelligence office.

Around 60 vehicles – cars, pickup trucks and motorcycles – found parked at the open-air gambling den concealed in a rubber plantion that was raided in Hat Yai district on Thursday night. Sixteen gamblers were caught. Others made good their escape, but left their transport behind. (Photo by Assawin Pakkawan)

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Gamblers caught in Hat Yai open-air casino bust – Bangkok Post

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