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Food Supplements – Fdevarestyrelsen

Posted: July 29, 2016 at 3:12 am

Starting a new business? Here’s how

All food business operators must be registered or approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. This also applies for importers of food from other EU Member States or third countries and producers/importers of food contact materials (FCM).

You will find more information about starting a new food business in Denmark here.

Marketing of food supplements in Denmark

You can download an English language version of the registrationform here.

If you change the composition of a food supplement, the product must be registered once again as if it was a new product. An exception to this rule concerns a change in the amount of technological additives. This will not need to be registered.

Fee for product safety checks

Companies that have registered one or more food supplements in Denmark and that have an annual turnover exceeding 50,000 DKK must pay an annual fee of 7,930 DKK as well as an annual fee of 634 DKK per registered food supplement.

These fees are used to cover the expenses in relation to product safety checks. The payment is charged for companies and products registered as of September 1st that year.

When your food supplement is no longer marketed

Unregistered supplements are not allowed to be marketed neither from the wholesale company, websites, nor retail stores.

Which products can be marketed as food supplements?

The most common food supplements consist of vitamins and/or minerals. However, they can also consist of dietary fibers, essential fatty acids, animal ingredients (e.g. fish oil), or plant ingredients (e.g. extracts of garlic). Food supplements must contain the ingredients in quantities that are able to exert an effect on the body.

Moreover, it is required that food supplements are sold in smaller quantities (e.g. as pills, fluids, or powder) and that they are labelled with information about the recommended daily dose.

Regulations on the composition of food supplements

General principles and requirements of food law

It is required that the labelling contains a list of ingredients, the name of the food as well as the name of the company producing it.

In addition to the general requirements mentioned above, food supplements should also be labelled with the following:

Information stating that the product is a food supplement.

Information about which vitamins, minerals, or other ingredients the product contains.

Information about the amount of vitamins, minerals, or other ingredients in the product.

The Danish and Latin name of any herbal ingredients.

The recommended daily dose.

A warning not to consume more than the recommended daily dose.

Information to the consumer stating that food supplements should not replace a healthy and varied diet.

A warning to keep the product out of reach of children.

Information stating that pregnant women and children under the age of 1 should not consume the product without consulting a doctor or health visitor.

Information about the amount of nutrients or substances with a nutritional and/or physiological effect.

Information about the amount of nutrients or other substances expressed as a percentage of the recommended daily dose.

Nutrition and health claims on food supplements

Products claimed to be able to prevent or cure diseases are considered to be medicinal products and are therefore controlled by the Danish Medicines Agency. Follow this link to view their homepage.

If your company sells and/or produces food products, you must have a plan that shows how you regularly ensure that your business complies with the rules. This is called self-regulation and such a plan is called a self-regulation program.

The self-regulation program deals with foodstuffs as well as with cleaning, machinery, and premises.

The program must be plainly written to ensure that all employees can understand it and have no doubt as to what needs to be done.

Additional food regulations

In addition to the above-mentioned rules and regulations there are more specific rules for some types of food products:

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Food Supplements – Fdevarestyrelsen

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Financial Independence: The New and Improved Retirement

Posted: July 27, 2016 at 11:44 am

What are you investing for?

Why are you working so hard to save money, put it into special accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs, and figure out how to split it up between stocks, bonds and other investments youve never actually touched or even seen with your own eyes?

Whats your end game? What are you really trying to do here?

The party line is that youre saving for retirement. You know, that thing you get to do in your 60s after youve kept a stable job for 40+ years and finally have enough money to abruptly quit and enjoy your golden years.

But heres the truth: thats an old school way of thinking. The game is changing, and its opening up a whole new set of possibilities for people who are willing to think a little bit differently.

The big problem with the idea of retirement is that it forces you into a box. Not only does it assume that everyone should live their lives along the same linear path, but it assumes that you have to wait 30 or 40 years before you have the freedom to make your own choices about how tolive your life.

I dont know about you, but I dont want to wait. I want to start living my life on my own terms a whole lot sooner than that.

So when it comes to my personal financial plan, I no longer have a retirement goal. And when I work with clients, I try to take the focus off retirement as well.

Instead, Im turning the focus towards financial independence.

Heres what financial independence means to me: the point at which youre free to make decisions based on what makes you happy instead of what makes you money.

In other words, its the point at which youve savedenough moneythat youre no longer beholden to the next paycheck. Youre free to spend your days in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, whatever that means to you.

From a purely financial standpoint, the idea of financial independence is not all that dissimilar from the idea of retirement. They both require you to have enough saved up so that youno longer have to work for money.

But from a psychological standpoint, there are some key differences that open up a world of possibility.

While financial independence frees you from a dependence on income, it doesnt assume that you stop working. After all, work done in support of a mission you believe in is one of the most fulfilling ways you can spend your time.

I say that from personal experience. While Im not going to sit here and tell you that running this business is all rainbows and sunshine, I can very honestly say that I would still be doing it even if I won the lottery tomorrow and no longer needed the income. I love what Im doing and have no desire to stop.

Financial independence supports your quest to find fulfilling work you believe in, rather than forcing you to wait for the day you get to quit a job you hate.

Retirement is absolute. Youre either working or youre not. Simple as that.

Financial independence has degrees, and those degrees give you options.

The end goal of financial independence is to eventually have enough money that you never have to work again. Not that you will necessarily stop working (see above), but you have the option to stop if you so choose.

But financial independence can also simply mean having enough money to temporarily give up income in pursuit of something you care about.

Speaking from personal experience again, this is exactly what allowed me to start this business instead of finding a job. Our savings gave us the option to go an extended period of time without an income, which gave me the time to build my practice from scratch. We werent fully financially independent, meaning I would haveto start making money eventually, but we were independent enoughto allow that to take some time.

This is why I talk about financial security being the foundation of financial freedom. When you remove your reliance on the next payday, you have so many more options available to you.

That little nugget comes from this short interview with Steve Jobs, and to me it completely captures the entire mindset shift that happens when you fully embrace the idea of financial independence.

When you stop working towards retirement and start working towards financial independence, all of a sudden the entire world opens up to you. Its no longer about reaching the same end point that everyone else reaches. Now its about dreaming up whatever kind of life you want and starting to working towards it.

I would encourage you to Google financial independence retire early and just start clicking. Youll find all kinds of stories about people who have reached financial independence at all different ages and are doing all kinds of interesting things with their lives.

Theres Jim Collins, who has continually used his F-you money to chase varied interests, ensuring that his days arealways spent doing something he enjoys.

Theres Brandon Sutherland, who figured out how to take advantage of pretty much every loophole in our tax code to quit his job and travel the world with his wife.

And then theres the infamousMr. Money Mustache, who reached financial independence at 30 and now spends his days writing, building houses, and teaching advanced math at his sons school.

The point is this: you have OPTIONS. There are no rules. You get to decide what you want out of life.

The rest is simply a matter of using the financial opportunities available to you to make that life a reality.

Take a minute to think about that question right above. Or take a few minutes, or an hour or more if you would like.

Youranswer to that question is the key to your financial success.

You dont have to wait until youre old and gray to start living a life you enjoy. You can use your money to buy your freedom a whole lot sooner than that if you want.

All it takes is alittle change in mindset.

Let talk about it in the comments: whats the first change you would make if you no longer dependedon your next paycheck?

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Financial Independence: The New and Improved Retirement

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Libertarian Party of Illinois

Posted: July 21, 2016 at 2:24 am

On Monday June 27th, the Libertarian Party of Illinois turned in 53,000 signatures on 4,500 pages. More than twice the required amount for third parties and more than 10 times what is required of a Republican or Democrat in Illinois. As of Tuesday, July 5th, the window for issuing a challenge has officially closed meaning we are on the ballot this November!

Some interesting statistics:

These are more than interesting facts, they represent the lengths (no pun intended) that we as a party must go to in order to secure our place on the ballot. A place we must fight tooth and nail for every single time because the entrenched powers that be make the rules that keep them in power. This year, people are waking up to the options that are out there. The only reason we are on the ballot is the hard work and dedication of volunteers who sacrificed time, money, sleep, and nights better spent with family to make the future a better place for them. The volunteers who came from out of state on their own who collected. The donors who reached into their wallets to fund the work of petitioners. The crew who drove down on the last weekend to bind and validate the last push of petitions. The endless phone calls fielded by our long-suffering ballot access director and state chair. We couldn’t have gotten there without you!

The 2016 campaign season is now in full swing! Visit our campaign page to meet the Libertarians who are seeking election.

Libertarians are traversing the state, looking to meet you. As supporters of the smallest minority: The Individual, we have been looking to touch base with as many of Illinois citizens as possible, from the Shawnee to Chicago.

The message we are sharing says: Enough of the establishments robbing Peter to pay Paul. We need to get the government out of the business of playing one group of people against another. It is time for policies of peace that protect every individuals rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Libertarian Party is the third-largest and fastestgrowing political party in America. There are libertarian chapters in all 50 states and currently over 140 elected Libertarian officials six of them right here in Illinois.

Americans want, and deserve, a political system which respects them as unique individuals, as people who can make their own plans, who take responsibility for themselves, who are compassionate, and who can generally solve their own problems.

Libertarians are practical we know we cant make the world perfect but it can be a lot better.

The Libertarian Party is the only political party that is working to dramatically reduce unrestrained government spending, taxes, debt, regulations, bureaucracies, and wars, both foreign and domestic.

Illinois has the largest pension liability, the worst credit rating, and the most units of government in all the 50 states.

The states foreclosure and unemployment rates are consistently among the worst in the nation.

Meanwhile, establishment politicians make time to control your life, banning incandescent light bulbs and worrying about e-cigarettes and big gulps.

Its time for a change in Illinois politics.

We believe Illinois is ready for a fresh approach. If you do:

Contact us and let us know what interests you about liberty

A fire cannot burn without fuel.

Likewise, nothing happens in the world of politics without money.

Click below to donate an amount of your choosing. Every donation is very much appreciated.

If you wish to make a monthly pledge, visit our donate page for more options.

The next election season is coming up in 2016. We are currently accepting and reviewing candidate applications.

The most recent round of elections were held for municipal offices in April 2015. To see current Illinois Libertarians, visit our candidate page.

If you think that people have the right to control their own lives as long as they do not initiate the use of force or fraud against others, you are a Libertarian.

Join the Party.

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Libertarian Party of Illinois

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System Integration | Industrial Automation

Posted: July 3, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Custom Automated Industrial Control Solutions

No matter how unique your manufacturing or production needs, we are committed to designing and engineering a custom-automated control solution specific to that industrya solution that will reduce your costs and give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Todays ever-changing industrial controls technologies offer new and innovative ways to approach automation and control issues. To take advantage of these new technologies, you need a partner who understands how to apply them to your needs. From concept to commissioning, we are committed to developing, building, and maintaining quality industrial control automation systems that assist you in meeting your companys production goals.

Current economic conditions dictate that your operation must produce product as efficiently and reliably as possible. Industrial Automation will work closely with you to develop new systems, or to cost-effectively enhance the capabilities of existing machines to meet your requirements. Our experience with robotics, PLCs, touch screens, SCADA/HMI systems, machine vision, pneumatic, hydraulic and motion control, process control systems and other automation solutions can be put to work for your company to help solve your most difficult challenges. We will reduce downtime & waste, improve quality, increase efficiency and productivity, enhance safety, and reduce energy costs.

Industrial Automation has been an industrial controls systems integrator since 1990. We have served a variety of industries throughout the United Statesfrom agriculture to water systemsby designing and engineering custom automated control solutions specific to each individual industry. Through the combined experience of our technical staff and business partners we can design and build a custom automated control solution that will increase the safety, quality, productivity, and efficiency of your operations. We are committed to developing a solid, custom solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We provide 24/7/365 service for your controlled process that is second to none. When your systems are downyou are losing money. We understand this. Our experience in many industries allow us to get you back on-line fast. We provide remote or on-site troubleshooting and support for your industrial process controls and equipment. Contact Us for assistance.

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System Integration | Industrial Automation

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Riverside Automation – Machine Controls

Posted: at 12:14 pm

Cost Effective Automation Solutions

At Riverside Automation in Rochester, NY, we build automated machines that are fully customized to the exact specifications and needs of our clients. Every job starts with a question or an obstacle and ends with an automated machine capable of building, inspecting, or testing your product. Our shop draws clients from a wide range of industries across the globe and is proud to offer a quick turn around using state of the art CAD/CAM technology and on-site engineering.

We have been a leader in the design and build of special machines controls and tooling for over 33 years and follow our projects from initial concept all the way through installation. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers, electricians, mechanics, and tool makers has the experience and is committed to creating a machine that will give you an edge over the competition.

Our extensive experience in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, optical, material handling and packaging, refrigeration, consumer products, and more, means we can help bring your business to the next level. We would be honored to speak with you about your next project and are confident in our ability to design and build a quality piece of equipment at a competitive price.

Whether you need sub-assembly machines, testing of a final product, or automated inspection, we have the capability to build the machine that is right for you. Contact us today to see how we can help. We would love to give you a tour of the facilities or walk you through our process.

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Riverside Automation – Machine Controls

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Colloidal Silver and Biological (Germ) Warfare

Posted: June 30, 2016 at 3:45 am

Our country recently passed the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks of 2001, and the subsequent terrorist anthrax mailings that resulted in the deaths of five Americans and the infection of 17 others.

And while we all might rightfully wish to forget those horrific events except for a passing prayer for the victims and their families — and go on about our business as if nothing had ever happened

a prudent person would also quietly make sure he (or she) has taken at least a few protective precautions for their family, in case something like this ever happens again.

Crazy World

After all, you dont need me to tell you that today we live in a crazy, volatile and sometimes very scary world.

Only a few short days ago, half the Arab world erupted into fits of violent anger when a controversial preacher from Florida threatened to burn a copy of the Koran in protest of the building of the proposed Cordoba Mosque near Ground Zero 9-11 attacks.

We have homegrown terrorists, too. And you just never know when some of our countrys older enemies like Russia or China, or that lunatic midget running North Korea might decide the time is ripe again to try to bring America to her knees.

The bottom line is that today, I dont think anyone in the U.S. lives in an it cant happen here fantasy world any longer. We all know it can happen here. And that it can take very little to set it off.

Therefore, after reflecting on these facts, I thought it might be high-time to revisit the idea of using colloidal silver as a means of protecting ourselves and our family members during a terrorist germ warfare attack.

A Quick Look at the Idea of Using Colloidal Silver

Against Germ Warfare Pathogens!

Will colloidal silver really work against germ warfare (i.e., biological warfare) agents like anthrax?

The truth of the matter is that while germ warfare experts might know the answer to that question, theyre not telling.

After all, our country also has a huge arsenal of germ warfare agents. And as you can probably imagine, we wouldnt necessarily want our enemies to know the antidote if one existed particularly if it was as easy to make and distribute as colloidal silver.

Nevertheless, we do have some strong indications that colloidal silver may very well be a valid first-line-of-defense against germ warfare pathogens.

So lets take a quick look at a little bit of history, and some of the known facts about colloidal silver, and see if we can make a reasonable assumption as to whether or not colloidal silver might serve as a potent natural remedy against germ warfare agents.

Colloidal Silver and the Soviet Military

Author Mark Aarons discusses the idea of colloidal silvers potential effectiveness against germ warfare pathogens in his 1994 book, The Secret War Against the Jews:

There is little defense against [a biological germ warfare] attack, and what few antidotes exist are withheld from the public as military secrets.

One of the best examples of this is Movidyn, a substance that the Soviets discovered in their satellite state of Czechoslovakia way back in the 1950s.

Movidyn is a form of colloidal silver, odorless, tasteless, and cheaper to produce than chlorine disinfectants. One part per billion of powdered Movidyn in water has a germicidal effect.

In a study of infected wells, it completely destroyed typhus, malaria, cholera, and amoebic dysentery. Drinking containers washed in Movidyn retained their germ-fighting abilities for several weeks.

Movidyn seems to be a cost-effective prophylactic for most of the water-borne diseases that infect the Third World.

To the astonishment of the Soviet military, Movidyn also disinfected every germ warfare bacteria in the Soviet arsenal, even their newest designer poisons.

In other words, Movidyn was too good.

The Czech factory was disassembled and carted back to the Soviet Union. To this day, the Movidyn formula seems to have been suppressed from the world.

— Mark Aarons, The Secret War Against the Jews, 1994, pages 293-294

Microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris

On Colloidal Silver and Germ Warfare

In the most recently revised edition of my 547-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, I also discuss the very real possibility that colloidal silver will turn out to be a valid defense against germ warfare agents during a terrorist biological attack

at least, for those who are prepared in advance and have plenty of colloidal silver stocked up, or who are foresighted enough to own the means of colloidal silver production so they can make their own colloidal silver whenever needed.

Heres what I wrote:

When former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris was asked on national television whether there were any natural substances that could protect the population against anthrax and other germ warfare agents, he responded:

The only natural substance I know of that is effective against these microbes is colloidal silver. I tested that myself when I was with the CIA, and found it effective against both anthrax and the bubonic plague pathogens.

After leaving the CIA, microbiologist Larry Harris is said to have re-tested colloidal silver against anthrax in his private laboratory in1997, and again found it to be highly effective.

According to Harris confidant Mike Seiler:

Harris definitely confirmed colloidal silver kills the anthrax pathogen. He used the minimum inhibitory test, in which he took ten vials of anthrax and put correspondingly higher concentrations of colloidal silver in each vial until he determined which concentration gives an effective kill rate. Harris discovered the kill rate was at 100 parts per billion an amazingly small amount of colloidal silver.

It is also important to note that colloidal silver was one of the few substances on earth that was successfully used against anthrax and other plague-like pathogens in the early 1900s prior to the advent of modern-day prescription antibiotic drugs, as verified by the 1919 book Colloids in Biology and Medicine by H. Beckhold, pages 364-376.

In fact, according to researcher James South, M.A., as early as 1887 a number of researchers had discovered that silver both in liquid solution and as an airborne aerosol was toxic to deadly anthrax spores. [Ref: N. Grier, Silver and Its Compounds in Disinfection, Sterilization and Preservation, S. Block, ed., Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1983, pages 380-428; H. Bechold, Colloids in Biology and Medicine, N.Y.,: D. Van Nostrand, 1919, pages 364-376; Anti-Aging Bulletin, International Antiaging Systems, Vol. 4, Issue 3. Apr/May, 1999, Hi Yo Silver, Away! by James South, M.A.]

Considering that anthrax is said to be the all-time favorite biological warfare agent of Islamic terrorists and is one of the infectious biological agents intelligence experts claim terrorist cell teams are known to be in possession of it would seem to be a prudent precaution indeed to have the ability to make your own therapeutic-quality colloidal silver at home in order to help protect yourself and your family in the event of a terrorist biological attack on U.S. cities.

— from The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, 2009, pages 313-314

The above chapter goes on to discuss theoretical dosage levels of colloidal silver for use against germ warfare pathogens.

Later in the above chapter, I also quote microbiologist
Larry Wayne Harris as saying that in order for colloidal silver to be effective during a germ warfare attack, youll need to have certain levels of colloidal silver already built up in your bloodstream, cells and tissues, well before a terror attack occurs. Harris stated:

In the event of outbreaks of biological plagues, those who have already been taking sufficient levels of colloidal silver will have an automatic resistance in their bodies

If, however, a person has not been taking colloidal silver for 30 to 50 days prior to exposure to a plague, silver will have little effect. This is because invading bacteria can kill within several days, while it takes weeks for colloidal silver to be spread through your entire bodys millions of cells.

I don’t know about you. But for me, the idea that colloidal silver would only work during a germ warfare attack if you’ve already been using it daily for one to two months before being exposed to germ warfare agents, is not a very appealing one.

After all, many people who are experienced in colloidal silver usage only use it periodically — for example, if they feel a cold coming on, or whenever theyve actually come down with an infection and they want to deal with it naturally.

Is There Some Other Way To Get

Colloidal Silver Into the Body, Quickly and Effectively?

Fortunately, there is a way to get colloidal silver into the bloodstream and the bodys cells and tissues quickly and easily.

And we have the prestigious Health Sciences Institute (HSI) to thank for bringing this to our attention.

You see, HSI addressed this very topic in an e-alert to their members, back in October 2001, shortly after the 9-11 terrorist attacks and subsequent anthrax attacks on our nation.

As the HSI pointed out at the time, one of their well-known health symposium panelists, Dr. Marcial-Vega, had discovered while dealing with pneumonia patients the fact that colloidal silver can be quickly and easily carried into the human blood stream and from there into the bodys cells and tissues, simply by nebulizing it.

Nebulizing is a process by which colloidal silver is run through a small medical device called a nebulizer (inexpensively available on e-Bay) which turns the colloidal silver solution into a fine mist. This fine mist can easily be breathed into the lungs as its produced by the machine. And from the lungs the body can efficiently and effectively distribute the colloidal silver straight into the blood stream, cells and tissues.

Heres what the Health Sciences Institute told their members:

Based on his experience treating other types of bacterial lung infections, Dr. Marcial-Vega believes he has discovered a way to prevent anthrax from developing even if you’ve already been exposed.

He’s currently talking with government health authorities about testing his hypothesis on live anthrax spores, but asked us bring this information directly to you now.

Just in his last decade of medical practice, Dr. Marcial-Vega has treated hundreds of people with a variety of viral, fungal, and bacterial pneumonias. And of all the available treatments, he has seen the greatest success with nebulizer treatments using a colloidal silver preparation.

Silver has long been known for its anti-bacterial properties, and the nebulizer allows the mineral to reach the lungs and kill harmful bacteria. Now, in the face of the anthrax threat, he believes it can do the same thing with anthrax spores.

‘We are constantly filtering all kinds of bacteria through our lungs,’ explained Dr. Marcial-Vega. Normally, a healthy body is able to kill off any dangerous bacteria on its own. But in the case of illness, like pneumonia, or an especially lethal bacteria like anthrax, the body may need some extra help.

For anthrax prevention, he recommends a daily nebulizer treatment with 4 cc’s of colloidal silver. By following this protocol, Dr. Marcial-Vega says your body can likely kill off the anthrax spores before you even know you were exposed. Colloidal silver may even be useful to treat cutaneous anthrax with the preparation being directly applied to the affected skin.

Dr. Marcial-Vega says there are no concerns about using this treatment because colloidal silver has no toxicity and no side effects. He has used the colloidal silver nebulizer treatments on infants, the elderly, and AIDS patients with pneumonia and has seen great results. All have responded quickly to the treatment even when no other approach seemed to help, and no one reported any adverse reactions.

Nebulizers are widely used to treat asthma, and are readily available at drug stores nationwide. The cost generally runs between $50 and $120 for the machine. Each member of the family should have their own mask, and both adult and pediatric sizes are available for a few dollars each. But the entire family can share the nebulizer machine and the tubing.”

If youre interested, you can read a more recent article here on using what I call a poor mans nebulizer. This is simply an inexpensive cool mist vaporizer from Wal-Mart or any other drug store. These inexpensive little devices do pretty much exactly what a medical nebulizer would do as long as you’re using full-strength colloidal silver in it.

No Clinical Evidence

The bottom line is that theres no real clinical evidence for colloidal silvers potential effectiveness in humans against germ warfare agents such as anthrax and others.

Thats chiefly because no one is going to allow themselves to be infected with such deadly biological agents in order to test the colloidal silver hypothesis.

Even if they conducted animal tests to see if colloidal silver would be effective against germ warfare agents, its likely the results would be kept secret due to national security. Again, we wouldnt announce to our enemies the antidote to one of the most potent (albeit non-humanitarian) weapons in our own weapons of mass destruction arsenal.

Nevertheless, theres plenty of historical and circumstantial evidence to indicate that colloidal silver may very well be a first-line-of-defense remedy against germ warfare pathogens.

And for that reason alone its worth owning a high-quality colloidal silver generator so you can make all of the colloidal silver you could ever need, quickly and easily, any time you need it, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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— Michael Cutler, M.D., Editor, Easy Health Options

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— Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, M.D., MBChB, PhD, author Cancer Research Secrets, Complete Parasites Handbook, and Survive Without Antibiotics

— Dr.
Kathleen Olsson Nelson, RN, BA, MA, PhD, PhD, FSNPM, FCH., Clinical Psychologist and Nutritional Consultant

— Donald S. McAlvany, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, October 2013

— Gary C. King, best-selling author of Blood Lust: Portrait of a Serial Killer and other true crime books and stories

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Colloidal Silver and Biological (Germ) Warfare

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Offshore Company Formation, Banking, Trusts and Asset …

Posted: June 29, 2016 at 6:34 pm

The strongest privacy laws and offshore banking jurisdictions allow for financial privacy as well as asset protection from divorce, creditors, judgments and lawsuits.

To establish an offshore company and/or relocate your corporate structure to an overseas jurisdiction can be an essential step in protecting your assets from lawsuits, taking advantage of international tax breaks and growing your business overseas. This website is based on years of research and is intended as a tutorial that can guide you step-by-step in forming and using an offshore company. You will find literally dozens of advantages to setting up an international organization and running your business using an offshore bank account instead of, or in association with a local account. Nevis, Cayman Islands, Panama, BVI and Hong Kong are all very popular jurisdictions, and we can guide you from setting up the corporation or LLC of your choice to helping you establish a bank account for your business to establishing a virtual office offshore.

Doing business offshore is not about evading taxes or keeping money from the government. It is about structuring your affairs in such a way as to take advantage of international laws that are available to anyone who cares to use them to their benefit.

We can show you perfectly legal and legitimate ways to set up your business internationally so that you understand the far-reaching benefits from asset protection to cost-savings. You likely know that Apple, Google and a barrage of other organization have slashed their tax bills using completely legal techniques through the use of overseas structures. There are ways that you may be able to do this too, with our help plus the guidance of the proper licensed professionals.

One extraordinarily successful strategy is to use on offshore company to operate your online business. It is a technique used by Apple and Google. If your business is based online and you incorporate your international company properly, it may have some very attractive tax benefits. This may defer tax payments, like an IRA. It is abundantly important to have the tax advice of a knowledgeable CPA who can guide you in the use of this strategy. Use of these tools to save money on taxes may also depend on your country of residence and citizenship and your percentage of ownership of the company, among other actors. So, it should only be used under the guidance of experienced tax counsel.

An online business can have a global customer base. For example, do you want to multiply your customer base by 22 times? The population outside of the US is about 22 times greater than inside. The world population outside of the UK is 109 times greater than inside, 200 greater outside of Canada and 304 times outside of Australia. You get the idea. Why should you limit yourself to the old fashion geographically constricted business model? Establishing an offshore company and offshore bank account to run your online business can be a great way to build momentum outside of the country in which you reside.

What if your local company runs into difficult times? Remember the US and European recession of 2008, 2009 and following years? During that time the economies in Southeast Asia and Australia were booming. By having an offshore money machine, you limit your exposure to the local economy.

Why not have multiple global online businesses running simultaneously? The low cost of establishing a number of offshore companies and accounts, along with new low-cost website development services makes the initial investment just a drop in the bucket compared to the tremendous upside potential. Our organization provides all of these services, and has for tens of thousands of clients. If a farmer wants to harvest a crop he must first plant the seeds. Not all of the seeds grow but a majority of them do; and the ones that do can make him and his family a living for many generations.

Within minutes of filing a lawsuit, an attorney can file another document freezing your bank account, your home, your business, and other assets. However, operating a business offshore puts up a huge barrier to a viscous litigants ability to freeze and seize your hard earned resources.

A whopping 96% of the worlds lawsuits are filed in the US yet it only has about 4.5% of the worlds population. Why in the name of Molly Strudel would one want to have a sizable bank account sitting out in the open in the US when the odds of having that money taken are 23 times greater than anywhere else on the planet? Think about it. Keep enough funds locally to satisfy current needs. Then wire funds from your offshore account as the need arises. Keep funds offshore, held in the name of an offshore company and/or asset protection trust. Doing this puts you in the drivers seat rather than some money grubbing attorney who wants to put food on his familys table by taking it from yours.

Concerned about safety of your money offshore? Think again. Global Finance Magazine researches and publishes a list of 50 of the worlds safest banks each year. Can you guess how many national US banks made the list on the date of this writing? Would you think 40? 45? How about zero? Yes, NONE. The only US banks that made the list were three small regional farming banks. That is all. They ranked 30, 45 and 50 on the list. The safest banks on the list were from Germany, Switzerland the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Canada and Australia.

So, if you are in the US or South America, the question is not Is offshore banking safe? The question is, Is local banking safe? The United States is the most in-debt country in the world by a long shot. If countries were companies, and you were looking for one to invest in, would you look for one that was deeply in debt or one that was flush with cash? Would you look for one with a growing industrial base or one where manufacturing has been steadily eroding for decades? Think about it. Just because it is familiar doesnt make it good.

Keeping at least a portion of ones assets offshore in safer havens just makes good sense. At least have an offshore account ready to dump funds into on a moments notice if the need arises. Questions about offshore company formation and offshore banking? There is a number above to call and an inquiry form to complete on this page.

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CNN town hall gives Libertarian Party an unprecedented shot …

Posted: June 25, 2016 at 11:01 am

ALibertarian Party debate in Las Vegas last month featured Penn Jillette you know, the talking half of Penn & Teller as the moderator. Other questioners included Carrot Top, Drew Carey, Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall.

The discourse was more substantive than one might have expected no thanks toCarrot Top, who just wanted to know what slogans the candidates might put on Donald Trump-style trucker hats but for a party that wants to be taken seriously in presidential politics, the entertainer-laden event probably didn’t advance the cause.

This is why Wednesday’s Libertarian town hall live in prime time on CNN is a big deal. It marks the first time Libertarian candidates will participate in a live presidential forum on one of the three major cable news channels. Chris Cuomo, who has moderated town hall events with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders this election, will run the show, posing questions to Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and his running mate, Bill Weld, while also fielding inquiries from the audience.

Notably, CNN is billing the questions as being “similar to those posed to the Democratic and Republican candidates during the primaries.” In other words, CNN is taking Johnson and Weld seriously for an evening, at least.

The two former governors (Johnson of New Mexico and Weld of Massachusetts) have enjoyed a spike in coverage lately. With the presumptive major-party nominees registering historically bad favorability ratings, the Libertarian ticket which Johnson also led in 2012 is getting more attention than usual. In polls that include him, Johnson’s support averages 8.5 percent, according to RealClearPolitics.

[The Libertarian Party: So hot right now]

But much of the coverage has centered not on what Johnson stands for but what effect he might have on Trump and Clinton. Which of the two real contenders is more likely to lose voters to this third-party interloper? Could he somehow prevent either one from winning a majority in the Electoral College by picking off a state or more (Utah anybody)?

Those are worthwhile considerations, but CNN’s town hall figures to give the Libertarian nominee an opportunity on a big stage to talk about more than playing spoiler.

“It’s sort of a perfect setup for Johnson and Weld to go more in-depth,” said Mitchell McKinney, who chairs the communication department at the University of Missouri. “What else do they believe? This will give them a chance to flesh that out.”

McKinney has studied presidential debates that include third-party candidates a small sample that includes, most recently, three from 1992, when independent Ross Perot joined Republican President George H.W. Bush and Democratic nominee Bill Clinton. McKinney found that outsiders like Perot are often ignored for long stretches and, when questioned, asked not about their policies but about their credibility as candidates.

A town hall format, with no opponents on the stage, should mitigate the dismissiveness, McKinney said. He added that a good showing by Johnson could help him qualify for general election debates in the fall. Johnson would have to get his poll numbers up to 15 percent.

Larry Diamond, faculty director of the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University, is a leading advocate for lowering the threshold to 10 percent. He believes the Commission on Presidential Debates, which sets the rules, is “clearly biased against the entry of a third option.” (Commission co-chair Michael McCurry told the “Open Mind” public television program in January that a third candidate “would be welcome in these debates.”) Whatever the case, Diamond thinks CNN’s decision to host a Libertarian town hall is a “modest but noteworthy development.”

“Maybe more significant is that the Libertarian ticket is starting to get more media attention generally,” he said.

A CNN spokeswoman did not respond to questions about why the cable channel decided to sponsor the event.

The closest Libertarian candidates have come to the level of exposure they stand to receive Wednesday was a primary debate that aired on tape delay in two parts, a week a part on Fox Business Network in April. Libertarian journalist John Stossel moderated.

“It was John Stossel who first raised the issue about the lack of national media attention the Libertarian Party was receiving,” said Bill Shine, senior executive vice president of programming at Fox Business. “And with the growing number of disenfranchised voters, we thought it was important to help viewers vet the candidates before the party tickets were declared. We’re flattered that CNN decided to follow our lead months after the fact.”

The question for Johnson and Weld is whether others in the media will follow suit. The CNN town hall could signal a new, more legitimate status for the Libertarian candidates in the eyes of the press. Or it could be a novelty event created to fill a slow Wednesday evening between the end of the primaries and the start of the major-party conventions. We’ll see.

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CNN town hall gives Libertarian Party an unprecedented shot …

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The Best Definition of Singularity

Posted: June 22, 2016 at 11:41 pm

The term Singularity has many definitions.

The everyday English definition of Singularity is a noun that designates the quality of being one of a kind, strange, unique, remarkable or unusual.

For a more specific definition of Singularity we can search The Wiktionary where we get the following five Singularity definitions:

1. the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual 2. a point where all parallel lines meet 3. a point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value 4. (mathematics) the value or range of values of a function for which a derivative does not exist 5. (physics) a point or region in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density; associated with Black Holes

What we are most interested in, however, is the definition of Singularity as a technological phenomenon — i.e. the Technological Singularity. Here we can also find a variety of subtly different interpretations of the definition of Singularity.

John von Neumann was quoted as saying that “the ever accelerating progress of technology … gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.” His definition of the Singularity was that the Singularity is the moment beyond which “technological progress will become incomprehensively rapid and complicated.”

Vernor Vinge introduced the term Technological Singularity in his science fiction novel Marooned in Realtime(1986) and later developed the concept in his essay the Coming Technological Singularity (1993). His definition of Singularity is widely known as the event horizon thesis and in essence says that trans or post-human minds will imply a weirder future than we can imagine:

“Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended. […] I think it’s fair to call this event a singularity. It is a point where our models must be discarded and a new reality rules. As we move closer and closer to this point, it will loom vaster and vaster over human affairs till the notion becomes a commonplace. Yet when it finally happens it may still be a great surprise and a greater unknown.”

I.J. Good, who greatly influenced Vinge himself, never used the term Singularity itself. However, what Vinge called Singularity Good called intelligence explosion and by that he meant a positive feedback cycle within which minds will make technology to improve on minds which once started will rapidly surge upwards and create super-intelligence. This definition of Singularity is also known as the intelligence explosion hypothesis.

Ray Kurzweil is associated with the third and most popular interpretation of the Technological Singularity, often referred to as the accelerating change thesis. In his book The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology Kurzweil defined the Technological Singularity as:

“… a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed. Although neither utopian nor dystopian, this epoch will transform the concepts that we rely on to give meaning to our lifes, from our business models to the cycle of human life, including death itself.”

Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired Magazine

Singularity is the point at which “all the change in the last million years will be superseded by the change in the next five minutes.”

James Martin, a world-renowned leading futurist, computer scientist, author, lecturer and, among many other things, the largest donor in the history of Oxford University.

Singularity “is a break in human evolution that will be caused by the staggering speed of technological evolution.”


Since all of the above refer to the same broad occurrence, I will simply define the Technological Singularity as the event, or sequence of events, likely to occur at or after the birth of Artificial Intelligence. (especially when AI surpasses human intelligence)

If anything, it has to be clear that we really do not know what the Singularity is (or will be) so we are just using the term to show (or hide) our own ignorance.

For more on this topic check out 17 Definitions of the Technological Singularity

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Continuation of the Human RaceNot rated yet The essence of what we call the human race has to be evolved into a form of transmittable energy that will transcend the limits of the observable universe.

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The Best Definition of Singularity

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Moore Nanotechnology Systems: Ultra-Precision Machining Systems

Posted: at 11:40 pm

Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC (Nanotech) is dedicated to the development of ultra-precision machining systems and their successful utilization through the formation of lifelong customer partnerships. Total customer satisfaction of our products and services has always been, and will continue to be, our highest priority as we support our customers expansion into new markets through the design and development of new products, complimentary machine accessories, and enhancements to our existing products.

Our ultra-precision machine systems support single point diamond turning, deterministic micro-grinding, precision micro-milling, and glass press molding for the production of advanced optics including diamond turning sphere, asphere, freeform, conformal, lens array, and plano surfaces. We offer a diverse line of options and accessories to customize our machining platforms to suit our customers specific applications. From our state-of-the-art NFTS-6000 Fast Tool Servo systemto the industry’s first touch swipe gesture interactive Windows based HMI, Nanotech builds to a higher standard of quality and reliability.

(click on a photo below to see a larger version)

Established in 1997, our abbreviated name Nanotech was from the beginning not only our registered trademark, but also a symbol of our commitment to developing highly advanced equipment and manufacturing processes capable of achieving nanometer level surface accuracies on advanced optical components. Our ultra-precision machining systems support many industries including consumer electronics, defense, aerospace, lighting, medical, automotive, and ophthalmic. Our world-class team of specialists has dedicated their careers to this technology, and their vision has made Nanotech the fastest growing company in this field.

For additional information visit our Machines Page. You can also E-mail Us or call 603-352-3030 to discuss your specific requirements.

Top 100 Private Companies in New Hampshire

From2010 through 2014, Business NH Magazine has ranked Moore Nanotechnology Systems as one of the top 100 private companies in the State of NH.

In addition, Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC was selected as 2008 Company of the Year by the State of New Hampshire Department of Economic Development

Dec. 3, 2008 Moore Nanotechnology Systems was lauded by Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner George Bald for its innovative spirit which have made it the fastest growing company in the precision machining field. read more >

Nanotech Reaches 100th 350FG / 650FGv2 Milestone Swanzey, NH May, 2015.

Nanotechhas announced customer acceptance oftheir 100th 350FG / 650FGv2 Y-axis Freeform Generator! The 650FGv2 is the latest version of their 5-axisfreeform system.It hasbecometheirglobal”flagship” machine.This is a significant milestone to surpassand a testament to the system’s worldwide adoption by leading manufacturers. No other vertical axismachine compares toit’s uniquesymmetric Y-axisdesignon any level. Performance, thermal stability, part cutting results,reliability as well as thelifelong technical service/support one receives are unmatched. Visit the 650FG Machine Page for complete details. Spend time with Nanotech anddiscover “Y”premier electro-optics companies choose to team with them.

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Moore Nanotechnology Systems: Ultra-Precision Machining Systems

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