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Jeffco students protest proposed "censorship" of history curriculum

Posted: September 22, 2014 at 9:44 pm

Students from Evergreen High School meet with Jefferson County Schools officials over their concerns about advanced placement history curriculum, Monday, September 22, 2014. (Jesse A. Paul. The Denver Post)

GOLDEN Dozens of Evergreen High School students walked out of their morning classes on Monday and car pooled to the Jefferson County School Administration Building to protest what they see as the school board’s attempt to censor advanced history curriculum.

“I want honesty in my classroom,” the students said in a letter presented to Superintendent Dan McMinimee, who spoke with four student representatives, and the board. “Teachers want honesty in the classroom.”

The protest followed a teacher sick out that closed two schools last week. Schools were back open on Monday despite rumors that educators might not show again. Students said similar protests are planned for the rest of the week.

“We came in as a preventative measure,” said Mali Holmes, a senior at Evergreen.

The group of 100 to 200 students protested for about 45 minutes before returning back to school, specifically asking that civil disobedience topics not be removed from the AP U.S. History course. Student leaders told The Denver Post that the gathering was planned on Facebook late Sunday night.

Monday’s protest meant the second day in a week students missed school because of mounting controversy in the district. McMinimee said he asks students and educators to let him come to them instead of having kids miss school driving to the administration building.

“I think you just keep trying to communicate and maybe over communicate,” McMinimee said of efforts to stabilize the tumult.

The curriculum controversy stems from a board member’s proposal to form a review panel to promote patriotic material, respect for authority and the free-market system. In turn, the panel would avoid material about “civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law.”

Several parents also attended the protest to support their children, including David Temple, who, along with his son, met with McMinimee.

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Jeffco students protest proposed "censorship" of history curriculum

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Illuminati Conspiracy Archive

Posted: December 21, 2013 at 12:43 pm

By Steve Kangas

The wealthy have always used many methods to accumulate wealth, but it was not until the mid-1970s that these methods coalesced into a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient machine. After 1975, it became greater than the sum of its parts, a smooth flowing organization of advocacy groups, lobbyists, think tanks, conservative foundations, and PR firms that hurtled the richest 1 percent into the stratosphere.

The origins of this machine, interestingly enough, can be traced back to the CIA. This is not to say the machine is a formal CIA operation, complete with code name and signed documents. (Although such evidence may yet surface and previously unthinkable domestic operations such as MK-ULTRA, CHAOS and MOCKINGBIRD show this to be a distinct possibility.) But what we do know already indicts the CIA strongly enough. Its principle creators were Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank Shakespeare, William F. Buckley, Jr., the Rockefeller family, and more. Almost all the machines creators had CIA backgrounds.

During the 1970s, these men would take the propaganda and operational techniques they had learned in the Cold War and apply them to the Class War. Therefore it is no surprise that the American version of the machine bears an uncanny resemblance to the foreign versions designed to fight communism. The CIAs expert and comprehensive organization of the business class would succeed beyond their wildest dreams. In 1975, the richest 1 percent owned 22 percent of Americas wealth. By 1992, they would nearly double that, to 42 percent the highest level of inequality in the 20th century.

How did this alliance start? The CIA has always recruited the nations elite: millionaire businessmen, Wall Street brokers, members of the national news media, and Ivy League scholars. During World War II, General Wild Bill Donovan became chief of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA. Donovan recruited so exclusively from the nations rich and powerful that members eventually came to joke that OSS stood for Oh, so social!

Another early elite was Allen Dulles, who served as Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961. Dulles was a senior partner at the Wall Street firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, which represented the Rockefeller empire and other mammoth trusts, corporations and cartels. He was also a board member of the J. Henry Schroeder Bank, with offices in Wall Street, London, Zurich and Hamburg. His financial interests across the world would become a conflict of interest when he became head of the CIA. Like Donavan, he would recruit exclusively from societys elite.


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Illuminati Conspiracy Archive

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Eczema hurts more than the skin

Posted: March 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm

Preet Bhogal still remembers being taunted in school for his inflamed skin. The Nova Scotia native would always wear long-sleeved shirts to cover his arms and tried to shrug off jeers about the flare-ups on his hands, but the words still hurt.

“My eczema covered just about my whole body,” says the 33-year-old, who has lived with the skin condition since he was a baby. “It definitely affected my self image, self esteem, mental health.”

While the physical severity of Bhogal’s eczema improved with a combination of age and a strict care regime, its emotional impact continued to be felt in subtle ways. He didn’t wear short-sleeved T-shirts until he was in his 20s, doesn’t know how to swim because his eczema was exacerbated by pool water, and he vividly recalls how concerned some of his peers were about catching the skin condition that isn’t contagious.

As the rates of those who experience the condition appear to be on the rise, Bhogal and advocates for those with the skin disease hope having conversations about eczema will help demystify the condition and make it easier to deal with.

“There’s often a lack of awareness of the issues that it causes,” says Bhogal, who is now a board member with the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance.

“I would like for people to just know that it exists and for people to not be afraid to talk about it.”

While official statistics are rare, a number of doctors and patient support groups estimate about 20 per cent of Canadians will experience eczema at some point in their lives.

“When you talk about 20 per cent, that’s huge,” says Dr. Catherine McCuaig, a pediatric dermatologist at the Sainte-Justine children’s hospital in Montreal.

Eczema exists in different forms and is most often experienced in childhood. One of the most common forms is atopic dermatitis, a hereditary condition which results in red, itchy and swollen skin which can have fluid-filled bumps that ooze and crust.

Another common form is contact dermatitis – where skin is inflamed from contact with an allergen, like poison ivy, or repeated exposure to an irritant. Other versions of eczema include a form associated with varicose veins and another related to dry skin.

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Eczema hurts more than the skin

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Azerbaijan: How to Measure Free Speech on the Internet?

Posted: November 14, 2012 at 9:42 am

Baku hosted the UN Internet Governance Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan, with more than 1,600 delegates from 128 countries attending the four-day event. Civil society activists argue that the countrys struggle for online freedom of expression should not be forgotten despite Azerbaijan being selected to hold the annual global conference. (Photo: UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz)

Civil society activists in Azerbaijan are trying to push back against government efforts to restrict space for public debate. And theyre hoping a recent global Internet forum in Baku will expand international support for their cause.

The United Nations Internet Governance Forum, held in the Azerbaijani capital November 6-9, brought together more than 1,500 government officials, business executives, international organization representatives and civil-society activists from more than 100 countries. They discussed a wide variety of web-related issues, including Internet security, copyright laws and online eavesdropping.

In the coming weeks and months, rights activists in Azerbaijan hope the forum will prove a catalyst for broader international discussion about what they contend are government policies designed to stifle free speech. If not for the IGF (Internet Governance Forum), we would not be able to attract so much international attention to problems with Internet-freedom in Azerbaijan, said Rasul Jafarov, the director of the Baku-based Human Rights Club, part of the Expression Online Initiative, a non-governmental coalition.

The Internet emerged in 2009 as a new front in an ongoing free-speech battle, following the imprisonment of two video bloggers who posted a clip online that portrayed President Ilham Aliyev as a donkey. Over the past year or so, authorities have struggled to contain flash-protests whipped up via the social network Facebook. In a report distributed at the Forum, the Expression Online Initiative ranked the country as partly free.

While the Azerbaijani government may not block access to websites or social networks, noted Jafarov, there is a serious problem with content regulation and [governmental] monitoring of email correspondence, social-network content and websites.

Such shadow pressure prompts many Azerbaijanis to censor themselves online, he continued. They are afraid to post critical stuff online [so as] not to be summoned to the Ministry of National Security and have other problems, he said.

Media lawyer Alasgar Mammadli, a board member of the watchdog Azerbaijan Internet Forum, agreed. People are afraid even to like a cartoon about the president posted on Facebook, Mammadli said. The right to host the IGF does not mean that the country has a free Internet.

Authorities defend their record by emphasizing quantity over quality when it comes to the Internet.

In an official letter to the Forum, President Aliyev argued that since 65 percent of the countrys 9.16 million citizens were online, Azerbaijans approach toward the Internet should be deemed free. Aliyev, writing in general terms, also credited the the global network for encouraging freedom of speech on the Internet, the widening of social networks, [and] ensuring the open and transparent activity of government.

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Azerbaijan: How to Measure Free Speech on the Internet?

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SoHo Museum Hopes Late Graffiti Artist's Creations Can Inspire Kids

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 11:44 pm

To view our videos, you need to enable JavaScript. Learn how. install Adobe Flash 9 or above. Install now. Then come back here and refresh the page.

Step into the “Gothic Futurism” of the late graffiti artist and hip-hop MC Rammelzee, and there is a world of “Garbage God” heroes and “Monster Model” villains. His creations, now on display here at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, use found objects to tell stories, and that is why museum officials thinks they will resonate with children.

The museum is launching a program called the Young Artists’ Kollective to try to inspire children to create their own art, ranging from sculpture to stop-action animation. The free program will give sixth to ninth graders the studio space and the materials they need, as well as artist mentors to guide them.

“What we want to do is the really engage a child’s mind and take those basic building blocks and go beyond that,” said William Floyd, a board member of the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

Every week for a year, the museum hopes as many as 250 middle school students will step into its SoHo studio and express their imaginations through whatever artistic medium they please.

“I feel like it allows me to express myself,” said Natalie. “And if I’m feeling angry, I can draw something angry, or If I’m feeling happy, I can draw something happy.”

“You can really just let your mind go,” said Tom Shea. “Having this as a creative outlet and a way to relieve stress and relax is really important, because you can also learn stuff while doing it.”

The hope is to give students a lifelong appreciation for art in all its forms and perhaps encourage another generation of Rammelzees.

For more information about the Young Artist’s Kollective, visit http://www.cmany.org.

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SoHo Museum Hopes Late Graffiti Artist's Creations Can Inspire Kids

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Freedom Fest introduces collectible pins

Posted: June 6, 2012 at 2:16 am

PROVO — The Freedom Festival is offering for the first time a limited-edition Freedom Festival Pin, at the cost of $2. It will also provide buyers with hundreds of dollars of discounts and coupons from businesses throughout Utah Valley.

Beginning June 18, the pins will be available at participating sponsor locations. The Freedom Festival is starting with only 5,000 pins that will come in a package with other coupons and discounts. However, the Freedom Festival also is making 150 special gold pins. And like Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket, anyone purchasing a $2 pin may find one of the gold pins in their packet. That gold pin will provide the lucky winners with two tickets to the Stadium of Fire redeemable at the Freedom Festival offices.

Local realtor Bill Freeze introduced the idea from his experience several years ago when he worked with the Kentucky Derby Festival.

“The Kentucky Derby Festival is very similar to the type of festival ours is,” Freeze said. He noted that they started doing the collectible pins in 1973 for 50 cents each and sold 5,000.

“Over the years it became popular. Last year they sold a half a million for $5 apiece,” Freeze said. “It is a tremendous revenue boost to them for their non-revenue events.”

Freeze, who is a board member of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, indicated the chamber has partnered with the Freedom Festival on the project. Freedom Festival executive director Paul Warner said, “We’re extremely excited about it. We appreciate the fact the chamber has joined in this. It’s one of the ways we can stretch out into the community.”

Freeze hopes the people who come from throughout the country will pick up a pin and wear it in their hometowns.

Pins will be available at a number of sponsoring companies including several stores in the Shops at Riverwoods, The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, Freedom Festival office, Larry Miller Auto Group showrooms in Provo, the Daily Herald, Utah County Realtors Association and in the customer service lobby at the Provo city center.

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Freedom Fest introduces collectible pins

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Dont Criminalize Free Speech Mr President

Posted: March 17, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Feature Article of Saturday, 17 March 2012

Columnist: Young Patriots

We the Young Patriots of the New Patriotic Party demand the unconditional release of Mr Owusu Bempah, the Operations Director of FONK AR with immediate effect. President Mills since taking over the reins of power has sought to criminalize free speech by arresting and detaining Ghanaians of varying opinions to his governments policies and programmes. A government that superintends over gargantuan corruption, ineptitude, incompetence and mediocrity would not have lasted long in another political era. However, as Ghanaians, we have opted for democracy, and free speech is the best way to exercise that right. We the Young Patriots find it hypocritical for a government which came to power on the back of free speech and propaganda to turn around and incarcerate its citizens for exercising their democratic right. It is on record that Mr Aseidu Nketia called all 17 aspirants of the candidature of the NPP as thieves and President Kufour as the chief thieve and yet walked the streets of Ghana as a free man and today has been rewarded as a major contractor for the Bui Hydro dam project though he is a board member of the same organization. Mr Fiifi Kwartey, the deputy minister of finance told Ghanaians, that President Kufour and his government had hoarded all of Ghanas gold reserves in a foreign country; his insults and propaganda have been rewarded with oversight responsibility of our gold reserves. Madam Amaa Beyinwaa Doe referred to Nana Akufo Addo as a drug dealer and when she was asked to substantiate it, she said it was campaign talk during here vetting to become the Central Regional Minister. The arrest and detention of Mr Owusu Bempeh for expressing his opinion on the disbursement of the Woyome money is simply against his constitutional right to free expression. The act is abominable and should be condemned in no uncertain terms and we the Young Patriots will consider further action should the President continue to have him detained.

Richard Nyamah 0203-418-85 Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus-Glover 0246-850-138 Hopson Adorye 0201-433-925 John Kumah 0244-171-471

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Dont Criminalize Free Speech Mr President

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