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EDAP TMS (EDAP) & PhotoMedex (PHMD) Head to Head Survey – The Cerbat Gem

Posted: August 16, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Key Gazette
EDAP TMS (EDAP) & PhotoMedex (PHMD) Head to Head Survey
The Cerbat Gem
EDAP TMS (NASDAQ: EDAP) and PhotoMedex (NASDAQ:PHMD) are both small-cap medical companies, but which is the superior investment? We will contrast the two businesses based on the strength of their earnings, institutional ownership, profitability, …
Edap Tms SA (EDAP) Set to Announce Quarterly Earnings on WednesdayStock Observer
Edap Tms SA (ADR) (EDAP) EPS Estimated At $-0.02; Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. (CCRN) Had 5 Analysts Last WeekKey Gazette
Edap Tms SA (ADR) (EDAP) EPS Estimated At $-0.02Finance News Daily
Herald KS
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EDAP TMS (EDAP) & PhotoMedex (PHMD) Head to Head Survey – The Cerbat Gem

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What’s Behind Edap Tms SA (EDAP)’s Movement – Stock Daily Review

Posted: at 6:26 pm

Needle moving action has been spotted in Edap Tms SA (EDAP) as shares are moving today onvolatility-1.81% or -0.05 from the open.TheNASDAQ listed companysaw a recent bid of 2.71 and44618shares have traded hands in the session.

Following all the swirling information about publically traded companies can be quite a task. Every day there may be new pieces of news that emerge about a specific company. The prudent investor is typically able to keep abreast of the information, but most importantly figure out what news is worth paying attention to, and what news should be filtered out. Keeping a sharp eye on earnings reports and fundamental company data can play a big part in picking the right stocks for the portfolio. Once the numbers have been crunched, investors should be able to see things a little bit clearer and know what the general feel for the stock is. Of course there will be stocks that look good after thorough examination but still fail to perform as expected. Investors who are able to wipe the slate clean and take a fresh look at a certain stock may be able to make more informed decisions that will hopefully lead to increased profits in the long-term. Figuring out when to sell an underperforming stock may end up being just as important as figuring out which stocks to buy.

Deep diving into thetechnical levels forEdap Tms SA (EDAP), we note that the equitycurrently has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of -97.36. Active investors may choose to use this technical indicator as a stock evaluation tool. Used as a coincident indicator, the CCI reading above +100 would reflect strong price action which may signal an uptrend. On the flip side, a reading below -100 may signal a downtrend reflecting weak price action. Using the CCI as a leading indicator, technical analysts may use a +100 reading as an overbought signal and a -100 reading as an oversold indicator, suggesting a trend reversal.

Edap Tms SAs Williams Percent Range or 14 day Williams %R currently sits at -92.75. The Williams %R oscillates in a range from 0 to -100. A reading between 0 and -20 would point to an overbought situation. A reading from -80 to -100 would signal an oversold situation. The Williams %R was developed by Larry Williams. This is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator.

Currently, the 14-day ADX for Edap Tms SA (EDAP) is sitting at 22.62. Generally speaking, an ADX value from 0-25 would indicate an absent or weak trend. A value of 25-50 would support a strong trend. A value of 50-75 would identify a very strong trend, and a value of 75-100 would lead to an extremely strong trend. ADX is used to gauge trend strength but not trend direction. Traders often add the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) to identify the direction of a trend.

The RSI, or Relative Strength Index, is a widely used technical momentum indicator that compares price movement over time. The RSI was created by J. Welles Wilder who was striving to measure whether or not a stock was overbought or oversold. The RSI may be useful for spotting abnormal price activity and volatility. The RSI oscillates on a scale from 0 to 100. The normal reading of a stock will fall in the range of 30 to 70. A reading over 70 would indicate that the stock is overbought, and possibly overvalued. A reading under 30 may indicate that the stock is oversold, and possibly undervalued. After a recent check, the 14-day RSIforEdap Tms SA (EDAP) is currently at 33.63, the 7-day stands at 26.81, and the 3-day is sitting at 28.98.

Active investors are typically interested in the factors that drive stock price movements. Buying an individual stock means that you own a piece of the company. The hope is that the company does very well and becomes highly profitable. A profitable company may decide to do various things with the profits. They may reinvest profits back into the business, or they may choose to pay shareholders dividends from those earnings. Sometimes stocks may eventually become undervalued or overvalued. Spotting these trends may lead to further examination or the underlying fundamentals of the company. A company that continues to disappoint on the earnings front may have some issues that need to be addressed. It is highly important to make sure all the research is done on a stock, especially if the investor is heavily weighted on the name. Sometimes earnings reports may be good, but the stock price does not reflect that. Having a good understanding of the entire picture may help investors better travel the winding stock market road.

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What’s Behind Edap Tms SA (EDAP)’s Movement – Stock Daily Review

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Can This Stock Gain Any Traction: EDAP TMS SA (NASDAQ:EDAP)? – FLBC News

Posted: August 14, 2017 at 12:23 pm

EDAP TMS S.A. (NASDAQ:EDAP)are valued at$2.70 at the time of writing and have moved0.00% since the open. Smart investors often look for value stocks with upside potential. While this stock is priced cheaply, its important to determine if there is any actual value.

Lets take a quick look at how the price of EDAP TMS S.A. (NASDAQ:EDAP) is currently trading in comparisonto some of its simple moving averages. At current levels, shares have been seen trading -12.22% away from the 20-day moving average. The stock has been recently separated from the 50-day moving average by -15.60%. Using a broader approach, the stockhas been trading -9.45% off of the 200-day moving average. After the latest check-in, shares are-29.87% off of the 50 day high and 3.68% away from the 50 day lownumber.

As a whole,2017 has been a solidyear for small-cap stocks thus far. Investors may be examining their positionsand trying to determineif they have the rightexposure to small-caps. Deciding on small-cap portfolio weighting may depend prominently on the risk appetite for each individual person. Investors also may need to evaluate their short-term and long-term objectiveswhen deciding how best to tackle the stockmarket. Micro-capstocks have historically outperformed early in economic expansion cycles, and underperformed later in the cycles. With the current economic cycle in year eight, it begs the question as to why small-cap stocks have still been chugging along and outperforming certain averages.

In terms of performance, shares of EDAP TMS S.A. (NASDAQ:EDAP) are -17.68% since the start of 2016. Over the past week, shares are -8.47%. Moving out to look at the previous month performance, the stock is at -15.63%. For the quarter, performance is at 6.73%. During the past six months, EDAP TMS S.A. (NASDAQ:EDAP)s stock has been -14.42% and -11.18% for the last 12 months.

Investors are alwayson the look for the next great stock to own. Picking the next winner to bolster the portfolio may involve some hard work and a little bit of stock market magic. Sifting through the wealth of information about public companies can be a daunting task.

Many savvyinvestors will attack the equity markets from many different angles. This may include keeping close tabs on fundamental and technical data. This may also include tracking analyst opinions and following what the big money institutions are buying or selling.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions, and information expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any company stakeholders, financial professionals, or analysts. Examples of analysis performed within this article are only examples. They should not be utilized to make stock portfolio or financial decisions as they are based only on limited and open source information. Assumptions made within the analysis are not reflective of the position of any analysts or financial professionals.


Can This Stock Gain Any Traction: EDAP TMS SA (NASDAQ:EDAP)? – FLBC News

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Schools preparing for opening day – The Daily Planet

Posted: at 12:23 pm

As the lazy days of summer draw to a close, teachers and administrators at Tellurides public schools and the private Telluride Mountain School are getting ready for the 2017-18 year.

Telluride Elementary School (TES), Telluride Intermediate School (TIS) and Telluride Middle/High Schools (TMHS) which operate under the Telluride R-1 School District will kick off on Monday, Aug. 28. The first day of classes at Telluride Mountain School is set for Tuesday, Sept. 5.

While most Denver public schools are already underway, Telluride Superintendent Mike Gass said that Telluride doesnt begin school until late August due to the various school spaces that are leased for the summer by organizations such as Telluride Science Research Center, Telluride Academy and Telluride Film Festival.

Gass said he intends to adjust the 2018-19 school calendar so that the first semester ends before winter break, which means classes will begin earlier in August next year.

Teacher training, however, kicks off this week: on Wednesday, for the new math curriculum at TMHS, and on Thursday, for a teacher leadership training. All district teachers officially return to their classrooms on Aug. 21.

High school athletic teams volleyball, golf, cross-country and soccer officially begin practice tomorrow.

Registration for new students opened this past Wednesday.

According to TMHS Principal Sara Kimball, there are already 33 new students registered for the middle/high school.

We graduated a big senior class last year and we have a smaller freshman class coming in. So we thought we might be down in enrollment, Kimball said. But weve got a lot of new kids coming in.

Kimball urges parents to submit their registration materials soon; they are due Aug. 25.

Two new teachers will join TMHS: a new middle school counselor and a new high school special education teacher.

New to the public school district this year: The Pinhead Institute will be teaching middle school technology classes. The high school also added a new anatomy and physiology class and a broadcast journalism class to its schedule.

According to TIS Principal Chad Terry, enrollment at the intermediate school also is rising significantly.

So far we have over 30 brand new students to the Telluride Intermediate School, said Terry. Because of all of these new families, we are sitting around 340 students in these four grades. All of the grade levels have four homeroom sections. Fifth grade in particular issitting around 90 students, which is historically one of the largest classes that Telluride has ever seen.

Notably, the dual immersion program will grow into third grade this year.

We have a great third-grade team of teachers, Terry said. (They) have invested a ton of time and energy into helping the dual immersion program grow into (the intermediate) school and continue to offer a great education in bothEnglish and Spanish.

TIS welcomes new teacher Cela White to its fourth-grade classroom.

Terry added that there will be an opportunity for parents and students to drop off supplies and set up lockers/cubbies on Friday, Aug. 25, from 2-3 p.m.

TES will kick its first day of school off with a longstanding tradition in which teachers, parents and students gather on the front steps of the elementary school at 8:05 a.m. to share opening day comments and introductions and to sing the school song.

According to TES Principal Susan Altman, so far there are 10 new students entering the elementary school. She said there are four new TES teachers this year: two from Spain, one from Mexico and one Telluride local.

We also have increased our classes to four sections in both kindergarten and first grades, opening up a third dual immersion classroom at each grade level, Altman said. This will honor our continued efforts to keep classroom sizes down.

Other than routine deep cleaning of all floors, and painting and prepping classroom spaces, there have been no major renovations to any of the public schools.

Gass encourages people interested in running for one of three available School Board seats this fall to submit their petitions, which are now available at the district office and are due to the San Miguel County Clerks Office on or before Sept. 1.


Meanwhile, the Head of School Search Committee at Telluride Mountain School is in the final process of determining a replacement for Karen Walker, who is entering her last year at the helm.

According to Associate Head of School Andy Shoff, the committee hopes to announce that decision before Sept. 1.

Students return to classes at TMS on Sept. 5 with the exception of new, incoming Montessori students, who will begin the following day, Sept. 6.

TMS teachers return to their classrooms on Aug. 21, two weeks before TMS students arrive, for preparation, collaboration and professional development.

While there were no major changes to the TMS campus, a small bouldering wall was installed onto the building over the summer for outside play.

According to Shoff, the school is enjoying its largest enrollment ever, particularly in the high school, though there are new students entering just about every grade this year. There also has been a strong uptake in inquiries from international families, given the imminent launch of the International Baccalaureate program at TMS in grades 11 and 12.

Though most classes are now full, some seats are still available. For more information about admissions at TMS, contact

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Schools preparing for opening day – The Daily Planet

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NeoSync Secures $13M in Financing to Fund Treatment Resistant Depression Technology Trial – Scientific Computing

Posted: at 12:23 pm

NeoSync, aclinical-stage companywith a proprietaryplatform technology being usedto develop advanced, non-invasive neuromodulation products, announcedthe completion of its Series D financing round, which included investment from Valiance Life Science Investments, as well as its original investor base totaling$13 million.

NeoSync plans to use the proceeds from this latest financing round to fund a registration trial using their proprietary NEST technology in Treatment Resistant Depression. The investment will also accelerate the company’s efforts to prepare for future commercial release of this novel technology.

“This latest round of funding will allow us to execute remaining activities needed to gain regulatory clearance for our novel device,” saidKate Rumrill, President and CEO of NeoSync. “We believe, once commercially available, our device will open up broader access to TMS, in a more convenient environment for patients.”

“With its unique and innovative NEST technology, NeoSync is well positioned to change the way TMS treatment is perceived and delivered,” said Jan Pensaert, founder and CEO of Valiance. “A home-use device is a very compelling proposition for patients suffering from depression and we are delighted to support NeoSync’s management team in their efforts to make their device a clinical and commercial success.”

About NEST sTMS Technology NEST (NeoSync-EEG Synchronized TMS) deliverslow energy, alternating magnetic field stimulation in daily 30 minute sessions to gently adjust a depressed brain toward a more normal state. Unique among TMS therapies,synchronized TMS (sTMS) used byNEST is personalized to a patient’s individual alpha brain frequency, as measured by a briefelectroencephalogram(EEG) recording.NeoSync’s patented device design and configuration provides a unique ability to bring TMS therapy to a broader patient population with an at-home treatment option, under the care of their physician.

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NeoSync Secures $13M in Financing to Fund Treatment Resistant Depression Technology Trial – Scientific Computing

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TMS Wildcats blast Coffee County 38-0 – Tullahoma News and Guardian

Posted: August 13, 2017 at 2:22 am

The Tullahoma Middle School football team celebrates after dominating Coffee County 38-0 in front of a home crowd on Thursday night. Staff Photo by Chris Barstad


Staff Report

The Tullahoma Middle School football team quickly grabbed the lead and never looked back on Thursday night, soundly defeating Coffee County at home, shutting out the Red Raiders 38-0.

After dominating Coffee County on Thursday night, the Wildcats (1-0) will have a quick turnaround when they host Bridgeforth on Tuesday. Kickoff of that game is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.

Stopping the Red Raiders on their first possession, Tullahoma took over at Coffee Countys 43-yard line. On the first play from scrimmage, Zach Suggs broke loose for a 43-yard touchdown run with 5:13 left in the opening quarter. DJ Dillehay added a short 3-yard scamper to punch in the 2-point conversion, making it an 8-0 ballgame.

Tullahoma running back Jaxon Sheffield breaks loose for a touchdown run against Coffee County on Thursday night. Staff Photo by Chris Barstad

Tullahoma padded its lead by adding another touchdown on its second possession. This time it was a 9-yard rushing score from Jacob Dixon that increased the Wildcats lead with 58 seconds left in the first quarter. Quarterback Ryan Scott hit Brody Melton on a pass to compete the 2-point conversion as TMS led 16-0.

Coffee County looked poised to cut into its deficit on its next possession. However, a crucial penalty stalled that drive. On fourth-and-goal from the 24-yard line, the Raiders elected to go for it, but stalled and Tullahoma took over possession.

Neither team was able to score again, until Tullahoma opened the second half with a touchdown just 43 seconds into the third quarter. Jaxon Sheffield broke loose for a 43-yard touchdown run and Cayden Tucker ran for the 2-point conversion, putting the Wildcats up 24-0 with 7:17 remaining in the third quarter.

Suggs added his second score of the evening with another long touchdown run. After the Wildcats took over at their 49-yard line, Suggs broke loose for a 51-yard score with 5:29 left in the third quarter. The 2-point conversion was unsuccessful as Tullahoma led 30-0.

Tullahoma added one final third-quarter touchdown with 24 seconds left in the period. Sheffield capped off a six-play drive, punching the ball into the end zone from 2 yards out and Dixon added the 2-point conversion, putting the Wildcats up 38-0.

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TMS Wildcats blast Coffee County 38-0 – Tullahoma News and Guardian

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TMW Systems appoints new senior director, product management – Fleet Owner

Posted: August 11, 2017 at 6:23 pm

Jay Delaney has joined TMW Systems as senior director of product management. Delaneys primary area of responsibility will be the TMW.Suite transportation management software (TMS) platform, where he will direct product strategy and lead the companys Product Advisory Council (PAC).

Delaney comes to TMW from Hub Group, Oak Brook., IL, where as director of application development he assisted in the selection, integration and development of trucking management software, mobile applications and other solutions. He began his career in 1988 as a technology support supervisor for United Parcel Service in Atlanta. He served that company over the next 13 years in multiple roles of increasing responsibility, including director of IT development. Delaney subsequently held leadership positions with Cendian, DHL and Schneider National, TMW Systems noted.

With his proven expertise in designing, implementing and managing industry-leading solutions, Jay will be an invaluable asset to TMW and the thousands of businesses that rely on our TMS products, said Ray West, senior vice president and general manager, TMW. He will play a key role in expanding the product roadmap for the TMW.Suite platform and oversee a variety of strategic initiatives focused on helping carriers, third-party logistics providers and brokers leverage our technology for clear and sustained competitive advantage.

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TMW Systems appoints new senior director, product management – Fleet Owner

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What are Technical Machines in Pokmon GO (TMs)? – Tech Advisor

Posted: at 6:23 pm

Tech Advisor
What are Technical Machines in Pokmon GO (TMs)?
Tech Advisor
Prior to TMs, you were forced to roll the dice when evolving your Pokmon and praying that it would get the best moveset available. That's because they're allocated at random and in no way based on what your Pokmon had before you evolved it.

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What are Technical Machines in Pokmon GO (TMs)? – Tech Advisor

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Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. (TMS.V) Sees Technical Signals Building – Evergreen Caller

Posted: August 10, 2017 at 6:19 am

Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. (TMS.V) market momentum is building as the Awesome Oscillator (AO) is showing an uptrend in the name over the past 5 bars. Awesome Oscillator shows the difference in between the 5 SMA and 34 SMA. If to be precise, 5 SMA of midpoints is subtracted from 34 SMA of midpoints which allows to see the market momentum. Awesome Oscillator buy signals are created when the indicator crosses from below 0 to above 0.The oscillator changes from green (upward movement) to red (downward movement) and back to green again. The oscillator was developed by Bill Williams and outlined in his book titled New Trading Dimensions.

In taking a look at some additional numbers, the 14-day Relative Strength Index for Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. (TMS.V) is noted at 30.30, the 7-day is 27.07, and the 3-day is sitting at 10.99. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a very popular momentum indicator used for technical analysis. The RSI can help show whether the bulls or the bears are currently strongest in the market. The RSI may be used to help spot points of reversals more accurately. The RSI was developed by J. Welles Wilder. As a general rule, an RSI reading over 70 would signal overbought conditions. A reading under 30 would indicate oversold conditions.

In terms of CCI levels, Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. (TMS.V) currently has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of -186.67. Investors and traders may use this indicator to help spot price reversals, price extremes, and the strength of a trend. Many investors will use the CCI in conjunction with other indicators when evaluating a trade. The CCI may be used to spot if a stock is entering overbought (+100) and oversold (-100) territory. The 14-day ADX is presently 42.69. Many technical chart analysts believe that an ADX reading over 25 would suggest a strong trend. A level under 20 would indicate no trend, and a reading from 20-25 would suggest that there is no clear trend signal. The ADX is typically plotted along with two other directional movement indicator lines, the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI). Some analysts believe that the ADX is one of the best trend strength indicators available.

Investors may be studying other technical indicators like the Williams Percent Range or Williams %R. The Williams %R is a momentum indicator that helps measure oversold and overbought levels. This indicator compares the closing price of a stock in relation to the highs and lows over a certain time period. A common look back period is 14 days. Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. (TMS.V)s Williams %R presently stands at -100.00. The Williams %R oscillates in a range from 0 to -100. A reading between 0 and -20 would indicate an overbought situation. A reading from -80 to -100 would indicate an oversold situation. Looking at some moving average levels, the 200-day is at 0.27, the 50-day is 0.09, and the 7-day is sitting at 0.05. Moving averages can help identify trends and price reversals. They may also be used to help spot support and resistance levels. Moving averages are considered to be lagging indicators meaning that they confirm trends. A certain stock may be considered to be on an uptrend if trading above a moving average and the average is sloping upward. On the other side, a stock may be considered to be in a downtrend if trading below the moving average and sloping downward.

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Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. (TMS.V) Sees Technical Signals Building – Evergreen Caller

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Child missionaries take center stage at TMS | Tvilletimes | hpenews … – Tvilletimes

Posted: at 6:19 am

THOMASVILLE A missions project that brings children from across the country to Davidson County brought students this year from across the globe to Thomasville Middle School.

According to Toby Prince, executive director of Lexington Housing Community Development Corporation, more than 240 kids spent last week performing home repairs and sharing their faith throughout the county before retiring each night to Thomasville Middle.

Every two years, we line up children from youth groups to bring children in from all over the United States, and this year, we have kids who have come in from Tokyo, Prince said of the project known as Group Work Camp. A portion of the houses are in Lexington, and some are in Thomasville. We work hand-in-hand with the City of Lexington and the City of Thomasville.

Prince said the students spent Monday through Friday working to complete home repairs by painting and building ramps, among many other different things for local residents.

It has been amazing watching these kids, Prince said. I’ve been able to visit some of the job sites. All five of the kids on the job site (last Wednesday) were from different states. It’s just unreal how they’ve built these friendships. You’d never think they all come from different states.

In years past, students have been housed at Lexington High School. This year, it was Thomasville’s turn to serve as host.

According to Prince, the girls were housed in the seventh-grade hall, while the boys took the eighth-grade hall, where they spent the nights in classrooms.

Prince was effusive with his praise of TMS staff, particularly principal Kevin Leake and Lakeahia Bradby, the TMS secretary who helped organize the logistics. Prince said the setup worked out perfectly.

Prince also credited the United Way, which helps provide for CDC projects.

We get funding from the United Way, Prince said. I think a lot of times the general public doesn’t see how United Way dollars are spent. The grant we get from United Way pays for materials for this program. If we didn’t get United Way dollars, we wouldn’t be able to do this.

Prince says planning for the next visit to Davidson County will commence shortly. In November, he said his organization will probably sign the contract for 2019. After that contract is signed, the group will secure housing for the students.

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Child missionaries take center stage at TMS | Tvilletimes | hpenews … – Tvilletimes

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