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The Domestic Surveillance Directorate – NSA site

Posted: March 29, 2016 at 3:44 am

Welcome to the Domestic Surveillance Directorate

The National Security Agency is responsible for carrying out three of the country’s most important intelligence activities – Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Information Assurance (IA), and Domestic Surveillance (DS). SIGINT involves intercepting, decrypting, and analyzing foreign adversaries’ communications. IA involves the protection of America’s U.S. government information systems. DS involves the collection and warehousing of all domestically-generated information streams.

The mission of the Domestic Surveillance Directorate is simple: Collect, process, and store U.S. citizen data for the good of the Nation. We cope with the overload of information in our environment and turn that overload to our strategic advantage. We provide the ability for ubiquitous, secure collaboration both within our agency and through its interactions with various partners. We penetrate into the “hard” targets that threaten our nation wherever, whenever, or whomever they may be.

We built a new data center to process the growing volume of information more quickly. Working closely with our partners, we are finding new ways to detect, report, and respond to all domestic threats. As the information age transforms the nation, we will also transform to keep our nation secure. We are the Domestic Surveillance Directorate. We work through you. For you. For our Nation.

The Facts About Our Surveillance Activities

In recent months, numerous Top Secret documents have been leaked to the media relating to surveillance activities carried out by the Intelligence Community. In an effort to increase transparency, a new website called “IC OFF THE RECORD” has been created to provide immediate, ongoing and direct access to these unauthorized leaks.

Visit the IC OFF THE RECORD website

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The Domestic Surveillance Directorate – NSA site

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Bitcoin Weekly 2014 October 15: Bitcoin breaks $400, Antonopoulos speaks to Canadian Senate, Butterfly Labs vs. FTC

Posted: October 17, 2014 at 2:50 pm

The Bitcoin market had an exciting week with the market value breaking over the $400 mark againbut its been hovering above and below the $400 band since that happened. Canada received an amazing talk from Andreas Antonopoulos, previous Chief Security Officer at Blockchain.info and author of Mastering Bitcoin, who spoke to the Canadian senate with an impassioned explanation of Bitcoin and its innovative future.

In the legal corner of Bitcoin news, Dorian Nakamotoa man outed by Newsweek alleged to be the Satoshi Nakamotois seeking a lawsuit against Newsweek for what happened after the article that brought attention to him. Still no word on who or what the actual Satoshi Nakamoto happens to be. And, Butterfly Labs is striking back against the Federal Trade Commission after a complaint shut down the business as part of an investigation into its practices.

Last, but not least, a new website has launched that gives an up-to-date measure of historical Bitcoin volatility at btcvol.info.

When the market value of bitcoin fell below $400 near September 27th, it must have led to a community-wide depression. It seems this way because now that the market value has risen, once again, above $400 (sometime midnight Sunday) it triggered a few joyous posts on reddit.

Since then, the price has hovered near $400, rising and falling in a band between $415 and $395.

Andreas Antonopolous last week went in front of the Senate of Canada and spoke to the government body about the regulating Bitcoin. The first eleven minutes is Antonopoulos speech and the remaining almost hour-and-a-half of the video is questions. Even if you dont have two hours to watch, its worth watching his opening statements.

Antonopoulos argues against tight regulation on Bitcoin because it will stifle innovation and during the questions segment rebutted numerous queries about crime and money laundering by discussing the nature of privacy and security with Bitcoin. He especially did a good job of showing how while BItcoin is more transparent than fiat money it can also be more secure.

The senators ask interesting and extremely thoughtful questions, most of which center around consumer protection and economics; but amid the most enlightening was Who are Bitcoins biggest detractors around the 41:20 mark.

In an attempt to resolve the hunt for the legendary Satoshi Nakamotothe mythical Batman and inventor of BitcoinNewsweeks Leah McGrath Goodman claimed that Dorian Nakamoto of California happened to be the mythical Bitcoin inventor. This led to a major disruption of Nakamotos life.

This has happened before. A reporter for The New Yorker interviewed Michael Clear, another cryptographer with a math backgroundyet also denied being Satoshi. However, Dorian Nakamoto had the benefit of a very similar name.

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Bitcoin Weekly 2014 October 15: Bitcoin breaks $400, Antonopoulos speaks to Canadian Senate, Butterfly Labs vs. FTC

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The New Mises.org – Video

Posted: May 23, 2014 at 8:41 am

The New Mises.org
Go to and help us build a new mises.org worthy of our ideas and our learners, one that serves young people and all of us with the mo. Go to and help us build a new website worthy of our…

By: henry

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The New Mises.org – Video

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Ron Paul vs. RonPaul.com: How Coalitions Crack Up in the Internet Age

Posted: February 13, 2013 at 11:43 am

The retired representative is at odds with fans over a site bearing his name. As permanent political campaigns come to the web, expect more fights like this.


The proprietors of RonPaul.com are not all pleased.Not only has their hero lodged a formal complaint against their ownership of their fan site, he’s done it at the dread United Nations.

The UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization handles domain name disputes for ICANN, and that’s where the 12-term retired congressmanis arguing that the people running RonPaul.com, as well as RonPaul.org, are piggybacking off his good name. Citing Hillary Clinton’s 2005 successful fight to claim HillaryClinton.com, the complaint argues that “the words ‘Ron Paul’ have been synonymous with Dr. Paul’s political writings and discourse,” and goes on to say that “the only difference between them is the addition of the TLD suffixes ‘.com’ and ‘.org.’ which is irrelevant for the purposes” of domain name dispute resolution.

The obvious — if existential — defense that the RonPaul.com folks aren’t really making is that Ron Paul, public figure, and RonPaul.com, the website, are not the same thing. One is an ornery obstetrician, and the other is a grassroots movement inspired by him and willing to do battle on his behalf, whether that’s generating money bombsto get back in the public eye time and again or defending him with an unmatched vehemence and wordcount in the comment section of any blog post or article that mentions his name.At times, the movement has seemed far bigger than the man. What Haile Selassie was to Rastafarianism, Ron Paul has sometimes been to small government, and RonPaul.com has been a gathering point for that movement.

If one had to bet, the odds are good that Ron Paul will get RonPaul.com. ICANN tries to work these things out without them blowing up into antagonistic battles; that’s why the resolution process exists. And after all, it’s the guy’s name. But the kerfuffle points to an interesting moment when a campaign’s most valuable resources aren’t office space or three-by-five cards but digital assets that live in the cloud and can be had for as little as the 10 bucks it probably cost to register RonPaul.com in the first place. There are real costs, to be sure. Just not the dollars and cents kind:

Back in 2007 we put our lives on hold for you, Ron,and we invested close to 10,000 hours of tears, sweat and hard work into this site at great personal sacrifice. We helped raise millions of dollars for you, we spread your message of liberty as far and wide as we possibly could, and we went out of our way to defend you against the unjustified attacks by your opponents.Now that your campaigns are over and you no longer need us, you want to take it all away — and send us off to a UN tribunal?

The closest that the group comes to making the case that they are an essential part of what makes Ron Paul “Ron Paul” is when they talk about how their cache of institutional knowledge is intertwined with the public consciousness of what it means to be him:

After careful analysis of the available data, we are convinced that separating our grassroots website from RonPaul.com would be counterproductive. There are literally hundreds of thousands of inbound links directed to specific articles, videos and blog posts at RonPaul.com that would all be misdirected if you put up a new website at the domain.

That said, after the good doctor raised the contested domain during a segment on The Alex Jones Show early last month, they told him they could part with RonPaul.com for $250,000, which would include a mailing list of about 170,000 addresses. There’s a fair chance that that sort of brokering didn’t exactly endear the group to Paul, even though they called it a “liberty package” and offered free use of RonPaul.org, another domain they own.

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Ron Paul vs. RonPaul.com: How Coalitions Crack Up in the Internet Age

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Liberty Asset Management Announces New Website

Posted: February 23, 2012 at 11:33 am

Liberty Asset Management, LLC, a leading investor in residential and commercial real estate in Kansas and the Midwest, announces a new website development that meets communication and accessibility goals for the new year and beyond.

Wichita, KS (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

Liberty Asset Management, LLC, a leading investor in residential and commercial real estate in Kansas and the Midwest, announces a new website development that meets communication and accessibility goals for the new year and beyond.

Liberty Asset has launched a new version of the company website, a project that began in Q4 of 2011 and recently completed. “In conjunction with the move into our new headquarters location, the new Liberty Asset Management website is a development meant to grow our connections with clients and keep them informed about changes in our business and our market. Going into 2012, Liberty Asset is committed to becoming more accessible and building client relationships. The new website development project is an essential element in our growth and communications strategy,” said Clark Moeller, Vice President at Liberty Asset Management. “We moved locations in 2011, and our new offices put the company in a useful position at the northeast end of Wichita.

The new location proved to be an immediate benefit to our clients. In addition, the new website allows our clients to reach us from any location – via their computers and mobile devices. Becoming more accessible to our clients was one of our key objectives going into 2011, and we have every intention to continue that effort this year and every year going forward.”

The new website at http://www.libertyasset.com/ is a resource that allows clients to learn more about Liberty Asset Management and its partners, read related news and articles, and easily contact the company.

More company information, news and executive biographies can be found at the new LibertyAsset.com website.


Clark Moeller
Liberty Asset Management
(316) 425-8183
Email Information

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Liberty Asset Management Announces New Website

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