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SNS leader Danko unexpectedly withdraws from coalition agreement – The Slovak Spectator

Posted: August 8, 2017 at 4:41 am

PM Fico finds the Dankos move absurd and convened a session of the Coalition Council for Tuesday

Speaker of Parliament and leader of the co-governing Slovak National Party (SNS) Andrej Danko withdrew from the coalition agreement on August 7. He explained this move as an absolute necessity to reset rules and adjust relations within the ruling coalition. He also cited the need to set completely new priorities that would be reflected within the process of drafting a new budget.

The favourable socio-economic situation of 2017 shows the need to focus on new challenges and priorities that need to be reflected in the coalition agreement and the new Government Manifesto, said Danko, as cited by the TASR newswire. When the countrys economy is doing well, citizens themselves must feel it too.

Smer, SNS and Most-Hd parties signed the current coalition agreement on September 1, 2016, after the fourth party in the coalition, Sie of Radoslav Prochzka, disbanded.

The opposition sees Danko’s move as an effort of SNS to cover up the scandal involving the distribution of EU funds by Education Minister Peter Plavan.

Danko denied the accusations and recalled that the system for drawing on EU funds in the education sector was set up in December 2015, when Smer nominee Juraj Draxler was at the helm of the education department.

As Danko said in an interview given prior to his party’s withdrawal from the Coalition Agreement, the biggest mistake made by Education Minister Peter Plavan (SNS nominee) was that he did not make a comprehensive change in the drawing of EU funds and continued along the line of his predecessors, who unfortunately had seen the absorption of EU funds as a competition between private companies and universities.

“This then degraded into a war among private companies,” Danko said, as cited by the SITA newswire. “I do not find this fortunate. The absorption of EU funds should have been set directly into universities.”

Prime Minister Robert Fico and the leader of the strongest ruling party, Smer, finds Dankos move absurd. He is convening a session of the Coalition Council for Tuesday, August 8, where it is expected that Danko will explain his withdrawal from the coalition agreement.

He [Fico] expects that the SNS chair will explain to his partners the absurd decision by the Slovak National Party which doesnt introduce peace and stability into society, said Beatrice Szabov, the prime ministers spokesperson. She added that Smer will act responsibly towards voters and the country as a whole at the session.

The Most-Hd party expects that Danko would arrive at the coalition meeting with a tangible proposal of what he needs to change in the coalition agreement. The party also expects an explanation as to why he decided to withdraw from the agreement. Bla Bugr, the leader of Most-Hd, said this after the partys leadership session on Monday evening.

This is an issue that needs to be discussed at the Coalition Council, said Bugr on Monday. We will require explanations. There are things that are solvable, while there are things that are not.

Bugr considers the situation to be serious, adding that he does not know exactly what Danko requires.

SNS vice-chair Jaroslav Paska indicated that the cabinet may collapse and that the current situation may even lead to an early election.

President Andrej Kiska met Danko following the announcement that he was withdrawing from the coalition agreement. Kiskas spokesman, Roman Krpelan, told TASR that the president thinks it the task of the leaders of the three governing parties Smer, SNS and Most-Hd to discuss the issue among themselves at coalition sessions.

The opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party also sees Dankos withdrawal as an effort of SNS to divert the publics attention from the scandal involving the distribution of EU funds for science and research by the Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry, which is led by Peter Plavan, a nominee of SNS.

Therefore, hes provoking a seemingly serious conflict within the coalition, reads a statement signed by SaS leader Richard Sulk, vice-chairs ubomr Galko and Jana Kiov and chief of the SaS caucus Natlia Blahov.

SaS believes that Danko would like to get rid of the Education Ministry.

Hes obviously found out that this is a sector where a lot of real work needs to be done for students, teachers, for Slovak society, rather than stealing, they said.

If this transparent August game by the SNS leader leads to the break-up of the government, SaS is ready for early elections and ready to take power. It still views itself as the sole realistic alternative to Smer and the current coalition.

The opposition OaNO-NOVA said that dividing the loot of EU funds for science and research is so important to SNS that its head is ready to cause chaos in Slovakia for it.

Responding to Dankos withdrawal from the coalition agreement, Veronika Remiov and Igor Matovi of OaNO-NOVA said that the action taken by the SNS head is proof that the coalition is unable to govern together and that instead of addressing the main issues in Slovakia, like education and health care, it will now quarrel about spheres of influence.

Andrej Danko has failed in managing our country and has shown that he is unable to communicate, said Remiov and Matovi. After the coalition council session on Thursday [August 3] he pretended that everything was fine, but today hes sending paper notes to his coalition partners as if they werent members of the government but classmates at primary school.

They added that this move wont help Danko cover up the scandal concerning the distribution of EU funds for science and research.

Political scientist Juraj Maruiak said that it is difficult to assess the situation at the moment, as the formulation of the withdrawal from the coalition agreement is very extensive. He believes that coalition partners will try to negotiate in a way that allows the coalition to continue.

It seems that Danko is not satisfied with the SNSs position within the ruling coalition, said Maruiak, as cited by TASR, adding that tensions between Smer and SNS have already been growing for some time. We will see. The strengthening of the position of SNS will probably be in question. I also think that Danko sees this as a way to cover up the situation that has arisen surrounding the education minister and the scandal with the distribution of EU funds.

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SNS leader Danko unexpectedly withdraws from coalition agreement – The Slovak Spectator

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Rwanda President’s Lopsided Re-election Is Seen as a Sign of Oppression – New York Times

Posted: at 4:39 am

Mr. Habineza, a former journalist, said in an interview on Saturday that the results were indeed not pleasing as we had expected.

The portents of defeat seemed clear at one of Mr. Habinezas last campaign rallies. Held on a roadside in the outskirts of Kigali, the capital, only 500 people showed up. Chickens darted around while half the crowd stood across the street, listening from a distance.

By contrast, at the presidents final campaign rally on Wednesday on a hilltop near Kigali, more than 200,000 people sang, danced and cheered while waving the party flag.

Kagame really changed the lives of the people, so we have to vote for him, said Chaste Uwihoreye, 39, a clinical psychologist who lost both parents in the 1994 genocide that left 800,000 Tutsis dead.

He credited Mr. Kagame, who led rebel forces to stop the massacre, with uniting and reconciling Rwandans while expanding the countrys economy.

Mr. Habineza acknowledged that some people in Rwanda fear criticizing the government. In 2010, his partys vice president was found beheaded weeks before the elections. Other opposition parties have faced violence and harassment.

Still, he said, No one will ever intimidate me.

More than 6.6 million Rwandans cast ballots for Mr. Kagame, according to the official tally. Just over 80,000 voted for the opposition. The government said turnout totaled 96 percent.

Mr. Kagames victory has raised concerns that Africas forever presidents club will gain a new member and embolden other leaders in the region who wish to cling to power. Such comparisons have been rejected by Mr. Kagames backers.

The postelection mood was somber for the new People Salvation Movement, which says that it has been systemically persecuted by Mr. Kagames loyalists. Fifteen of its members met inside a gated house, curtains drawn and doors shut, to discuss future strategy.

Diane Rwigara, 35, an accountant who leads the group and was once considered a strong contender against Mr. Kagame, said she was fighting against fear. People get mistreated by the government, by people of power, and they choose to keep quiet, she said.

Ms. Rwigara said she had submitted almost double the required signatures to qualify as a presidential candidate, but was rejected by the electoral commission in July. She said the influence of Mr. Kagames party over the commission meant it had no capacity to organize free and fair elections.

The consequences of her intention to challenge Mr. Kagame came quickly.

Fake nude photos of Ms. Rwigara circulated on the internet. The Rwandan tax agency demanded $6.6 million from her familys tobacco business for taxes, penalties, fees and interest. Her familys bank accounts have been frozen and businesses shuttered, surrounded by state security forces.

Its because I spoke out, she said. They dont just kill you physically. They kill you financially, too.

Plainclothes government security forces seized the co-founder of her movement on Dec. 26 after he had given an interview in a local newspaper, Ms. Rwigara said, and nobody knows where he is.

At a rural polling station about an hour outside Kigali, Charles Ndamage, who voted for Mr. Habineza, said his neighbors had threatened him for supporting an opposition candidate.

In the village, you can be treated as an enemy of the country, Mr. Ndamage said.

Ida Sawyer, the central Africa director at Human Rights Watch, said that under Mr. Kagame, independent news media have been silenced and rights organizations are almost nonexistent after years of intimidation and interference.

Boniface Twagirimana, the vice president of the United Democratic Forces of Rwanda, said his party had been forced to operate illegally after the government rejected its repeated registration applications.

Mr. Twagirimana claims plainclothes intelligence operatives tried to kidnap and strangle him in Kigali more than two years ago.

We can even die. Every day we wait for those people who finish us anytime, he said.

In March 2016, a member of Mr. Twagirimanas party disappeared, according to Amnesty International, and last May, a party representatives body was found mutilated. The partys chairman is serving a 15-year prison sentence on charges of terrorism and threatening national security, after running for president in 2010.

The outcome of political repression in Rwanda, Mr. Twagirimana said, is that Mr. Kagame is competing against himself.

Mr. Gasamagera, the spokesman for Mr. Kagames party, rejected such criticism as unwarranted. He said Rwanda had a free and open environment for freedom of expression.

Nine of the 11 registered political parties in Rwanda endorsed Mr. Kagame in his presidential run. A 2015 constitutional referendum approved by 98 percent of voters allows Mr. Kagame to potentially remain in power until 2034.

At Rwandas electoral commission headquarters in downtown Kigali, the commissions executive secretary, Charles Munyaneza, said he had been very satisfied with the voting process.

A version of this article appears in print on August 7, 2017, on Page A10 of the New York edition with the headline: Landslide Win Seen as Sign Of Oppression in Rwanda.

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Rwanda President’s Lopsided Re-election Is Seen as a Sign of Oppression – New York Times

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Stand up against ‘Congress oppression’, SAD chief tells party men – Times of India

Posted: at 4:39 am

BABA BAKELA: Launching a scathing attack on Congress party, SAD on Monday accused it of not keeping its pre-poll promises to the people of Punjab and for selective political witchhunting. Akali Dal president Sukhbir Badal, while addressing a gathering on the occasion of Rakhar Punia at Baba Bakala, also asked his party men to stand up against their alleged oppression by the Congress.

He accused the Congress government in the state of trying to shift the responsibility of farm loan waiver on Centre government, saying, “Congress government should instead own the responsibility of its failure and apologise to Punjabis for betraying them.”

Questioning finance minister Manpreet Badal on his allocation of Rs 1,500 crore only for loan wavier in the budget, he alleged, “Now his government is saying it cannot release even this amount. I want to ask Manpreet, why he cheated the farmers?”

Sukhbir added that Manpreet had earlier too remained the state finance minister for four years and he knew the state’s finances.

Excerpt from:

Stand up against ‘Congress oppression’, SAD chief tells party men – Times of India

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Mirza Olang Village Victims’ Families Ask For Justice | TOLOnews – TOLOnews

Posted: at 4:39 am

Oppressed families ask the Afghan government for justice after having had to flee their homes in Sar-e-Pul province; many others are being held captive.

Families who fled their homes in Mirza Olan village in Saydad district and moved to the center of Sar-e-Pul province on Monday urged government for justice against their attackers.

The villagers said attackers who were holding white and black flags opened fire on civilians in Mirza Olan.

Fatima, the mother of a child, said the insurgents had shot her husband dead in Mirza Olan village and they barely managed to reach the Sar-e-Pul center.

I took my sons and daughters and fled of our house. My husband was killed and his body remains in the desert, said Fatima.

They had blocked peoples passage and killed them. 51 people have been killed and the number is on the rise, said Ibrahim, another war-displaced person.

Jafar, who along with one of his sons, also came to Sar-e-Pul center says that a number of their family members have been shot to death.

Five people have been killed from my family, including my brother who had come to see his parents, said Jafar, a war-displaced person.

One of sons has disappeared and dont know where he is, said Mohammad, another war victim.

My daughter is in captivity, her father has been killed, said Bibi Hava, another war-displaced.

Meanwhile, Sar-e-Pul governor, Mohammad Zahir Wahdat said 300 families have been displaced from Sayyad district and dozens of others are held captive.

Killings are ongoing in Mirza Olang and the people are held hostage. Currently more than 150 families are held captive, said Wahdat.

The families said they have been subjected to sever oppression and that government must bring in to justice those responsible for the civilian killings.

No group has claimed the responsibility of civilian killings in Mirza Olang village. Taliban in a statement has rejected civilian killings.

Meanwhile, the United States embassy in a statement condemned the killings in Sar-e-Pul province in which a number of civilians and Afghan Local police force members were killed.

The U.S embassy in Kabul strongly condemns the reported August 5 killing of dozens of civilians and Afghan Local Police forces in the Sayyad district of Sar-e-Pul province, read the statement.

The embassy said the insurgents, by killing of innocent villagers, prove that these terrorist groups are a force of evil in Afghanistan.

The embassy added they empathize with the victims families of the oppression and believe Afghanistan deserves peace and security.

We extend our deepest heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims of these inhumane and cowardly acts, the statement read.

See the rest here:

Mirza Olang Village Victims’ Families Ask For Justice | TOLOnews – TOLOnews

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BJP Corners Telangana Government with Demand to Celebrate September 17 as Liberation Day – News18

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Hyderabad: As part of its mega expansion drive in South India, the Bharatiya Janata Party has launched a campaign in Telangana to celebrate September 17, the day when the Government of India took over Hyderabad State from the Nizam in 1948 after an Army operation, as Telangana Liberation Day.

And the party is going all out to make the event a success as it eyes to be seen as the main Opposition to K Chandrashekar Rao-led government in the state. The BJP hopes this event will provide the party a launch platform for its ambition of winning the 2019 Assembly polls in Telangana.

In this background, public celebration of September 17 as Liberation Day is being seen as communally sensitive by political analysts in Hyderabad.

When asked, BJP spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao said, We are a party that believes in celebrating everything that is nationalist. This region would have become a South Pakistan if it was not liberated. So there is a huge reason to celebrate this day officially, as it marks the Independence from the oppression of the Nizam. KCR government has taken U-turn on this promise to appease minority vote bank. Telangana government is under pressure of Owaisi-led All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen.

Alleging the BJP of playing divisive card just for the sake of votes, Telangana Rashtra Samiti MP Vishweshwar Reddy said, Politically the BJP is irrelevant in Telangana. They dont have any understanding of local issues. What is important for the people is infrastructure, water and famers issues. BJP wants to play divisive card. But they will find difficulty and never succeed as ours is a multi-cultural society. Taking on TRS is only a good dream for them.

During his last visit to the state, Amit Shah had said Telangana will be the BJPs gateway for South India. While the Assembly polls are still two years away, September 17 onwards KCR government can expect a constant challenge from the BJP.

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BJP Corners Telangana Government with Demand to Celebrate September 17 as Liberation Day – News18

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The War on Drugs Gain ‘A Deeper Understanding’ of Their Craft – Guitar World Magazine

Posted: at 4:39 am

Its been three years since Philadelphia-based rock act the War on Drugs released their breakthrough album, Lost in the Dream, though singer, guitarist and songwriter Adam Granduciel has hardly been dormant in the ensuing period.

We finished touring on that record in October 2015, he says, and by December I was pretty much moved into my new studio in Los Angeles and starting to write heavily again. All in all it was about two-and-a-half years of writing and about a year-and-a-half of actively recording.

The result is the new A Deeper Understanding, the War on Drugs fourth full length and perhaps their most fully realized effort yet.

Over the course of their first three albums, Granduciel and the bandwhich consists of a somewhat loose configuration of musicians, and in its earliest days included fellow Philadelphian Kurt Vile in a co-writing and co-guitar positionstaked out a distinct corner of the modern music world with an approach that was definitively guitar-centric and classic-rock based but also bolstered by pulsating keyboards and synths, metronomic drums and impressionistic, plainspoken vocals, all of it blending into a swirling, atmospheric miasma of sound to produce a sort of ambient Americana.

On A Deeper Understanding, the songs are even more open and expansive (see the 11-minute centerpiece, Thinking of a Place), with Granduciel leaving plenty of space to unspool the type of sprawling, and sometimes squalling, exploratory guitar solos that have become his trademark.

As for where his guitar influences sit, Granduciel says, Its guys like Neil Young, Jeff Tweedy, and even someone like Sonny Sharrock, who had these really wild, dark tones. Players that are real free.

Despite the somewhat improvisatory nature of his playing, Granduciels songs usually dont stem from jams. Rather, he tends to compose on his own and bring in additional musicians later in the process. I kinda just write, and I use the instruments and the colors I like to use, whether its drum machines, guitars, whatever, he says. For certain material, the process of being alone, you end up with stuff youre not gonna get with six people in the room. So I just chip away at the songs.

That said, with A Deeper Understanding, he adds, I also wanted to make a record that feels like what it feels like to be in the room when were playing. I wanted something a little bit more powerful, sonically, than other records we had made. And I think we got there.

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The War on Drugs Gain ‘A Deeper Understanding’ of Their Craft – Guitar World Magazine

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The War on Drugs in Alabama: New Operation Nabs 20 Traffickers But Where Does It End? – Yellowhammer News

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Photo by Flickr user Oregon Department of Transportation

As reported by WRBL news, early Wednesday morning, after an 18-month investigation, 26 suspected drug traffickers were arrested as part of a joint federal, state, and local police operation.

The investigation began after the Auburn Police reached out to the DEA about an influx of drugs they observed entering the city. Upon further investigation, state and federal officials learned that the drug ring spanned from Alabama to California and involved the exchange of millions of dollars.

After the arrests were made, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, Clark Morris, said,

Drug dealers to me, have the biggest ripple effect of any other crime. Drug dealers not only affect themselves and their families but the addicts and their families. That ripple effect then goes into oh, I need my drugs, and I dont have any money, so Im robbing people and stealing things. All of this increases the crime rate, and it creates addicts, which can ultimately create overdoses. Now, were talking about deaths. When you take 26 drug dealers off the streets, you are making a huge impact in a small community like Auburn or the Lee County area.

The federal indictment alleges possession with the intent to distribute the following drugs: cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, and methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA/ecstasy).

Besides the obvious threat of addiction and overdose caused by the availability of drugs on our streets, drug traffickers are often found with stolen or illegal weapons.

In last weeks arrest, for example, a myriad of weapons were found after the assailants were taken into custody. These include Ar-15s, 44-magnum handgun, and various long guns.

Speaking at the conclusion of the 18-month investigation, Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes said,

I hear a lot about drugs being a victim-less crime. Well, not only do drugs wreck individuals, or they wreck families, but they bring in guns and gun crimes to our community. What yesterday was about was removing the garbage from our streets, and yesterday was trash day.

In recent years Alabama has experienced a spike in illegal drug use. From pain pills to heroin, the threat of drug addiction in Alabama is a serious concern.

The arrests made last week are a positive step towards combating Alabamas drug crisis. However, more must be done. To see what steps Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking to combat drug gangs like MS-13, check out his new conditions for sanctuary cities.

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The War on Drugs in Alabama: New Operation Nabs 20 Traffickers But Where Does It End? – Yellowhammer News

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Police, drug agents agree to synchronize war on drugs | Cebu Daily … – Inquirer.net

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THE regional directors of the Police Regional Office 7 (PRO-7) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 7 (PDEA-7) have agreed to synchronize their efforts in the fight against illegal drugs.

During his courtesy call to PRO-7 Chief Jose Mario Espino yesterday, PDEA-7 Director Yogi Filemon Ruiz showed to Espino the names of drug personalities based on their intelligence report.

Espino also gave PDEA-7 the names of drug personalities based on their intelligence gathering.

We had a very productive meeting. Nahiusa atoang (We united our) purpose, objectives and targets for Region 7, Ruiz said.

Ruiz said the proliferation of illegal drugs is a big problem and that the two offices should synchronize their efforts to address this.

Ruiz also admitted that they need to strengthen coordination with the police especially in going after the drug suspects.

On the part of PRO-7, Espino said they will review the strategies of both offices in fighting illegal drugs.

He said the PRO-7 and PDEA-7 will also strengthen cooperation and collaboration in going after the supplier of illegal drugs in the region.

PDEA-7 will play an active role to reduce illegal drug cases, and we will just help, Espino said.

No shabu lab in Cebu

Meanwhile, Ruiz said that based on their monitoring, there is no shabu laboratory in Cebu.

Ruiz commented on rumors that there might be a shabu laboratory in Cebu after the confiscation of P6.9 million worth of shabu in Mandaue City last Saturday.

As of now, we havent monitored a shabu laboratory (in the region). And if we receive information regarding this, we will immediately conduct an investigation to validate the report, Ruiz said.

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Police, drug agents agree to synchronize war on drugs | Cebu Daily … – Inquirer.net

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Amid Fear of New Federal ‘War on Drugs,’ Support Grows in California for Safe Injection Sites – Rewire

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Analysis Health Systems

Aug 7, 2017, 6:27pm Kim Tran

Safe injection sites, professionally supervised facilities where drug users can inject pre-obtained drugs, are considered by many experts to be the next frontier in harm reduction.

On a sunny morning in July, San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed addressed a group of doctors, service providers, researchers, and community members about drug addiction and overdose. The small crowd was gathered for the second meeting of the San Francisco Safe Injection Services Task Force.

Like most people in the room, Breed was earnest about finding a solution to the escalating opioid crisisand for someone like her, whose younger sister died from an opioid overdose, the subject was especially personal.

With that in mind, Breed said, a safe injection site (SIS) might make it possible for somebodys life to change. She urged participants to understand why a site is important whether they agree with it or not.

Safe injection sites are professionally supervised facilities where drug users can inject pre-obtained drugs. Many expertsconsider them to be the next frontier in harm reduction, a public health framework that seeks to reduce the negative consequences associated with drug use. It also emphasizes civil and social respect for people who use drugs.

Rewire is a non-profit independent media publication. Your tax-deductible contribution helps support our research, reporting, and analysis.


The task force held its first meeting in June and will come together for the last time later this month, when it will finalize recommendations to San Franciscos mayor about potentially establishing the first SIS in Californiaan objective that may be aided by a bill making its way through the state legislature. In 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,52,404 people died of drug overdose in the United States; more than 60 percent of the mortalities involved an opioid. In the city of San Francisco alone, nearly 23,000 people inject drugs. Of that group, half use heroin and nearly 70 percent are homeless.

In a study released in December, researchers found that a supervised injection facility would lower San Franciscos total annual injection-related HIV and hepatitis C infections by 6 percent and 3-to-5 percent, respectively. It would also save the city $3.5 million in a country that loses $75 billion a year as a result of the opioid crisis. An SIS facility would also decrease hospital stays and disease infection rates, the study said, and increase the number of people seeking treatment. A study measuring the impact of a supervised injection site in Vancouver found that they also drastically decrease public injection and discarded needles.

Yet, around the country, legal and political hurdles to SIS facilities abound.

In January, Seattle approved two safe injection sites, the first in the country. In March, conservative political opposition led by state Sen. Mark Miloscia (R-Federal Way) passed SB 5223, which would remove local authority to establish heroin injection spaces in Washington. The bill is currently under review by the states House Health Care and Wellness Committee. To date, the facilities have yet to break ground.

A common argument against SIS is that they encourage of criminal behavior and drug use. On hiswebsite, Miloscia says, Toleration is not compassionate, it is a signal of defeat. We cannot give up on drug users. In the end, these sites will only distract us from getting resources into real, medically proven treatment options.

Despite challenges northward, representatives for Assemblymember Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) dont think political opposition will be a problem for the Bay Area. Last year, Eggman, a former social worker who has experience with substance abuse populations, attempted to pass a bill that would permit testing of supervised injection sites across the state.

It failed, largely due to backlash from law enforcement. This year, she introduced a new bill, AB 186, that would do the same thing in specific counties, including San Francisco. It is the first state bill on supervised consumption services in the country to win legislative votes.

Under existing law, it is a crime to possess, use, or even be in a room where drugs are being unlawfully used. AB 186 would create a highly regulated exception to this policy, making it easier for a safe injection site to survive. Earlier this summer, it passed out of committee with bipartisan support. It now awaits the California Senate.

Eggmans communications director, Christian Burkin, says he is confident AB 186 will garner the necessary support.

The California legislature isnt the U.S. Congress There are broadly changing attitudes about the drug war from both parties, he said in an interview with Rewire.

Some advocates fear that federal pushback may dampen any SIS growth in the state. Recently, for example, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommitted to cracking down on drug-related crime and returning to the sentencing minimums of the 1980s. Lydia Bransten, a manager at St. Anthonys Dining Room, a nonprofit that serves meals and offers a medical clinic in San Francisco, cited the federal government as a major challenge to creating safe injection sites. The Department of Justice is a significant threat right now. I doubt theyll look friendly at SIS, she told Rewire.

Still, Burkin said, Whats going on with Jeff Sessions and the really reactionary direction the federal government is taking is out of step.

Laura Thomas works for the Drug Policy Alliance, overseeing the organizations municipal drug strategy work in San Francisco. She says she has been amazed by the legislative success of AB 186. Thomas attributes its relative ease at the state level to the presidential administration itself. In fact, she says, in part because of the direction of the federal government, California legislators feel even more compelled to listen to community and evidence.

Experts in public health agree, positioning state laws as a primary battleground for combating the opioid crisis. At the task force meeting, Mike Discepola of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation argued that legal barriers will dictate what our options are.

A leader from the San Francisco Drug Users Union who asked that her name be withheld told Rewire that she gets more confident every time [AB 186] passes another committee, another vote.

Regardless, and perhaps because of, the controversy and potential pushback from the current presidential administration, the political will in favor of supervised injection sites in San Francisco and other countries is high.

As Burkin said, California has experience here with doings things that we think are right far before the rest of the country is ready to do themselves and weve been proved right many times over.

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Amid Fear of New Federal ‘War on Drugs,’ Support Grows in California for Safe Injection Sites – Rewire

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Gambling News, Conferences & iGaming Industry Analysis …

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Financial NEWS 4 August 2017

Betting tax increase suggested for Irish horseracing

Mergers & Acquisitions NEWS 4 August 2017

Blackstone and CVC Capital Partners cement Paysafe acquisition

Online NEWS 4 August 2017

First cash-out product hits US

Industry NEWS 4 August 2017

Study suggests beer and junk food in betting adverts linked to increased wagers

ADVERTORIAL 7 August 2017

Eventus International and Healys LLP inPartnership Ahead of the Cyprus Gaming Show…

ADVERTORIAL 7 August 2017

Land-Based NEWS 4 August 2017

Australian Crown Casino up in profit due to Macau stake sale

Online NEWS 4 August 2017

Coral becomes Middlesbrough FC official betting partner

Legal & Regulatory NEWS 4 August 2017

Czech Republic proposes tightening gaming law

Land-Based NEWS 4 August 2017

Caesars Entertainment begins long road back to financial profitability

Online NEWS 4 August 2017

Maine legalises daily fantasy sports

Land-Based NEWS 3 August 2017

Ladbrokes signs deal with Sheffield United

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