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Liberal girls beat Great Bend for first place – Great Bend Tribune

Posted: February 20, 2017 at 7:44 pm

LIBERAL 53, GREAT BEND 24 LIBERAL Western Athletic Conference leader Liberal outscored Great Bends girls 19-2 in the fourth quarter to roll past the Panthers 53-24 in Saturdays showdown for first place. Carly Dreiling scored seven points as Great Bend (10-9, 5-2) lost back-to-back games against Dodge City and Liberal to drop into second place. Liberal (14-4, 5-1 WAC) plays Garden City and Dodge City next week. Great Bend led 7-2 in the first quarter. Liberal used scoring runs in each quarter, 11-0 in the first; 9-0 in the second period; 7-0 in the third quarter; and 19-2 in the fourth period. Liberals Jada Mickens scored 14 points. The Panthers made 8 of 45 field goals, a 17 percent clip. Liberal dominated the boards 36-12. All night long we struggled to knock down shots, said Great Bend coach Carrie Minton. Liberal dominated the boards. It was a rough night.

Great Bend 7 8 7 2 24 Liberal 13 9 12 19 53 GREAT BENDCarly Dreiling 7, Carley Brack 6, Shailey Clark 4, Kate Warren 4, Keely Ireland 3. LIBERALMickens 14, Gonzales 9, Mullens 8, Gilmore 7, Lucero 4, Rush 3, Lucero 4, Hornya 3, Hay 2.

WESTERN ATHLETIC GIRLS Liberal 5-1 14-4 Great Bend 5-2 10-9 Hays High 3-3 10-8 Dodge City 2-4 6-12 Garden 1-6 5-14

FRIDAYS GAMES Dodge City 43, Great Bend 37 Hays High 51, Garden City 42

SATURDAYS GAME Liberal 53, Great Bend 24

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Liberal girls beat Great Bend for first place – Great Bend Tribune

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UK bids to be world leader in Space travel by 2020 – Daily Star

Posted: at 7:34 pm

BRITS could fly to space from the UK in just three years.


The Government wants to make the UK a world leader in intergalactic travel.

Travel ports will be built as ministers try to steal a march on US rivals. President Donald Trump said he wants to send Americans to the moon for the first time since the 1970s.

Boris Johnsons brother Jo, the science minister, wants to send Brits into space by 2020.


We will cement the UKs position as a world leader in this emerging market

He said: We will cement the UKs position as a world leader in this emerging market. The Spacefl ight Bill will be unveiled in Parliament this week.

Some of the port locations being considered are Newquay Airport in Cornwall, Llanbeddr airport in Snowdonia and Prestwick airport, near Glasgow.

Mr Johnson added: Space flight offers the UK the opportunity to build on our strengths in science, research and innovation.


2016 was a year full of new stunning imagery taken from Space

1 / 15

Aug. 19, 2016: Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams (shown here) and Flight Engineer Kate Rubins of NASA successfully installed the first of two international docking adapters during a five hour and 58-minute spacewalk

It provides opportunities to expand into new markets, creating highly-skilled jobs and boosting local economies across the country. That is why it is one of the key pillars of our Industrial Strategy.

We want to see the UK space sector flourish, that is why we are laying the groundwork needed for business to be able to access this lucrative global market worth an estimated 25 billion over the next 20 years.”


UK bids to be world leader in Space travel by 2020 – Daily Star

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Nanotech startup, Graphene Composites, combines graphene with aerogel to form one of the strongest, lightest, and … – MENAFN.COM

Posted: at 7:28 pm

(MENAFN Editorial)

iCrowdNewswire – Feb 13, 2017

Graphene Composites

Nanotech startup, Graphene Composites, combines graphene with aerogel to form one of the strongest, lightest, and most resilient materials ever. The company has developed its first prototype, ballistic armour, and plans to develop aircraft skins and ultra-strong cables.

GCL is a nano-tech manufacturing startup; we are combining graphene (the world’s strongest material and a top heat/electrical conductor) with aerogel (the lightest material and a top insulator/shock absorber) to create nano-composites that we hope couldbe some of the strongest, lightest, most resilient materials ever made.

Working wth the UK government-funded Centre for Process Innovation, we have developed our first prototype nano-composite – a graphene/aerogel ballistic armour – and we are working on further prototypes (of aircraft skins, ultra-strong cables and others). All of these products have large, global markets – and we believe that the superior performance of our GCL nano-composites will attract strong customer demand.

Our business model is to develop these graphene/aerogel prototypes, file patents for their technologies, and then generate revenues from either licensing the technologies or manufacturing the products (whichever is more commercially attractive).

Our seed funding round with Crowdcube attracted tremendous interest (we closedit after three days)and it enabled us to fund the development of our first prototype. The bulk of this current funding round will go towards further product development.


See the article here:

Nanotech startup, Graphene Composites, combines graphene with aerogel to form one of the strongest, lightest, and … – MENAFN.COM

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CF Rayo Majadahonda 0-1 Real Madrid Castilla – Managing Madrid

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Going Beyond The Primal Instinct In Relationships – Collective Evolution

Posted: at 7:20 pm

We’re creating a positive news network. We need your help.

What do we look for first in a romantic partner? Sexual chemistry? Attraction? Perhaps. But what if theseare the wrong things to be looking for if what we actually want is intimacy?

My teacher once said, If you meet someone and you immediately are dying to jump into bed with them, then RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION!


This seems so counterintuitive, and yet if we listen to our stories of meeting people, having great chemistry, and then getting sexy, what is the rest of the story most of the time?

And then it just died. He never called back. Its like there was nothing else between us. We had nothing else to talk about. I dont get it.


There are great parallels between animal mating rituals and the way we try to find partners. There is an initial sexual attraction, there is a little dance, and if all goes well, sexual union.

In the animal world, the job is done because the goal was procreation. Its the inborn instinct to create little ones. Its important. But once sexual union is complete, the job is finished. (Of course there are animals who mate for life, but the comparison still holds.)

And so with us, ifthe first thing that draws us in is the desire for sexual connection with someone, we have to step back and ask ourselves some questions. Is this just my primal desire talking? Would our genetics simply create strong offspring? Why is the desire so overpowering? Hmmm

We often treat sex like a game that we would like to play together. We think that since we both like raquetball, we might as well play together. Its fun. Its pleasurable. Its a great way to pass an evening.

But true intimacy isnt raquetball.

True intimacyis about you and the other person. It is about the depth of your connection. Its about connecting with our whole selves.

Sexual intimacy is a function of that relationship. It isnt just something to do. (Well, it can be. You can have regular, physical sex with anyone. But the satisfaction isnt long-lasting. In fact, it just tends to make you desire more because youjust arent satisfied.)

What if instead, our first thoughtwhen we meet someone was, Wow, what a great person, or Id love to chat more with this person. How different would that be?

And then we chat. We do things together. I know it sounds very old-fashioned, but we start making connections in all kinds of aspects of who we are.

Soon, we enjoy doing things together. We want to know their opinion. We want to share our day. We want to hear about theirs.

And then perhaps it leads to getting sexually intimate maybe.

It intrigues me that many people who I know are in truly loving, deep relationships often say that if they had had to choose their partner on a dating app or if they had had to decide whether they would see each other again after one date, they likely wouldnt have chosen them. They say that it was only after they got to know each other that they realized how wonderful their partner was.

And once the love was there, it was deep and beautiful.

So, perhaps the new questions are very intuitive. Would I like to get to know this person more? Would I like to know their opinion on things? Would I like to hear about their day? Would I like to travel with them? Would I like to share my world with them?

This reality creates quite a multi-dimensional foundation to play within. Then, if you become lovers, imagine looking into the eyes of this person that you share so much with while you make love

This is when things get really interesting.

Your life path number can tell you A LOT about you.

With the ancient science of Numerology you can find out accurate and revealing information just from your name and birth date.

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Going Beyond The Primal Instinct In Relationships – Collective Evolution

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KW Robotics team prepares for ‘Steamworks’ challenge – Southernminn.com

Posted: at 7:19 pm

Its sort of Victorian-industrial, but with more whimsy and fewer orphans.

– Caitlin Kittredge, describing the Steampunk aesthetic

Students preparing for the 2017 FIRST Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Competition will be exhaling the first sigh of relief this week as the building deadline for robots closed on Tuesday.

The Steamworks theme is a nod to the Steampunk movement, which reflects the blending of Victorian-era mechanical gadgetry and modern science fiction.

It should also make for some interesting team costumes this year.

Since early January, the Kenyon-Wanamingo team 3848, known as Bots in Shining Armor, has been using all their technical skills to design, build and troubleshoot a robot for the contest.

Earlier preparation included a fall robotics scrimmage with last-year’s robot at Prior Lake High School, an event that advisor Doug Thompson also uses to draw in new recruits for the team.

Over the weekend the team participated in a scrimmage with the new robot in Eagan. Thompson said they use that competition to see how their robot performs and learn if they have interpreted all the rules and guidelines correctly. Inspectors checked over the machine and the team still had two days to make improvements before the bag and tag deadline.

According to Thompson, the rules are particularly challenging this year in relation to the size of the robot. It could only be 36 inches by 40 inches, and 24 inches tall, including the bumpers. Previous machines had larger dimensions, but this new size restriction forces teams to build more compact.

The 2017 Steamworks challenge has three main components: shoot softball-sized “fuel balls” into a high or low “boiler,” stack plastic gears to engage rotors for a “flying machine,” and have the robot use a rope to climb on board for the “flight.”

The main robot will be out of commission from now until they attend the FIRST Robotics competition at the University of Minnesota Mariucci Arena on April 5-8.

But that doesn’t mean that the team will be slacking. Thompson had the JV squad build a mirror model that the group can use for practice. That is one advantage that comes from building up a stock of materials and receiving donations for extra funding.

In the fall, the robotics team received a $5,000 grant from Monsanto. Thompson was contacted by a representative from Syngenta near Stanton, who encouraged him to apply.

Other contributors include: Kenyon-Holden-Warsaw Mutual Insurance, Medtronics, Walmart, Toro, the Baalson family (in memory of Jake Baalson), Fastenal, Schwegman-Lundberg-Woessner Patent Attorneys, Alan and Ann Stolee, Paul Clauson, Dr. Jeff Pesta and the K-W Education Foundation.

Along with Thompson, adult mentors assisting the team are: Paul Clauson, Eddie Weyant, Jim Gould and Alan Stolee.

This year’s team has only one senior, Casey Cooper. The juniors are: Kieran Weyandt, Sam Blastervold, Nicholas Kaiser, Ethan Houglum, Markus Rechtzigel and Joe Gould. Cole Newman is the only sophomore, and freshmen are Alan Clouse, Skylar and Xander Blauer and Charlie Severeid.

Team captain Casey Cooper handles much of the welding and fabricating. He said teamwork plays a big role in how they operate. Like a sports team, each person may have different roles to play such as welding, programming, electronics, artwork, finances and building.

Robotics brings students and adults together from different places and groups, he said, yet this makes them connected. Cooper’s favorite part is that they are actually building real robots.

He said the challenging parts will be to make sure their robot can maneuver, get their timing right and overcome obstacles. A lot can depend on the competition they get at Mariucci, he added.

At a table in the shop classroom, Nickolas Kaiser talked with Joe Gould and Cole Newman. Gould held up a mounting bracket that they made with the 3-D printer. They agreed that robotics has helped them understand and apply what they have learned in the classroom about electricity and mathematical calculations like parabolas.

Newman has worked on the programming aspects this year. He said is has a steep learning curve, but he has learned a lot from alumni mentor Bryan Pliscott. Other alumni assisting the team include Peter Clauson, Trevor Clouse, Sam Tudor and Mason Sanders.

A 2015 K-W graduate, Sanders is currently enrolled at South Central College in Faribault. He is able to bring his machining and welding skills to the group and enjoys sharing knowledge and insights.

As he leaned over the robot, discussing an aluminum bracket placement with Cooper, he said it’s cool to see the younger guys stepping up and taking charge. Sanders said he loves the program, calling it “the best extra-curricular that schools offer,” and adding that robotics gave him a huge lead at college in the areas of design and welding.

Freshman Skye Blauer is the only female on the team this year. She brings experience in the Lego robotics program and is helping a lot with sponsorship and record keeping this year. She is also in charge of the team’s interpretation of the Steampunk theme.

Thompson is optimistic about the K-W Robotics Team. With the other mentors, he has built a decent program from scratch that is developing students’ skills and character, and representing K-W well.

What’s next? He shared that a grade 5-8 Lego robotics team was approved by the school district, but all the contest spots were full this year. That’s OK, he said, they have the parts and will be ready next fall.

Reach Publisher and Editor Terri Lenz at 333-3148, or follow her on Twitter.com @KenyonLeader

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KW Robotics team prepares for ‘Steamworks’ challenge – Southernminn.com

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Taxing Religious Freedom – Daily Caller

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Is a threat to eliminate the tax exemption of churches that endorse candidates or political parties posed by a 1954 law called the Johnson Amendment a constitutional infringement on the rights of church leaders to freely express themselves from the pulpit?

At ColoradoPolitics.com, Deb Walker, executive director of Citizens Project writes, Government may not subsidize political endorsements through tax exemption, and that The Johnson Amendment ensures that citizens of all faith traditions (or no faith tradition) are not inadvertently financially supporting church-based politicking. There are two failures in reasoning here.

First, the reasons for exempting churches from taxation are distinguishable from those that apply to other types of charitable organizations. Whereas the law may exempt secular charities because it deems that the charitable purposes provide public benefits that outweigh the need to tax such activities, the principle of not taxing churches originates in the constitutional, philosophical and political foundations of our nation.

The Supreme Court examined this principle in Everson v. Board of Education, a 1947 case affirming the authority of a state to provide funding for school busses to transport children to Catholic schools in New Jersey writing, The centuries immediately before and contemporaneous with the colonization of America had been filled with turmoil, civil strife and persecutions, generated in large part by established sects determined to maintain their absolute political and religious supremacy. These practices of the old world began to thrive in the soil of the new AmericaCatholics found themselves hounded and proscribed because of their faithmen and women of varied faithswere persecuted. And all of these dissenters were compelled to pay tithes and taxes to support government-sponsored churches.

The people [of Virginia], as elsewhere, reached the conviction that individual religious liberty could be achieved best under a government which was stripped of all power to tax[in order to] interfere with the beliefs of any religious individual or group.

The establishment of religion clause of the First Amendment means at least thisno tax in any amount, large or small, can be levied to support any religious activities or institutions, whatever they may be called, or whatever form they may adopt to teach or practice religion.

This sounds as if the Court would hold that New Jersey has no authority to provide taxpayer-funded school busses for Catholic schoolchildren, but thats not case. What the Court pointed out in affirming that policy is that the amendment commands that New Jerseycannot exclude individual Catholics, Lutherans, Mohammedans, Baptists, Jews, Methodists, Nonbelievers, Presbyterians, or the members of any other faith, because of their faith, or lack of it, from receiving the benefits of public welfare legislation. (Emphasis in original)

The second error is that a tax exemption is not a subsidy. An exemption from a tax is not giving the person or group exempted something they dont already have. Neither a taxpayer not affiliated with a religious organization nor the government has something taken from them that goes to a church merely because the church doesnt pay a tax. Therefore, a tax exemption does not mean that the public is financially supporting church-based politicking, nor does it mean that the government is entangled in underwriting partisan political activity.

Where the Johnson Amendment and Walker go wrong is in failing to understand that when it comes to religion the taxing power of Congress has a constitutional hurdle it must overcome that doesnt apply to conventional non-religious charitable organizations.

The historic truths cited by the Supreme Court stand for the proposition that the government cannot tax religious institutions in ways that inhibit the free exercise of religion just as much as it does the proposition that it cannot tax anyone for the purposes of advancing religion.

Thus, when it comes to religious institutions its questionable whether or not the 501(c)(3) rules apply at all because it is the First Amendment itself that arguably prohibits the taxation of churches because religion-suppressing taxation has always been as formidable an enemy of religious freedom throughout history as religion-supporting taxation has, as the Supreme Court points out and as the Founders went to great pains to avoid.

Religiously motivated speech is a constitutionally protected aspect of religious liberty that cannot be suppressed by the threat of anti-religious, anti-free-speech government taxation. This includes the freedom of both ministers and others to preach in favor of or against any political party or candidate or any other matter that they believe would either threaten or support their rights to religious freedom.

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Taxing Religious Freedom – Daily Caller

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Va. Senate upholds campus free speech – WTOP

Posted: at 7:03 pm

WASHINGTON The Virginia Senate has passed a bill that supporters say promotes campus free speech. But some lawmakers wonder why the law is needed when the U.S. Constitution already provides the First Amendment guarantee.

By a 364 vote, the Senate has followed the lead of the House of Delegates and passed the bill which reads, Except as otherwise permitted by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, no public institution of higher education shall abridge the freedom of any individual, including enrolled students, faculty and other employees, and invited guests, to speak on campus.

I wish this wasnt necessary, said Sen. Mark Obenshain, a Republican representing Virginias 26th District, the chairman of theCourts of Justice Committee.

Weve got examples that abound across the country of colleges and universities that have been unilaterally making decisions as to whats appropriate political speech on campus, he said.

During the brief debate in the Senate chamber, no one could offer an example of any such conflict pitting free speech against political correctness occurring on any Virginia campus, leading some members to wonder whether the bill was needed.

It seems to me that its akin to saying the sky is blue except on cloudy days, even on college campuses, but Im not sure why we need to put that language in the Code of Virginia, said Sen. Creigh Deeds, a Democrat representing Virginias 25th District.

But Senate supporters of the measure insisted that the bill was necessary to encourage healthy debate on the commonwealths campuses.

Free speech is uncomfortable at times, and it has to be a two-way street in order for it to be able to work, Obenshain said.

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Va. Senate upholds campus free speech – WTOP

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Limbaugh: The First Amendment Doesn’t Give the Press ‘Immunity from Criticism’ – Mediaite

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Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show today that the press reaction to President Trumps attacks on the media is giving him the impression that journalists believe they have immunity from criticism.

Limbaugh, who said on Fox News Sunday yesterday that the media wont be able to destroy Trump, picked up in particular on Chuck Todds reaction to Trumps media-bashing:

Limbaugh said that this gives the appearance of journalists thinking they can do whatever they want to public figures but also that since they are recognized in the First Amendment they have constitutional immunity.

The First Amendment, he argued, does not grant them immunity from criticism. It does not grant them freedom to be disagreed with. It does not grant them freedom from opposition.

And if this is all about holding powerful people accountable, Limbaugh added, how come there isnt this kind of brave declaration when it comes to powerful Democrats.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

[image via screengrab]

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Limbaugh: The First Amendment Doesn’t Give the Press ‘Immunity from Criticism’ – Mediaite

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First black crew member to join international space station | Local … – St. Louis American

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(NNPA) – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected astronaut Jeanette Epps to join the crew of the International Space Station in 2018. Epps will become the first Black crewmember to represent the U.S. on the station.

The journey will mark the first time Epps has traveled to orbit, allowing her to follow in the footsteps of the women who, she said, inspired her to become an astronaut.

While other Black astronauts have flown to the Space Station for brief stays during the outposts construction, Epps will be the first Black crewmember to live and work on the station for an extended period of time. Her journey aboard the Soyuz spacecraft and stay at the station places her as the only American and female among a crew made up of mostly Russians and men.

Im a person just like they are. I do the same work as they do, Epps told a group of STEM students at her Syracuse alma mater, Danforth Middle School. If something breaks, anyone of us will have to be able to go out the door. We have to be jacks of all trades. Its not a job thats like any other.

While working on her doctorate, Epps was a NASA graduate student Researchers Project fellow, authoring several journal and conference articles about her research. After completing her graduate studies, Epps worked in a research lab for more than two years, co-authoring multiple patents, before being recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). She was a CIA technical intelligence officer for about seven years before being selected as a member of the 2009 astronaut class.

Anything you dont know is going to be hard at first, Epps said in a video statement about the launch. But if you stay the course, put the time and effort in, it will become seamless eventually.

Epps, in the NASA video interview, shared when she was first introduced to the idea that she could be an astronaut. It was about 1980, I was nine years old. My brother came home and he looked at my grades and my twin sisters grades and he said, You know, you guys can probably become aerospace engineers or even astronauts, Epps said. And this was at the time that Sally Ride [the first American woman to fly in space] and a group of women were selected to become astronauts the first time in history. So, he made that comment and I said, Wow, that would be so cool.

Epps will join veteran NASA astronaut Andrew Feustel at the Space Station. On Feustels first long-duration mission, he served as a flight engineer on Expedition 55, and later as commander of Expedition 56.

Each space station crew brings something different to the table, and Drew and Jeanette both have a lot to offer, said Chris Cassidy, chief of the Astronaut Office at NASAs Johnson Space Center in Houston, in a statement. The space station will benefit from having them on board.

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First black crew member to join international space station | Local … – St. Louis American

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