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Post-Humanism by Perry Stoddart on Prezi

Posted: July 29, 2016 at 3:09 am

900-1200 600 BCE Post Humanism By: Kali Nicholas, Bode Faleye, Sheldon Scoggins, Perry Stoddart and Hieu Nguyen PhysIologIcal Relations Within Posthumanism Genetic Alteration

Computer-Aid Insertion

Cryonics and Nanotechnology

Cyborgization Memes

Artificial Intelligence

Assimilation of machines into society

Reduce human need Politics What Post Humanism Means for Society? Will the Future be More or Less Human? Economics Ethics aspects of Posthumanism “We do not wish to survive in order to survive…but we wish to live in order to become more and more powerful. Here, power does not imply physiological or military power, but primarily intellectual power and the capacity to interpret the world and advertise ones own interpretation in a way that convinces others,” (Sorgner, “Beyond Humanism: Reflections on Trans- and Posthumanism” 13). Five approaches to Posthumanism – Antihumanism – Cultural Posthumanism – Philisophical Posthumanism – Transhumanism – Posthuman Condition Humanitys curiosity and never-ending quest for knowledge will make the process towards post humanism inevitable. Since the very idea of society and its principles were created by humanity, society will change alongside humanity and the resulting class of humans created through post humanism what is A posthuman? -Higher mental abilitity -Ability to fluidly change perspectives and manifest oneself through different ideas The Essence of Humanity Modification Pros and Cons It is a matter of personal opinion… Whether technology will bring us closer to or distance ourselves from becoming posthuman. Whether the future will be more or less human Cultural Humanism Technology is just a tool ANtihumanism PostHUmanism Rejects and criticizes traditional humanism Renaissance 5 Islamic Culture in Medieval Times Why Natural Transhumamism? Rebirth of Greco-Roman ideals and philosophies Religious focus–> Scholarly Focus Enlightenment Defying natural evolution

Possibly a superior class of humans

Better creatures, Less mortalities A Utopia, is it?

Natural transhumanism violates the doctrine of equality

The $250000 Panamera vs. the coal delivery man’s bicycle: a transhumanism see-saw catalyst Humankind + Natural Transhumanism ? -Superior (Highest order) Beings Ancient Asian Ancient Greece/Rome 1000-600 BCE 1650-1800 1400-1600 Social Reform Self concern for society Science and Philosophy Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Individualism Skepticism towards supernatural

Focus on Human values Based on a certain self-definition vs anti-humanism being a lack of self-definition 600 BCE Technology Technology not just a tool Human dependency Posthuman redefines Human Nature, Current Perspectives and Philosophies What is Humanism? Current Perspective and Ideals of human nature viewed world in terms of reason rather than of gods 900-1200 -Will become useful in politics

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Post-Humanism by Perry Stoddart on Prezi

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Tranhumanism End of Mankind As We Know It – Video

Posted: February 19, 2015 at 6:52 am

Tranhumanism End of Mankind As We Know It
intended for no iTunes access Timothy Alberino joins Sheila for a riveting conversation about the terrifying implications of Transhumanism/Post Humanism.

By: Sheila Zilinsky's Podcast

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Tranhumanism End of Mankind As We Know It – Video

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