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Borscht Diez’s Coral Orgy With Animal Collective Lured Audiences Into a Trippy Trance – Miami New Times

Posted: February 26, 2017 at 11:26 pm

The New World Symphonys home on Miami Beach has seen many interesting performances over the years. But none of them matched the event Borscht Corp., III Points, Coral Morphologic and Animal Collective, among other musicians, threw together for Friday night.

Part of the 10th iteration of of the Borscht Film Festival, Coral Orgy was hyped as a collaborative site-specific performance celebrating the cosmic synchronicity of sex on the reef. The imagery was provided by Miamis Coral Morphologic. A collaboration between marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay, Coral Morphologics closeup scenes of coral life under water present sea life as you have never seen before. The brilliant colors of the sea creatures are always presented in tight close up, out of context of their habitat, allowing their natural color, movement and texture to define them. With McKays ambient music, these creatures become psychedelic experiences unto themselves. The images could have been shot on an undiscovered planet or in another dimension, for all the viewer knows.

During this event, high definition video of the sea creatures was projection mapped onto the five curved screens in the main hall of the New World Symphony. As can be expected by the Borscht crew, who pride themselves on being so Miami, the event started late. After a taste of Coral Morphologics images, the first musician to take the stage was Hot Sugar, a DJ/producer based in New York. The Coral images were replaced by digital projections featuring things like digitally created roses in opulent mirrors, which Hot Sugar has used in previous shows. It was all a bit dull, considering the anticipation for the main act.

Offering ambient music with a glitchy beat that sounded like Aphex Twin, Hot Sugar real name Nick Koenig danced at his deck as if in a rave, yet most of the audience sat on the floor in giant beanbags or the venues seating. After mixing it up by picking up an electric guitar with a clear body for added panache, Koenig asked Is anybody still out there? You’re all so chill.

At that point I wandered to the Suntrust Pavilion for Otto Von Shriachs Bermuda triangle ritual. He was advertised as having a surprise guest, and what a treat that guest was. Joseph Keckler is a performance artist from New York who is classically trained in opera. He prepped attendees with a little speech in a nasally voice that could have never readied you for the baritone that sang in Italian about a bad mushroom trip (lyrics were projected on a screen). There were some technical difficulties during the laughing part (translated as Ha. Ha. Ha. on the screen), as the video froze to buffer and some unseen technician who didnt reply to Kecklers pleas of Could someone tell me what is happening? re-cued to the laughter part and Keckler resumed his operatic laughter. But the glitch only added to the charm of the performance.

After Keckler gave the crowd an encore with a song that revealed the perils of spying on a lovers text messages, Von Shriach climbed up a pyramid inside the pavilion to kick of his set. To images of Mayan pyramids projected next to his deck and black and white vortex animation that spilled onto Von Shriachs white onesie, he wrapped/sang in Miami Spanglish about another dimension. Below him Santeria-like priestesses writhed around in sheer gowns holding light-up wands drawing triangles on attendees foreheads with white grease pencils. Meanwhile, Von Shriach offered a cheesy instrumental cover of Under the Sea and sang about third eyes and the Bermuda Triangle with the mic echoing his lyrics three times (of course). Oh, and there was a half white tiger/half man guy with a scepter.

Prepare for the Coral Orgy.

Photo courtesy of Coral Morphologic

After this trippy experience, it was back to the main hall for the headline event. As thrilling as the moment in the Suntrust Pavilion felt, the impressive, though relaxing, melding of the coral orgy and the modern psychedelic rock/ambient drone music of Animal Collective was divinely impressive.

A sort of musical breeze wafted from the dark stage below the imagery of coral tendrils that seemed to wave along to the spare organs and the echoey vocals of Avey Tare, whose voice was so processed, he might as well have been singing in a foreign language. The music built steadily, as layers were piled on, including electronic rhythms that sounded like treated hammered dulcimers, metallic grinding and hyper-stylized laser-treated chirping. Tare sang sparingly, his mostly unintelligible vocals melting with the music.

Who knows what the instrumentation actually was? The stage was dark and the coral orgy took the limelight. Cameras panned over undulating orbs that sometimes collapsed into themselves before puffing up again. Little pink bubbles drifted heavenward as layers of chirping and the cooing of Tare rode a wave of humming melodies. When the semen spewed forth, it didnt come with a tacky bang, but in little wisps, adding to the breezy quality of the event.

The pieces by Animal Collective bled into each other; only in spare moments would there be a slight shift in tone, as the trio which also includedGeologist and Deakin (Panda Bear wasn’t there) in the shadows gave birth to a new song with new layers of rhythms, drones and melodies. The changes were as slight, varied and unnoticeable as the repetition of waves lapping at the shore. There was no chance for applause, as many in the audience were lulled into a trance. Still, you could hear plenty of chatter from attendees who could not invest in the spectacle, but it all bled into the drones.

Out of the 400 hundred or so people inside, maybe 40 concert goers were pressed up to the edge of the stage giving full attention to the band, below the towering colorful images of coral, worms and anemones. A lot of people walked in and out, as some slept on the giant bean bags or stared up into the heights of the towering coral orgy. During an ominous, heavy, warped, synthesized drone and whir, the camera slowly zoomed into the maw of a creature, revealing layers of lips that spewed a milky substance into the sea water around it. Red bulbous tendrils encircled a neon green center that may as well have held infinity itself an ouroboros from the co-opters of the ouroboros.

Follow Hans Morgenstern on Twitter @HansMorgenstern.


Borscht Diez’s Coral Orgy With Animal Collective Lured Audiences Into a Trippy Trance – Miami New Times

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Trance | Electronic Dance Music | EDM | Free Downloads

Posted: February 25, 2017 at 3:30 pm

February 7, 2017 Get Lucky With The Future Sound of Egypt

Trance family, assemble! The Future Sound of Egypt is calling you to Lucky 2017. Between the newly established Bliss (returning to the WaMu Theater on May 6th), regular phenomenal talent []

One of Australias most well known Trance producers, MaRLo, spoke with Only The Beat during his stop in New York City for EDC New York. Fresh off his stops in []

As I was listening to a recent episode of International Departures, I came across a track that caught my ear (not something thats out of the ordinary as pretty much []

Lange Recordings favorite, Johnny Yono, who just finished the massive Lange 200 collab, is the first one out the gate with a new release and is setting the bar incredibly []

Polish trance producer, Nitrous Oxide, prefers the less is more approach when creating and releasing music, giving each track his full heart and soul. and making sure that only excellence []

New York-based duo You&Me have released some pretty incredible remixes so far in their career. Its also quite possible their latest remix of Kolajs The Touch which is out today []

Johnny Yono proved he can make uplifting gold when he unleashed the mechanical banger, Pulverize, on Damaged Records last year. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, it highlighted everything we love []

Talla 2XLC and Daniel Skyver fits right in with Mental Asylums relentless sound. Split Second is a 140 monster that leaves no prisoners for any set of ears. From the []

Los Angeles trance wizard, Johnny Yono, makes his triumphant return to Armada for the first time since 2012s The Machine with Juventa. Now on Antillas IHU imprint, The Highways Of []

Having an truly accomplished year, Talla 2XLC delivers another uplifting epic on his Tetsuo imprint with the help of Kato. Evernow is pure trance with balls. Encapsulating the wonder and []

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Trance | Electronic Dance Music | EDM | Free Downloads

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Is Mat Zo making a return to trance? – EARMILK (blog)

Posted: at 3:30 pm

Just last week, we reported onMat Zo making a “return to his roots” in a remix of a classic house track, “Son of a Gun.” With its release, he called it a sort of answer to all of his fans that throughout his career have been asking him to “return” to his trance roots. Zo has explored many a genre and sound throughout that career as a DJ and producer, while the beginnings of his career lay with trance and the Anjunabeats label.

As we’ve seen little blips like this before exploring disco, dubstep, rock, and ultimately trance the question is, will Mat Zo land in one place? If we’re evaluating based on his music in the past four years, the answer is probably not. But, the British artist continues to give us hints and more and more trance. This week, he revived a relic from his past, a track integral to his career, but in a new way. “Hurricane” was a track off of his first album,Damage Control, in 2013. The album was highly regarded, with impressive collaborations and style explorations all around, and successfully told a story in a time when just about every electronic artist was throwing themselves in the “need to release an album” club.Damage Control went on to be nominated for a Grammy and climb the Billboard heatseekers and electronic charts. Surely, the album was an impressive achievement for the British artist.

But of course, there is a creative process in developing any music, and this week Mat Zo has offered up vulnerability and what could have been for the track “Hurricane.” In a personal post on Instagram, Zo explained his struggle with the creation of the track.

This is actually the original version of Hurricane. I didn’t put it on the album because it was at a time where I wanted to move away from trance, so I remade it into the version that’s on Damage Control. I played it once on a live broadcast and ever since people have been asking for it. Luckily I found a copy on my old HD. It’s terribly mixed and partly unfinished, but I figured since people still ask about it to this day, why not just give it away.

With his trance roots seemingly in his way, Zo continued developing “Hurricane” into a track that felt more Chemical Brotherswith an Anjunabeats-style vocal from Eyes That Lie. Now nearly four years later, we get a glimpse at the track’s original form. And from the date, it looks like Zo had this one working from 2011.The second trance release in a few weeks, “Hurricane (2011 Club Mix),” makes us wonder, is this something that will continue? But that’s not the end of the story, either.

Zo posted another video of himself to Instagram, this time playing piano over a classic Ferry Corsten track: “Out of the Blue” from his System F moniker. The classic track has been made over again and again through its near 17-year existence, and it looks like Zo is toying with it too.

So now, he’s releasing trance tracks, openly composing them and even more, he announced the return to his home at Anjunabeats for their annual Miami Music Week party in March. It’s been some years since he’s joined the party’s lineup, and he’s coupled the announcement with that of his Self Disassemble Tour that follows the release ofSelf Assemblein 2016. He’s been clear this Anjunabeats-style will not be leaving us for now, and the Self Disassemble Tour will be genre specific offering just that style that fans always seem to ask him about. But performances aside,it leaves us wondering, what kind of music will we see Mat Zo release in the rest of 2017?

Connect with Mat Zo:Facebook|Soundcloud|Instagram|Twitter

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Is Mat Zo making a return to trance? – EARMILK (blog)

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Brixton Trance Underworld The Return – BrixtonBuzz

Posted: at 3:30 pm


February 25, 2017 @ 7:00 pm February 26, 2017 @ 7:00 am




Free before 10 5 before 12 10 after midnight

Were back After a rather long break Brixton Trance Underworld is back And we mean back. After this special 12 hour event well be going bi-monthly from March More news on that soon!

So, a 7 till 7 party to start things off and what a line up we have for you.

Our special guest is Trevor McLachlan Trevor will be known to anyone who partied in town over the last 15 years with his residency at the amazing Twisted parties at the Fridge. He guested for Heat, Extreme Euphoria, Tidy and Friendz. After taking a break from the scene he is back and is now involved in the Trance section of the Vinyl Warriors brand which really took the scene by storm last year. Trevor will be delivering a 90 minute set of top quality trance showcasing his 15 years of experience.

Next up we have Curtis & Craig. A DJ Production duo that came together in 2012 and they havent looked back. Their productions have been supported by top names in the Trance scene like Jordan Suckley, AvB, Simon Patterson and Latex Zebra As DJs collectively and separately theyve played at events including Storm, Passion and Trance Action along with a star studded array of DJs.

PHD is really making a name for himself on the production scene and is racking up more and more impressive DJing gigs as well (including this one). His tunes have been supported by some of the best Trance DJs around. His 90 minute plus (well you might not want to go home at 7am) will be a showcase of his latest tunes and top quality banging trance!

David Murtagh was one of the co-founders of the Prehab labels and parties and makes a welcome return to Brixton Trance Underworld. Prehab hosted a room regularly at The Gallery and he himself is a regular at the amazing Trance Sanctuary parties. Welcome back!

Another couple of BTU debutants come in the shape of Will Renville and Alex Faulkner. These guys will be on warm up duties but we had to book them after awesome showings at Zoology and Alumni respectively. Both have made names for themselves in a very short time with some big sets for them in future. We can think of no finer DJs to get things going with a special 2 hour warm up!

The last of our guests and not the least is Lorenzo Barrero. Promoter of another cracking Trance event in London, TRANCElucid. Held residencies and Magnetix and Byte and has guested at some of finest parties around (including Zoology)!

Finally we have 3 of the finest residents around with many years of promoting and DJ experience between them. Matt Church (Swamp/Puzzle Project), B.S.E (Zoology/Techstyle) and Latex Zebra (Zoology/Alumni). All will play solo sets highlighting their skills and passion for music!

Well see you there!

Club 414, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton 7pm till 7am Free before 10pm 5 before Midnight 10 after

Continued here:

Brixton Trance Underworld The Return – BrixtonBuzz

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Try ‘Orb’ to experience Psychedelic Trance genre – The Ionian

Posted: February 24, 2017 at 6:36 pm

The Scrying Orb is an interesting title for an even more interesting album. While many albums fall under the genres of R&B, hip-hop and country, The Scrying Orb is considered to be Psychedelic Trance, a roughly new genre that some (especially those who listen to more mainstream music) might not know.

Ross McGuire, the albums producer, gave a brief background and insight on what the psychedelic trance actually is.

Psychedelic Trance, then, is simply trance musicmusic with the intent of placing the listener in a state of trance (the framework) and psychedelia [music]music that aims to carefully provide the listener with as many cool raw materials as is needed to create a rich, living, musical world (the content of the framework), McGuire said in an email.

When discussing his latest album The Scrying Orb, McGuire shared what inspired him to make an album in this profound genre.

The true inspiration for this album was what I heard and felt during my time becoming exposed to the genre, McGuire said in an email. I really loved what the music did both to me and for me and felt this overwhelming urge to contribute to that.

When initially listening to The Scrying Orb, one might expect soothing sounds similar to ocean waves or light wind in a spring day. Instead, the result is something similar to the soundtrack of Mario Kart.

However, the more one knows about Psychedelic Trance, the better the album becomes. The album provokes an opportunity to understand the complex genre. This album is for people who like to listen to music that strays away from the mainstream genres.

However, several of the songs found in The Scrying Orb can appeal to people who might not enjoy the genre as a whole, such as the song Portals. Portals is not a completely upbeat song that would make whoever is listening to it want to dance. However, it is not a depressing song that can would put the listener in a melodramatic mood, either. Instead, the song is a good balance of both and is great to listen to while completing work for your job or classes.

Overall, The Scrying Orb was seemingly lackluster, especially if you are not a fan of genres that stray away from the mainstream. That said, Psychedelic Trance is an interesting and complex genre, and it deserved be checked out. The album is available via SoundCloud, and will officially release in April.

Visit link:

Try ‘Orb’ to experience Psychedelic Trance genre – The Ionian

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Under 2500: Will Vance Puts Listeners In A Trance With New Tune Days Go By – EDM Sauce

Posted: at 6:36 pm

Out now via THNK TNK Records, Will Vance’s Single Days Go By is a mesmerizing musical masterpiece filled with smooth progressive trance vibes. The single is extremely relaxing and takes listeners on a gentle journey through a melodic medium.

Will Vance is an extremely new face in the industry with just one other release credited on his soundcloud. Although by the sounds he is producing it is already very clear that there is a bright future a head of this new comer.

William Vance, Will to his friends, is a classically trained pianist who, after being expelled from piano lesson at age 12, began venturing into the music market place as a well rounded musician. The young musician began creating music picking guitar and synth programming along the way to help facilitate his vision. Today, you can hear his classical training being put to great use in his newest music. Look for big things from Will Vance in the coming months as he releases his Debut Days Go By EP.Check out the single below and follow him on soundcloud for the latest updates on his sounds.

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Under 2500: Will Vance Puts Listeners In A Trance With New Tune Days Go By – EDM Sauce

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Trance-fusion festival Camp Bisco to return to Pavilion at Montage Mountain – Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

Posted: at 6:36 pm

SCRANTON Electronic and trance-fusion music festival Camp Bisco is returning to Northeastern Pennsylvania for the third year in a row.

Festival organizers have announced the three-day event, headlined by jamtronica pioneers The Disco Biscuits, is scheduled for July 13 through 15 at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain & Montage Mountain Waterpark, 1000 Montage Mountain Road.

Co-headliners Bassnectar, Pretty Lights Live, GRiZ, Lotus, Gramatik, Action Bronson and Shpongle will give prime-time performances, and a list of nearly 50 additional acts includes 12th Planet, Beats Antique, Break Science, Electric Beethoven, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Swift Technique, Sophistafunk and others.

Early bird passes go on sale at noon Feb. 24 at VIP and travel packages will be available through the same outlet in the future.

For more lineup and ticket information, visit

Disco Biscuits bass player Marc Brownstein revels in the groove during the bands first set at Camp Bisco in 2016. The jamtronica pioneers will bring their festival back to Scranton with a full lineup in July. Biscuits bass player Marc Brownstein revels in the groove during the bands first set at Camp Bisco in 2016. The jamtronica pioneers will bring their festival back to Scranton with a full lineup in July. Times Leader file photo

Reach Matt Mattei at 570-991-6651 or on Twitter @TimesLeaderMatt.

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Trance-fusion festival Camp Bisco to return to Pavilion at Montage Mountain – Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

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Cy and David’s Picks: Musical Notes from Native California, Trance Blues, and Bell X1’s High-Flying Pop – KQED

Posted: at 6:36 pm

KQEDs Cy Musiker and David Wiegand share their picks for great events around the Bay Area this week.

The list is long this week for amazing stuff we couldnt fit in the show. Yiddish songbird Heather Klein premieres her new onewomanmusical, Shanghai Angel, about her grandmothers emigration from Austria to Shanghai to America through Angel Island. Its Feb. 26at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.Naatak opensthe very timely playAirport Insecurity, a Trump-esquetale of an Indian techie stuck at an airport in immigration limbo. Itsat the Cubberley Community Centerin Palo Alto, running Feb. 24-March 4. And for the ultimate in cool and classical, Mason Bates DJs and directs one of his Mercury Soul shows on Feb. 24, called Baroque & Beats at the DNA Lounge. Now for the show.

Feb. 2425: Otis Taylors new album, Fantasizing about Being Black, is about the history of the African American experience, from the slave ships to the Mississippi Delta, and the blues music that was born of those influences. Taylor has always recognized thatthe blues are a form of protest music, and theres plenty of comment here on the racism that endures in America today. Hes got a great band, too, withAnne Harris on violin. Details for his two shows at Biscuits and Blues are here.

Feb. 28May 29: The French painter Claude Monet is most famous for hishuge water lily paintings, done late in life. But we get a new perspective on the French artist in a show coming to the Legion of Honor called Monet: the Early Years,with 60 paintings demonstrating a period in the mid-19th century when the artist was part of a generation re-inventing painting. I didnt become an impressionist, the catalog quotes Monet. As long as I can remember I always have been one. He was always, as well, a master of color and a lover of landscapes. What a treat to see this first major U.S. exhibition devoted to Monets early works. Details for the show are here.

Feb. 24: The Oakland Symphony is presenting its annual concert celebrating world music traditions, and this year Conductor Michael Morgan sticks close to home with a program called Notes from Native California. Among the pieces is Big Sur: The Night Sun, by John Wineglass, featuring the voice of Ohlone/Chumash singer Kanyon Sayers-Roods, whose amazing soprano voice I first heard a few weeks ago at the Intertribal Friendship Housein Oakland. Sayers-Roods told me she makes up her own songs, and quotes her mom on how theyre not traditional, but still authentic. My mother goes, That is spirit. Those are our ancestors speaking through you. That is your culture being awakened. That is truth,’ Sayers-Roods said. Because my mother and my grandmother have always shared a quote, When song, ceremony and dance stop, so does the earth, and I too believe that. Shes just one of the highlights for a concert that also features Shostakovitchs NinthSymphony. Details here.

Feb. 24March 3: Theres acategory called CNN Opera, describing a musical about a modern political event or movement. Think The Death of Klinghoffer by John Adams and Alice Goodman, or The Life and Times of Malcolm X by Anthony Davis. Now added to that list is The Source, from 2016, about soldier Chelsea Mannings decision to disclose hundreds of thousands of classified and sensitive documents to WikiLeaks, her courtmartial, and her sex reassignment surgery.Composer Ted Hearne, who teaches composition at U.S.C., and librettist Mark Doten have created a kind of pop collage out of vocal, instrumental, and recorded sounds sung by a group of vocalists using a lot of autotune. The story is all the more compelling after former President Barack Obamas pardoning of Manning. Details for the show at the San Francisco Opera Lab are here.

Feb. 28:The Bell X-1 was the first plane to break the sound barrier, and the name also inspired a group ofyoung rockers from Ireland. Bell X1 make lovely danceable pop and gorgeous ballads. They write smart lyrics, mixing the personal with the political on song like Sons and Daughters, asking future generations for forgiveness for the mistakes of the present and on The End is Nigh, they ask Will the wrong guy get the codes, which seems an apt question for Europeans worried about our election of President Donald Trump. San Francisco isthe last stop on a short U.S. Tour for the Bell X1, before they return to their home base in Dublin, Ireland. Details for their show at The Chapel in San Francisco are here.

Feb. 28March 2: We squeezed in a pair of shoutouts as well. David picked former Bay Area resident Bill Hayes, who returns to read from his new memoir Insomniac City, focusing on his love affair with both New York City and the late author and psychiatrist Oliver Sacks. Hayes reads at Mrs. Dalloways in Berkeley on Feb. 28, at Rakestraw Books in Danville on March 1, and Book Passage in San Francisco on March 2. Details for all appearances are here.

Feb 2526: And I championthe Villalobos Brothers, a marvelous band of violinists playing jazz and Mexican roots music. Theyre part of San Jose Jazz Winter Fest on Feb. 25, and at Freight & Salvage on Feb. 26. Details here.

Cy Musiker co-hosts The Do List and covers the arts for KQED News and The California Report. He loves live performance, especially great theater, jazz, roots music, anything by Mahler. Cy has an MJ from UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism, and got his BA from Hampshire College. His work has been recognized by the Society for Professional Journalists with their Sigma Delta Chi Award for Public Service in Journalism. When he can, Cy likes to swim in Tomales Bay, run with his dog in the East Bay Hills, and hike the Sierra.

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Cy and David’s Picks: Musical Notes from Native California, Trance Blues, and Bell X1’s High-Flying Pop – KQED

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Unearthly Trance Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album "Stalking The Ghost" – Metal Underground

Posted: at 6:36 pm

Unearthly Trance Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album "Stalking The Ghost"
Metal Underground
New York City sludge/doom trio Unearthly Trance premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Stalking The Ghost", which will arrive in stores later today via Relapse Records. Check out now "Stalking The Ghost" in its …


Unearthly Trance Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album "Stalking The Ghost" – Metal Underground

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There is a rhythm in her stories – The Hindu – The Hindu

Posted: February 23, 2017 at 1:25 pm

The Hindu
There is a rhythm in her stories – The Hindu
The Hindu
Dance and acting are two intrinsic parts of her personality, says Shobana who will be in the city to present her production Trance- Dancing Drums.

and more »

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There is a rhythm in her stories – The Hindu – The Hindu

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