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Offshore Company Formation, Incorporation & Bank Accounts

Posted: August 25, 2016 at 4:34 pm

We are Offshore Company Formation experts specialized in Offshore Company Formation & Incorporation. Providing the most reliable Overseas Business Services in forward thinking, cutting edge jurisdictions. We offer complete solutions including offshore incorporation, opening offshore bank accounts, payment processing, virtual office services and much more.

Originally established in 1998 as Offshore Secrets Network, we work and partner with financial professionals in over 14 overseas territories and financial centers.

Our managing directors established connections of almost 18 years make it possible for us to offer clients the best products and services available in the best offshore locations around the world. Because we have so many options at our disposal, we can recommend the best jurisdictions and institutions to suit our clients needs. This is a brief list of some of the services and countries that we work in to establish offshore structures for our clients.

Today there are a multitude of offshore jurisdictions touting themselves as the best tax haven to domicile a corporation in. What one needs to look for when selecting an offshore jurisdiction is the following: There should be no taxation on offshore-derived income. The jurisdiction must be stable and secure. A lot of jurisdictions that were once good have in recent years gone bad Click here to read more about offshore corporations

There is no better time to take advantage of Banking Offshore, Offshore Incorporation & Offshore Company Formation as the world becomes a Global Village.

Contact Us to become a client and Go OffshoreToday!

Take advantage of our almost 18 years of experience and let us help you every step of the way.

Your business is important to us and we guarantee professional service.

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Offshore Company Formation, Incorporation & Bank Accounts

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Offshore Fishing Charters in Florida

Posted: at 4:34 pm

Saltwater Fishing Charters by Lagooner Fishing Guides

Thursday August 25, 2016

Canaveral Florida host some of the best charter Captains in the world and Lagooner Fishing Guide Captain Richard Bradley is right in amongst them. If the weather’s nice and the seas are fair you’ll experience the Atlantic Ocean on Florida’s East Coast offering awesome King Mackerel action, seasonal mahi mahi or dorado, cobia, sailfish, grouper, snapper and tripletail like the ones displayed above this summer. There are days when the fish are biting so hard that you literally can’t cast a second rod because the first one’s already hooked up and running around the boat at breakneck speeds!

“Fishing offshore near Cape Canaveral between Daytona Beach and Fort Pierce, Florida has so much variety for anglers.” Explains Captain Richard Bradley “If you are vacationing in Orlando or near it’s theme parks Disney, Universal Studios, you’ll not want to miss a day of action on the water catching fish and soaking up Florida’s sunshine.”

Picking an offshore fishing destination is easy in Central Florida as Port Canaveral is absolutely the best bet with the large variety of fish and habitat. Choosing a Charter Fishing Captain is just as easy too… Captain Richard Bradley has over 40 years fishing experience out of Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach area and is well qualified and full time. “If you’re choosing a Charter Captain, look for a full time, licensed and insured Captain” explains Captain Gina. “We see so many part time illegal fishing guides in our area that have no clue about how to take care of their customers and make a difference in a fishing day. Safety and success are our main concern and it’s not just about making a boat payment or extra money for us, it’s about making a lively hood and doing it RIGHT.” Our website reflects what we believe so take a look around and you’ll see quality in everything we do.

Offshore of Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral’s beaches are countless reefs, rocks, ridges and wrecks for the fishing enthusiast to explore. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable local fishing guide offers the best opportunity for anglers to hookup with many of the local species of saltwater fish like the powerful Jack Crevelle or aerobatic tarpon. Venturing further offshore offers anglers deeper water species like Snapper, Grouper, Sailfish and Dolphin. Simply ask your Charter Fishing Captain what’s biting and follow his lead to the best bite in Central Florida’s offshore waters.

Hello, I’m Captain Gina Bradley from East Central Florida in Cocoa Beach. My husband, Captain Richard takes me offshore fishing all summer long for hard fighting and reel striping action that really makes for a wonderful day for this outdoors girl.

You really can’t go wrong on Florida’s east coast during the summer. The temperatures on the ocean are cooler than inshore and the fishing is fabulous and fast paced on most days. Captain Richard is an expert and knows how to put his anglers on the fish and you’ll enjoy his enthusiasm and love for the outdoors.

Call me today and set up your offshore fishing trip in Central Florida Today!

Captain Gina Bradley Lagooner Booking Agent / 321-868-4953

It’s Summer….! Offshore fishing in the summer in this part of Florida can be the most fun a family or serious anglers can have. Whether you’re looking to sightfish for cobia or live bait for king mackerel and other offshore game fish, it’s usually calm and hot in the summer months out of Port Canaveral. Typically summer fishing tends to slow down in the mid summer in the lagoons and gets really good offshore so it’s a great time to change the scene and head out to the deep blue abyss for some hard fighting action.

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: January 19 2016 19:26:13.

Published by: Captain Richard Bradley of Lagooner Fishing Guides

Lagooner Fishing Guides Cocoa Beach’s premier saltwater fishing guide with over 25 years of charter fishing experience in his native waters. Telephone: 321-868-4953 Website: http://www.lagooner.com

Currencies Accepted USD in the form of Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card

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Offshore Fishing Charters in Florida

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Offshore Companies | Offshore Banking – OffshoreSimple.com

Posted: August 12, 2016 at 2:46 pm

All Major Cards Accepted

Do you think that “Going Offshore” is a complicated adventure ? Don’t worry.

We will make it SIMPLE and affordable. And we’ll explain how you can legally save on taxes.

We have many offshore packages, and together, well find the best one for your particular situation.

Our Advantage is our EXPERIENCE and the emphasis we place on Fast, Confidential and Professional service while guaranteeing highly competitive prices. Check our Simple to use Complete Packages

By using an off shore company you can secure a number of advantages, mainly revolving around taxation and assets protection. In our site, we outline some of the offshore structures available today. You can learn how to use an offshore company.

We act for a wide range of clients from large multinational companies to family businesses to private individuals.

Our site gives you quick answers to frequently asked questions about the offshore industry and provides detailed information about offshore company formation, offshore bank accounts and offshore Trusts and Foundations.

Read here WHY you should incorporate offshore.

If you’re not familiar with offshore terminology, we suggest to read some general information about tax havens

Special Offer EU market: Cyprus incorporation,Nominees, EU Bank Account, VAT registration,…

Special offers: Panama: $850 now $499

Only $599 Specials: (full packages, no hidden fees)

Seychelles: $799 now $599 Belize: $899 now only $599 Nevada USA now only $599

Delaware (USA): only $599One of the best offers for your offshore company

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Offshore Companies | Offshore Banking – OffshoreSimple.com

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Nihilism Nihilism

Posted: July 18, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Why Nihilism, A Practical Definition

As research probes further into the complexities of the human mind, it becomes clear that the mind is far from being a composite thing which is an actor upon its world through thoughts; rather, thoughts compose the mind, in the form of connections and associations wired into the tissue of the brain, creating circuitry for future associations of like stimulus. The schematic of this intellectual machine builds separate routing for situations it is likely to encounter, based on grouped similarities in events or objects. In this view of our computing resources, it is foolish to allow pre-processing to intervene, as it creates vast amounts of wiring which serve extremely similar purposes, thus restricting the range of passive association (broad-mindedness) or active association (creativity) possible within the switching mechanism of the brain as a whole. As here we are devout materialists, the brain and mind are seen as equatable terms.

The positive effects of nihilism on the mind of a human being are many. Like the quieting of distraction and distortion within the mind brought about by meditative focus, nihilism pushes aside preconception and brings the mind to focus within the time of the present. Influences which could radically skew our perceptions emotions, nervousness, paranoia, or upset, to name a few fade into the background and the mind becomes more open to the task at hand without becoming spread across contemplations of potential actions occurring at different levels of scale regarding the current task. Many human errors originate in perceiving an event to be either more important than it is, or to be symbolically indicative of relevance on a greater scale than the localized context which it affects, usually because of a conditioned preference for the scale of eventiture existing before the symbolic event.

Nihilism as a philosophical doctrine must not be confused with a political doctrine such as anarchism; political doctrines (as religions are) remain fundamentally teleological in their natures and thus deal with conclusions derived from evidence, where nihilism as a deontological process functions at the level of the start of perception, causing less of a focus on abstracting a token ruleset defining the implications of events than a rigorous concentration on the significance of the events as they are immediately effecting the situation surrounding them. For example, a nihilistic fighter does not bother to assess whether his opponent is a better fighter or not that the perceiving agency, but fights to his best ability (something evolution would reward, as the best fighter does not win every fight, only most of them). As a result of this conditioning, nihilism separates the incidence of events/perceptions from causal understanding by removing expectations of causal origins and implications to ongoing eventiture.

Understanding nihilism requires one drop the pretense of nihilistic philosophy being an endpoint, and acceptance of it being a doorway. Nihilism self-reduces; the instant one proclaims There is no value! a value has been created. Nihilism strips away conditiong at the unconscious and anticipatory levels of structure in the mind, allowing for a greater range of possiblity and quicker action. Further, it creates a powerful tool to use against depression or anxiety, neurosis and social stigma. Since it is a concept necessarily in flux, as it provides a starting point for analysis in any situation but no preconditioned conclusions, it is post-deconstructive in that it both removes the unnecessary and creates new space for intellectual development at the same time.

Text quoted from S.R. Prozaks Nihilism at the American Nihilist Underground Society.

Read this article:

Nihilism Nihilism

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Resource Based Economy | The Future We Want

Posted: July 5, 2016 at 11:39 pm

Solution Description

Modern society has access to highly advanced technology and can make available food, clothing, housing and medical care; update our educational system; and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy. By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a high technological society. The term and meaning of a Resource Based Economy was originated by Jacque Fresco. It is a whole factor socio-economic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resource; our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival. In a resource-based economy all of the world’s resources are held as the common heritage of all of Earth’s people, thus eventually outgrowing the need for the artificial boundaries that separate people. This is the unifying imperative. Our vision of globalization empowers each and every person on the planet to be the best they can be, not to live in abject subjugation to a corporate governing body.

A resource-based economy would utilize existing resources from the land and sea, physical equipment, industrial plants, etc. to enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources rather than money, we could easily produce all of the necessities of life, provide a high standard of living for all, universal health care and more relevant education, and most of all by generating a new incentive system based on human and environmental concern. Our vision of globalization empowers each and every person on the planet to be the best they can be, not to live in abject subjugation to a corporate governing body. Our proposals would not only add to the well being of people, but they would also provide the necessary information that would enable them to participate in any area of their competence. The measure of success would be based on the fulfilment of one’s individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth, property and power. By overcoming scarcity, most of the crimes and even the prisons of today’s society would no longer be necessary. In a more humane civilization, instead of machines displacing people they would shorten the workday, increase the availability of goods and services, and lengthen vacation time. If we utilize new technology to raise the standard of living for all people, then the infusion of machine technology would no longer be a threat. With the elimination of debt, the fear of losing one’s job will no longer be a threat. This assurance could reduce mental and physical stress and leave us free to explore our abilities.

A resource-based economy would make it possible to use technology to overcome scarce resources by applying renewable sources of energy, computerizing and automating manufacturing and inventory, designing safe energy-efficient cities and advanced transportation systems. There is no profit, there is no PIB. The main figures in an Resource Based Economy are right the resources of the earth, so it is directly relevant to our sustainable activities. Technology intelligently and efficiently applied, conserves energy, reduces waste, and provides more leisure time. With automated inventory on a global scale, we can maintain a balance between production and distribution. Only nutritious and healthy food would be available and planned obsolescence would be unnecessary and non-existent in a resource-based economy. Considerable amounts of energy would also be saved by eliminating the duplication of competitive products such as tools, eating utensils, pots, pans and vacuum cleaners.

At present, we have enough material resources to provide a very high standard of living for all of Earth’s inhabitants. Only when population exceeds the carrying capacity of the land do many problems such as greed, crime and violence emerge. The thought of eliminating money still troubles us, consider this: If a group of people with gold, diamonds and money were stranded on an island that had no resources such as food, clean air and water, their wealth would be irrelevant to their survival. It is only when resources are scarce that money can be used to control their distribution. One could not, for example, sell the air we breathe or water abundantly flowing down from a mountain stream. Although air and water are valuable, in abundance they cannot be sold. Money is only important in a society when certain resources for survival must be rationed and the people accept money as an exchange medium for the scarce resources. Money is a social convention, an agreement if you will. It is neither a natural resource nor does it represent one. It is not necessary for survival unless we have been conditioned to accept it as such.

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Resource Based Economy | The Future We Want

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JL Automation, LLC | Home Automation, A/V Automation

Posted: July 3, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Services We Offer:

JL Automation is here to convert your imagination into reality. We have the expertise and tools that will make your home shine. Our customers receive the best wiring solutions available — whether it be a state-of-the-art home theatre, precision lighting controls, a remarkable sound system, or dependable home security.

Youre visiting our website because you are different. You are the type of person who knows quality and you wont settle for anything but the best. We have a lot in common. We only accept the best from our vendors, from our partners, from ourselves. We dont cut corners or take the easy road. What you get with JL Automation is the best possible solution to your home wiring needs. Period.

We hope you will take a look around our site and see just what JL Automation can do for you. We are ready to help you build the home of your dreams — contact us today to put your imagination to work…

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JL Automation, LLC | Home Automation, A/V Automation

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Offshore Theater | Free HD Surf Cameras California Hawaii

Posted: June 25, 2016 at 10:58 am















I’d just like to offer my compliments towards this site. It’s functional, it’s responsive, and the quality of the cameras are outstanding. Without a doubt, OffshoreTheatre.com has enhanced my surfing experience on the central coast

Colin, San Luis Obispo

When the sun goes down in California it’s nice to be able to click and continue seeing the beach where ever the sun may be at the time. I think your site is one of the best I’ve seen. Maintain the superior quality Offshore Theater.

Michael, Tennessee

We love Offshore Theater and look at it everyday. We travel to Pismo Beach from Woodland hills, CA and have been to all the beaches.

James, Woodland Hills, CA

Just a quick note to let you know how much I love your web cams. I check out web cams all over the U.S. and places I’ve traveled to the previous summer and rate yours the best. Thanks Offshore Theater!

Kathy,Lake Havasu City, AZ

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Offshore Theater | Free HD Surf Cameras California Hawaii

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Offshore Wind Power – National Wildlife Federation

Posted: at 10:58 am

Offshore wind energy has great potential to help America forge a clean, independent energy future. There are currently more than 3,000 offshore wind turbines spinning worldwide but not a single one can be found here in America, despite the immense potential for clean energy generation right off our shores.

National Wildlife Federation is working with a broad coalition of partners to build momentum and support for the rapid, environmentally-responsible development of our offshore wind energy resources. If we are to protect wildlife from the dangers of climate change, we can no longer afford to ignore this massive local clean energy source.

The Atlantic Ocean is one of the best attainable renewable energy resources in the United States withthe potential to create local jobs while reducing global warming pollution.

America has some of the best offshore wind resources in the world, particularly along the Atlantic coast where over 1,300 GW of energy generation potential has been identified. Harnessing just a fraction of our offshore wind resource52 GWcould power about 14 million U.S. homes with local, pollution-free energy while creating over $200 billion in new economic activity along the coast. New analysis shows that a robust offshore wind industry could create 300,000 jobs here in America.

By tapping the power ofoffshore wind, America can help ensure energy security, price stability, and decreased pollution, whiledecreasing the use offossil fuelsthat pose the biggest threat to our wildlife and ocean resources.

Learn more about:

For more information on National Wildlife Federations offshore wind power campaign, including Sailors for Wind Power, contactAmber Hewett at hewetta@nwf.org

Excerpt from:

Offshore Wind Power – National Wildlife Federation

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Vacation Without Children (Childfree Getaways)

Posted: June 16, 2016 at 5:47 pm

By Susan Breslow Sardone

Updated April 17, 2016.

You’re finally alone, ready to start your vacation. You turn to your beloved, about to speak. But then… “WAAAAH!” Suddenly, the sounds of silence are punctuated by a fretful, crying baby — and the child is wailing as if it may not stop until it reaches college age.

When one travels, this happens all the time….in airports, on trains, planes, in restaurants, even in hotels with thin walls. Peace of mind is shattered by ear-piercing cries from OPBs (Other People’s Babies).

What can you do?

Even if you have children, love kids, or are planning to start a family, you shouldn’t have to spend a romantic vacation surrounded by the sticky-fingered set. The good news is, you don’t have to. There are plenty of places that offer vacations without children; you just have to be selective.

Many all-inclusive resorts such as Sandals, SuperClubs, and Iberostar Grand Hotelsrestrict guests under age 16 or 18 — so any immature people you may encounter on a vacation at such properties will be emotionally, rather than chronologically, immature.

Also, numerous fine inns, especially those furnished with treasured antiques, do not accept youngsters.

I don’t know of any cruise line that restricts children, but if you want to avoid the little darlings, your best bet is a river cruise. More expensive than ocean cruises, they have zero facilities for children and tend to attract an older crowd. (The one exception is AmaWaterways, which partners with Disney on a few sailings and is launching some custom-built ships for family travelers.)

On an ocean cruise, sailing a longer itinerary to distant ports at times other than summer and school breaks certainly cuts down on the likelihood you will encounter toddlers to teens. Large cruise ships are starting to make concessions to adults:

I’ve spoken with many hoteliers and they tell me the best times to travel are what they call the “romance months” of May and September when kids are in school and couples season, which begins after Labor Day and ends before Thanksgiving. Personally, I’ve found October and early June relatively childfree times to travel as well. Also, immediately before a major holiday, such as the first two weeks in November or in February before spring break is a safe bet.

The term “family-friendly” is a red flag for me and should be for others who’d rather not vacation among children. If you book such a resort, expect children to be seen and heard throughout your stay.

We once took advantage of a Valentine’s Weekend package at a family-friendly resort expecting a reprieve from the shrieks of infants, but we were out of luck. That’s because it coincided with President’s Day weekend. And further to the consternation of childfree couples, new parents towed newborns along on what was intended to be a romantic interlude. One of the contributors to this site calls it “stroller shock.”

Still, some multi-generational resorts do make a concerted effort to keep romantic couples and rambunctious families separate. The more upscale a place you select, the more likely it will have facilities that segregate children from grown-ups. Most hotel spas are off-limits to kids, for example, and better hotels and cruise lines feature adults-only pools. Among them:

Beware of hotels that have adults-only swim hours, though: While you won’t have to put up with screams and splashing, you will be swimming in the same water where diapers may have dipped earlier.

Let the resort manager know how much you appreciate being in a serene, childfree space. The more you patronize places that cater exclusively to adults, the better it will be for everyone who likes to unwind without the presence of children.

Now if Disney would only make one day a month for adults on vacation without children, we’d be delighted.

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Vacation Without Children (Childfree Getaways)

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