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Trance Sample Packs, Loops & Construction Kits | Producer Loops

Posted: January 14, 2017 at 8:04 am


Trance Euphoria are proud to bring you ‘Exploration Trance’ featuring 10 Euphoric Trance Construction Kits in 24-Bit WAV & MIDI formats.

… from Producer Loops continues this best-selling series which blends the best elements of Commercial Trance and …

Was $41.88USD




… from Equinox Sounds is the fourth installment in this series of five Construction Kits that are a blend of melo…


… from Nano Musik Loops features 50 melodic MIDI loops, including 25 lead riffs and 25 matching chord progression…

Was $10.43USD



… features 128 hard-hitting sounds for this hugely popular VSTi, plus 30 bonus MIDI files. Fresh acid style 303’s…

Was $20.92USD




… from Equinox Sounds combines the three volumes of this series featuring Melodies, Arpeggios, Synthesizer Riffs …

Was $20.92USD




… featuring 128 named Spire presets and 25 Trance MIDI & Percussion Kits. This pack is inspired by all the top Tr…

Was $18.87USD



… from Pure EDM is a colossal collection of Construction Kits primed for the dancefloor. Bursting with fat bassli…

Was $31.40USD



… by Audio Masters delivers a collection of sounds, designed for producers of Trance, Progressive House, Dance an…

… from Laniakea Sounds are happy to introduce their final Trance pack of this year. This bundle contains all Tran…

Was $61.86USD



… is a must-have collection of Vocal Construction Kits for fans of labels like Armada, Spinnin, Black Hole & Enha…

Was $41.88USD



… features 10 euphoric Trance Construction Kits in WAV & MIDI formats.

Was $14.68USD



… from Nano Musik Loops features five fantastic Construction Kits of pristine 24-Bit audio and MIDI designed to b…

Was $10.43USD



‘Kenneth Thomas: Detroit Trance’ is a versatile Trance Sample Pack from Detroit-based Perfecto producer, Kenneth…

Was $31.40USD



… features 128 Spire Trance presets and 10 full Trance Construction Kits.

Was $28.84USD



… from Equinox Sounds is the fourth installment in this popular series of 25 beautiful, uplifting and emotional T…

Was $20.92USD



… combines the first three stunning volumes in this energetic, hard-hitting series from the killer new label, Pur…

Was $62.85USD



… from Nano Musik Loops features 20 melodic Construction Kits for your EDM projects. The club chord progressions are perfect for any Trance or Dance producer.

Was $10.43USD



… contains melodies created by Laniakea Sounds all in one MIDI massive pack. Only emotional and the most breathta…

Was $11.54USD



… returns with yet more energetic, hard-hitting Construction Kits from the killer new label, Pure EDM. Packed to …

Was $31.40USD



… from Big Sounds is an essential collection of 101 MIDI files that will help you get the sound you are looking f…

… consists of 25 full MIDI Trance Construction Kits. That’s a massive 75 MIDI Construction Kits in total.

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Trance Sample Packs, Loops & Construction Kits | Producer Loops

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Hedonism II Resort Negril, Jamaica

Posted: January 8, 2017 at 7:52 pm

Sooner or later, its gonna happen.

The primal urge to just let go, unwind, and unplug. Hedonism II on world-famous Negril Beach of Negril, Jamaica was created as a reward for all those times youve had to deny your basic instincts. In these lush gardens of pure pleasure, the word no is seldom heard.

After a week at Hedonism II, youll view the world from a slightly different angle. Youll be tanned and relaxed, and at times youll find yourself smiling for no reason whatsoever. Hedonism II, unlike all other clothing optional resorts.

Hedonism II is the only resort of its kind in the world. Its the resort where you can do what you want, when you want, in a way that you only can at Hedonism. From the nude beach to piano bar to the disco, Hedonism II is the best resort for adult only, all inclusive clothing optional travel. If you dont have fun at Hedonism II, you probably wont have fun anywhere.

And the best place to book your Hedonism II vacation is right here at Dream Pleasure Tours. Why? Dream Pleasure Tours is you main source for the best prices and best service for Hedonism II reservation.

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Hedonism II Resort Negril, Jamaica

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ID Automation

Posted: November 29, 2016 at 1:25 am

New & Updated: IDAutomation provides barcode software including barcode fonts, DLLs, ActiveX controls, .NET assemblies, label printing software and hardware such as barcode scanners and printers. Many symbologies are supported such as Code 128, Code 39, Postnet, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, EAN, GS1, DataBar, Intelligent Mail, Data Matrix, Aztec, Maxicode, QR-Code and PDF417. Quick Links:

Create barcodes without the use of fonts by dynamically creating barcodes as graphic images.

Add dynamic barcode capability to various programs without installing special fonts, DLLs or plug-ins.

Server designed barcode capability includes linear barcodes including Code 128, Code 39, DataBar, UPC/EAN and IMb, as well as, 2D barcodes such as QR-Code, Data Matrix and PDF417.

Let IDAutomation host your barcode needs with their online barcode generator services without the need to manage hardware, deploy patches and upgrades, or monitor performance.

Create Barcode Labels easily with the WYSIWYG design interface; print barcodes, text and images on any label size to any graphic printer.

Create high-quality graphic barcode image files on the fly for importing the into desktop publishing or graphic design applications.

RedBeam Inventory Tracking Software is an easy-to-use application designed to help control inventory levels and item movements within a warehouse, a distribution center, stock room or store. Comes in two editions: standard and mobile.

After evaluating several scanners that are available today, IDAutomation offers a variety of scanners that are the best performing for the best value. All of the scanners offered are complete kits that include all the necessary cables and are ready to use right out of the box. If interested in easily integrating a USB scanner into existing or custom applications as automation, input and verification devices, please read how to scan data into applications.

IDAutomation offers high-speed, dedicated thermal barcode label printers from Zebra and Intermec. Serial and parallel ports are provided on all the printers listed and some have USB and Ethernet interfaces as well.

There are two models to choose from – direct thermal and/or thermal transfer.

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ID Automation

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Who Is a Libertarian? | Foundation for Economic Education

Posted: November 17, 2016 at 6:42 pm

Those of us who favor individual freedom with personal responsibility have been unable to agree upon a generally acceptable name for ourselves and our philosophy of liberty. This would be relatively unimportant except for the fact that the opposition will call us by some name, even though we might not desire to be identified by any name at all. Since this is so, we might better select a name with some logic instead of permitting the opposition to saddle us with an epithet.

Some of us call ourselves individualists, but others point out that the opposition often uses that word to describe a heartless person who doesnt care about the problems and aspirations of other people.

Some of us call ourselves conservatives, but that term describes many persons who base their approval of an institution more on its age than on its inherent worth.

Many of us call ourselves liberals. And it is true that the word liberal once described persons who respected the individual and feared the use of mass compulsions. But the leftists have now corrupted that once-proud term to identify themselves and their program of more government ownership of property and more controls over persons. As a result, those of us who believe in freedom must explain that when we call ourselves liberals, we mean liberals in the uncorrupted classical sense. At best, this is awkward and subject to misunderstanding.

Here is a suggestion: Let those of us who love liberty trade-mark and reserve for our own use the good and honorable word libertarian.

Websters New International Dictionary defines a libertarian as One who holds to the doctrine of free will; also, one who upholds the principles of liberty, esp. individual liberty of thought and action.

In popular terminology, a libertarian is the opposite of an authoritarian. Strictly speaking, a libertarian is one who rejects the idea of using violence or the threat of violencelegal or illegalto impose his will or viewpoint upon any peaceful person. Generally speaking, a libertarian is one who wants to be governed far less than he is today.

A libertarian believes that the government should protect all persons equally against external and internal aggression, but should otherwise generally leave people alone to work out their own problems and aspirations.

While a libertarian expects the government to render equal protection to all persons against outright fraud and misrepresentation, he doesnt expect the government to protect anyone from the consequences of his own free choices. A libertarian holds that persons who make wise choices are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their wisdom, and that persons who make unwise choices have no right to demand that the government reimburse them for their folly.

A libertarian expects his government to establish, support, and enforce the decisions of impartial courts of justicecourts which do not recognize or refer to a persons race, religion, or economic status. If justice is to be rendered, the decisions of these courts must be as binding upon government officials and their actions as upon other persons and their actions.

A libertarian respects the right of every person to use and enjoy his honestly acquired propertyto trade it, to sell it, or even to give it awayfor he knows that human liberty cannot long endure when that fundamental right is rejected or even seriously impaired.

A libertarian believes that the daily needs of the people can best be satisfied through the voluntary processes of a free and competitive market. And he holds the strong belief that free persons, using their own honestly acquired money, are in the best possible position to understand and aid their fellow men who are in need of help.

A libertarian favors a strictly limited form of government with many checks and balancesand divisions of authorityto foil the abuses of the fearful power of government. And generally speaking, he is one who sees less, rather than more, need to govern the actions of others.

A libertarian has much faith in himself and other free persons to find maximum happiness and prosperity in a society wherein no person has the authority to force any other peaceful person to conform to his viewpoints or desires in any manner. His way of life is based on respect for himself and for all others.

A libertarian doesnt advocate violent rebellion against prevailing governmentsexcept as a last resort before the concentration camps. But when a libertarian sees harm rather than good in certain acts of government, he is obligated to try his best to explain to others who advocate those measures why such compulsory means cannot bring the ends which even they desire.

The libertarians goal is friendship and peace with his neighbors at home and abroad.

It is not the difference in taste between individuals that Libertarians object to, but the forcing of ones tastes upon another.

Charles T. Sprading

The idea of governing by force another man, who I believe to be my equal in the sight of God, is repugnant to me. I do not want to do it. I do not want any one to govern me by any kind of force. I am a reasoning being, and I only need to be shown what is best for me, when I will take that course or do that thing simply because it is best, and so will you. I do not believe that a soul was ever forced toward anything except toward ruin.

Samuel Milton Jones

Liberty for the few is not liberty. Liberty for me and slavery for you means slavery for both.

Samuel Milton Jones

The institutions of civil liberty leave each man to run his career in life in his own way, only guaranteeing to him that whatever he does in the way of industry, economy, prudence, sound judgment, etc., shall redound to his welfare and shall not be diverted to someone elses benefit. Of course it is a necessary corollary that each man shall also bear the penalty of his own vices and his own mistakes.

We are told what fine things would happen if every one of us would go and do something for the welfare of somebody else; but why not contemplate also the immense gain which would ensue if everybody would do something for himself?

Wherever collective standards, codes, ideals, and motives take the place of individual responsibility, we know from ample experience that the spontaneity and independent responsibility which are essential to moral vigor are sure to be lost.

William Graham Sumner

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Who Is a Libertarian? | Foundation for Economic Education

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Free Speech TV

Posted: October 19, 2016 at 4:10 am

So glad to have found [FSTV] because theres nothing else out there telling us whats really going on. – Rita

I’m watching RING OF FIRE …That and all your other shows arethe best things on TV!! – John

I am so excited that I found your station flipping through the channels … Keep up the good work. – Susan

Thom Hartmann is one of my heroes. – John

The Most informative and honest news station on American TV. No B.S. and great documentaries. – Kevin

[FSTV] is the best channel on tv. – Patricia

Most of us seek out media that tell us what we already believe to be true. Free Speech TV actually helps us think. – Alice

I want to thank Mike Papantonio for his wit and razor-sharp intellect, Amy Goodman for the highest standards of journalism… – Gail/Michigan

(Stephanie Miller) is why I started watching. Now watch Democracy Now! and Hartmann as well. – Deborah/Texas

“Free Speech TV is the best source of information that nobody knows about. We need to spread the word and educate the people.” – Lorelei S.

“A little known TV station that offers an alternative viewpoint to the usual propaganda of network and cable news.” – Ron S.

FSTV is the source. I’m greatful for the access these last four months. – Philadelphia, PA.

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Free Speech TV

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LiquidVR | Immersive Virtual Reality Technology | AMD

Posted: September 8, 2016 at 6:39 am

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality or VR is a computer-generated environment that aspires to deliver immersive, interactive and intuitive user experiences that seem every bit as real as the physical world. VR creates a sense of realism by simulating a users physical presence within a software-created world, assisted by powerful computer hardware, software, and visual technologies.

Currently, VR requires powerful computing and graphics capabilities, advanced VR software, a camera/device that tracks your movements, and a specialized goggle-style headset or head-mounted display unit (HMD). The VR headset creates a three-dimensional effect and enhances the illusion of depth, similar to how special 3D eyeglasses create a sense of depth when viewing 3D movies, although the technology is vastly different.

LiquidVR is an AMD initiative dedicated to making VR as comfortable and realistic as possible by creating and maintaining whats known as presence a state of immersive awareness whereby situations, objects, or characters within the virtual world seem real. Guided by close collaboration with key technology and ecosystem partners, AMDs innovative LiquidVR technology enables beautifully rich and immersive VR experiences by simplifying and optimizing VR content creation, unlocking many unique AMD hardware features designed to seamlessly interplay with headsets.

AMD believes that VR has an incredible future ahead, and is committed to ensuring that people using AMD products and developers creating VR content to run on AMD products will enjoy and create the best possible VR experiences. AMDs current VR technology initiative focuses on the Three Cs of ensuring an enjoyable VR experience: content, comfort, and compatibility.

We expect a wide variety of VR devices to emerge in coming months and years. Many of these devices may represent entirely new categories, and may not initially have native support from content and operating system ecosystems. LiquidVR is designed to help make the end-to-end installation experience as intuitive as possible particularly for the display and GPU subsystem portions.

An amazing range of visual experiences are being developed by the content creators for VR, and we need a hardware and software strategy that is different than the one-size-fits-all model employed for most 2D applications. With LiquidVR, users of AMD technology can build multi-GPU and multi-core CPU systems with solutions available on the market today.

To take advantage of the benefits of AMD LiquidVR technology, users will require: a PC with a LiquidVR-compatible AMD Radeon graphics product installed, an HMD compatible with AMD GPU technologies and AMD LiquidVR technology, and a compatible AMD Catalyst graphics driver.

All Radeon GPUs based on the Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture support the current AMD LiquidVR feature set. However, the minimum performance requirements required for the best VR experience will vary between different HMD/content platforms.

The following Radeon graphics products are recommended for use with the Oculus Rift:

Learn more

The following Radeon graphics products are recommended for use with the HTC Vive:

Learn more

We will evaluate product requirements for additional VR headsets as they become available.

Currently, VR requires powerful computing and graphics capabilities, advanced VR software, a camera/device that tracks your movements, and a specialized goggle-style headset or head-mounted display unit. A system that utilizes AMD LiquidVR technology will unlock many unique hardware features designed to seamlessly interplay with headsets to enable smooth and immersive VR experiences.

Any PC equipped with a compatible Radeon GPU can support AMD LiquidVR technology, though some VR applications may have their own minimum performance requirements. We are also working together with system builders and VR headset vendors to qualify systems that have been specifically configured to provide an optimal VR experience check amd.com/VR for up-to-date information.

AMD is working with major HMD vendors and intends to support the widest possible variety of VR products upon their commercial release. Both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support LiquidVR technology.

VR headsets are available from various VR HMD manufacturers today. Users will need to obtain a VR headset compatible with AMDs GPU technologies and AMD LiquidVR technology. Please contact VR HMD manufacturers directly for pricing and availability.

The latest AMD Radeon Software supports AMD LiquidVR technologyfor compatible AMD Radeon graphics products on Microsoft Windows based systems. Download it here.

We are working with a wide range of leading VR game and game engine developers to take advantage of the LiquidVR feature set. However the technology is by no means limited to games the benefits are applicable to a broad spectrum of VR applications, including interactive cinema, education, simulation, telepresence, and much more.

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LiquidVR | Immersive Virtual Reality Technology | AMD

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North Carolina Chapter of the Appraisal Institute

Posted: at 6:39 am

The North Carolina Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is part of a global association and was chartered in 1957 under the predecessor organization, American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers. Today, the NC Chapter has just under 600 Designated Members, Candidates, Practicing Affiliates, and Affiliates across the state including over 300 of whom have achieved the MAI and/or SRA designations through the Appraisal Institute (www.AppraisalInstitute.org). Every year, our Chapter hosts over a dozen educational offerings to real estate practitioners. We meet four times a year in key cities across the state. Our mission statement is “The mission of the chapter is to advance professionalism and ethics, global standards, methodologies, and practices through the professional development of property economics worldwide.”

The Chapter is the largest in Region V and strives to provide superior AI benefits at the local level. We are headquartered in the Piedmont Triad area of the state.

Dear NC Appraisal Institute Colleagues:

It is hard to believe that we are already well into 2016. The spring is typically a busy time for appraisers, and this year did not disappoint. In addition to the demands of our careers, we’ve been amidst one of the more interesting political campaign seasons in recent history. No matter what side of the fence each of us sits on, I think we can all agree that it’s important to pay attention and vote for what we believe in.

Speaking of what we believe in, I’ve had people ask me, “What is the Appraisal Institute?” and, “Why are you a Member?” At our recent Legislative Action Day in Raleigh, I was reminded, as I am frequently, why I am a proud Member of the Appraisal Institute. Members of the Appraisal Institute elevate the appraisal profession. These are individuals who have gone above and beyond the requirements of state certification, not just in the hopes of financial success, but because they really want to be the best. These are people who often take classes not for Continuing Education, but to learn, to be better, and to grow. These are people who take a Wednesday off of work during the busiest time of the year to make their voices heard on Jones Street, and to support our profession. I’m proud to be a designated member of the Appraisal Institute, and to be among the ranks of the best of the best.

As appraisers in North Carolina, we are well aware of the need to stay informed of regulatory changes and potential shifts in the way we do business. The last decade has been challenging, particularly for those who specialize in residential mortgage work. Many lament that the best appraisers are being pushed out due to low fees and less work. This is a concerning trend and the NC Appraisal Institute’s Government Relations Committee, chaired by Mike Moody, MAI, has been hard at work, trying to keep ahead of any potential new legislation and give all appraisers in NC a voice in our legislature.

2016 is a momentous year for the North Carolina Chapter, as it will be the first time the Appraisal Institute Annual Conference will be held here. This July 25th to 27th, appraisers and users of appraisal services from across the United States and beyond will converge on Charlotte for networking, education and, of course, to catch up with old friends. Laura Mallory, MAI, has been working tirelessly helping to plan this event and she has created a sponsorship program for the NCAI that is to be commended. With Laura’s help, the chapter will be handing out a variety of promotional items and giveaways, with a nod to North Carolina favorites, like Mt. Olive pickles and the battle of the barbeques. The Appraisal Institutes Annual Conference is an event not to miss!

It is an honor to be the 2016 NCAI president. I am truly humbled by the opportunity and am proud to get to work alongside the best and the brightest in this industry. I never cease to be amazed by the passion and dedication of Appraisal Institute Professionals. I look forward to all that is in store for us for the rest of the year. Keep reaching higher!


Claire M. Aufrance, MAI

2016 Chapter President

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North Carolina Chapter of the Appraisal Institute

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The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity – About Us

Posted: September 3, 2016 at 11:31 pm

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity is a project of Dr. Pauls Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (F.R.E.E.), founded in the 1970s as an educational organization. The Institute continues and expands Dr. Pauls lifetime of public advocacy for a peaceful foreign policy and the protection of civil liberties at home.

The Institute mobilizes colleagues and collaborators of Dr. Pauls to participate in a broad coalition to educate and advocate for fundamental changes in our foreign and domestic policy.

A prosperous America is profoundly linked to a foreign policy rooted in peaceful relations and trade with all. With peace, comes real prosperity.

Ron Pauls real legacy in his writing, teaching, and in politics is his success bringing people of very different backgrounds and perspectives together under the common cause of peace, individual liberties, and prosperity. His institute energetically continues this kind of coalition-building in all aspects of its work. The Institute board is itself one of the best examples of how broad a coalition can come together and work for the same shared goals and values.

First and foremost a resource for supporters, the Institute provides timely news and provocative analysis through its engaging website. Features such as Congress Alert and Neo-Con Watch bring to life the latest threats to our liberties at home and abroad in a capsule format. Longer features and press analysis, as well as blog posts, regularly appear, giving the Institute the character of an online magazine.

The Institute places special emphasis on education and on the next generations, with a foreign policy summer school for university students studying international affairs and journalism.

It will aggressively promote student writing on foreign affairs on its website and will launch a student writing award program to recognize the best of college journalism.

The Ron Paul Institute will provide the tools and the education to chart a new course with the understanding that only through a peaceful foreign policy can we hope for a prosperous tomorrow. After a decade of US war against Iraq and Afghanistan, American public opinion is clearly turning against the wars. Barely half still support the war on Afghanistan and a clear majority now oppose the Iraq war.

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The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity – About Us

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Offshore Company Formation, Incorporation & Bank Accounts

Posted: August 25, 2016 at 4:34 pm

We are Offshore Company Formation experts specialized in Offshore Company Formation & Incorporation. Providing the most reliable Overseas Business Services in forward thinking, cutting edge jurisdictions. We offer complete solutions including offshore incorporation, opening offshore bank accounts, payment processing, virtual office services and much more.

Originally established in 1998 as Offshore Secrets Network, we work and partner with financial professionals in over 14 overseas territories and financial centers.

Our managing directors established connections of almost 18 years make it possible for us to offer clients the best products and services available in the best offshore locations around the world. Because we have so many options at our disposal, we can recommend the best jurisdictions and institutions to suit our clients needs. This is a brief list of some of the services and countries that we work in to establish offshore structures for our clients.

Today there are a multitude of offshore jurisdictions touting themselves as the best tax haven to domicile a corporation in. What one needs to look for when selecting an offshore jurisdiction is the following: There should be no taxation on offshore-derived income. The jurisdiction must be stable and secure. A lot of jurisdictions that were once good have in recent years gone bad Click here to read more about offshore corporations

There is no better time to take advantage of Banking Offshore, Offshore Incorporation & Offshore Company Formation as the world becomes a Global Village.

Contact Us to become a client and Go OffshoreToday!

Take advantage of our almost 18 years of experience and let us help you every step of the way.

Your business is important to us and we guarantee professional service.

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Offshore Company Formation, Incorporation & Bank Accounts

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Offshore Fishing Charters in Florida

Posted: at 4:34 pm

Saltwater Fishing Charters by Lagooner Fishing Guides

Thursday August 25, 2016

Canaveral Florida host some of the best charter Captains in the world and Lagooner Fishing Guide Captain Richard Bradley is right in amongst them. If the weather’s nice and the seas are fair you’ll experience the Atlantic Ocean on Florida’s East Coast offering awesome King Mackerel action, seasonal mahi mahi or dorado, cobia, sailfish, grouper, snapper and tripletail like the ones displayed above this summer. There are days when the fish are biting so hard that you literally can’t cast a second rod because the first one’s already hooked up and running around the boat at breakneck speeds!

“Fishing offshore near Cape Canaveral between Daytona Beach and Fort Pierce, Florida has so much variety for anglers.” Explains Captain Richard Bradley “If you are vacationing in Orlando or near it’s theme parks Disney, Universal Studios, you’ll not want to miss a day of action on the water catching fish and soaking up Florida’s sunshine.”

Picking an offshore fishing destination is easy in Central Florida as Port Canaveral is absolutely the best bet with the large variety of fish and habitat. Choosing a Charter Fishing Captain is just as easy too… Captain Richard Bradley has over 40 years fishing experience out of Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach area and is well qualified and full time. “If you’re choosing a Charter Captain, look for a full time, licensed and insured Captain” explains Captain Gina. “We see so many part time illegal fishing guides in our area that have no clue about how to take care of their customers and make a difference in a fishing day. Safety and success are our main concern and it’s not just about making a boat payment or extra money for us, it’s about making a lively hood and doing it RIGHT.” Our website reflects what we believe so take a look around and you’ll see quality in everything we do.

Offshore of Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral’s beaches are countless reefs, rocks, ridges and wrecks for the fishing enthusiast to explore. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable local fishing guide offers the best opportunity for anglers to hookup with many of the local species of saltwater fish like the powerful Jack Crevelle or aerobatic tarpon. Venturing further offshore offers anglers deeper water species like Snapper, Grouper, Sailfish and Dolphin. Simply ask your Charter Fishing Captain what’s biting and follow his lead to the best bite in Central Florida’s offshore waters.

Hello, I’m Captain Gina Bradley from East Central Florida in Cocoa Beach. My husband, Captain Richard takes me offshore fishing all summer long for hard fighting and reel striping action that really makes for a wonderful day for this outdoors girl.

You really can’t go wrong on Florida’s east coast during the summer. The temperatures on the ocean are cooler than inshore and the fishing is fabulous and fast paced on most days. Captain Richard is an expert and knows how to put his anglers on the fish and you’ll enjoy his enthusiasm and love for the outdoors.

Call me today and set up your offshore fishing trip in Central Florida Today!

Captain Gina Bradley Lagooner Booking Agent / 321-868-4953

It’s Summer….! Offshore fishing in the summer in this part of Florida can be the most fun a family or serious anglers can have. Whether you’re looking to sightfish for cobia or live bait for king mackerel and other offshore game fish, it’s usually calm and hot in the summer months out of Port Canaveral. Typically summer fishing tends to slow down in the mid summer in the lagoons and gets really good offshore so it’s a great time to change the scene and head out to the deep blue abyss for some hard fighting action.

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: January 19 2016 19:26:13.

Published by: Captain Richard Bradley of Lagooner Fishing Guides

Lagooner Fishing Guides Cocoa Beach’s premier saltwater fishing guide with over 25 years of charter fishing experience in his native waters. Telephone: 321-868-4953 Website: http://www.lagooner.com

Currencies Accepted USD in the form of Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card

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Offshore Fishing Charters in Florida

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