Regenerative medicine trends , the quest for immortality …

Posted: May 7, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Allens remark that I dont want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying echoes true for most humans. Unfortunately for you, Allen and Tumotech, immortality is still far away. At present there are approximately 150,000 people dying per day worldwide, of which two thirds are dying of ageing[1]. Immortality has however moved from the realm of madness, to that of possibility due to the disruptive emergence of regenerative medicine briefly explained below.

We will be covering today:

-What is regenerative medicine and how is the industry structured?-Whats driving the interest in regenerative medicine? -What challenges does regenerative medicine face?

We then conclude that despite the excitement surrounding regenerative medicine, it is not a near term prospect.

Ok I understand what regenerative medicine is, but how is the industry structured?

The industry can be split into the following four key sectors 1.Therapeutics& Devices-This refers to a variety of technologies including cell-based therapies, small molecule and biologic based therapies. Thearputerics and devices represent the biggest and most mature regenerative medicine sector at 40%.

2. Cell &tissuebanks- A tissue bank refers to an establishment that collects and harvests human cadaver tissue for the purposes of medical research and education. A tissue bank may also refer to a location where biomedical tissue is stored under cryogenic conditions. This is the second largest sector at 33% and is crucially for providing the data for the research.

3.Tools & reagent companies- This group of regenerative medicine companies develop tools such as stem cells for drug discovery and toxicity testing, as well as clinical tools.

4.Service companies- Service companies specialize in clinical trial management, manufacturing, characterization, engineering and quality control, among others.

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Regenerative medicine trends , the quest for immortality …

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