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Freedom! – YouTube

Posted: July 1, 2016 at 2:35 pm

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Freedom! – YouTube

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OnlineGambling.com > #1 Online Gambling Sites Guide 2016

Posted: June 10, 2016 at 12:50 pm

Featured Game – Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun game to play on the internet, either at a table by yourself, at a multi-player table or even in an online blackjack tournament.

One reason online blackjack can be better than live casino blackjack is that if you choose to play at a one player table, the play of other players does not have to affect your hand.

Play Blackjack or Learn to Play Blackjack

These online gambling tips will help you enjoy your time spent playing at online casinos.

Aladdin Slots This slot attracts a lot of attention in the Las Vegas casinos, we cover the basics of this slot and where you can play these online slots. SlotsOnline.com offers a range of online slot reviews where you can find similar slots to Aladdin Slots.

How to Choose an Online Casino Choosing an online casino can be hard but for the most part it should be an easy and fun exercise. Some of the questions you need to answer are, what am I looking for?

Download Casino Software Many online casinos now offer you the option to either download their software or another similar option that will allow you to play their casino games.

Advice for Beginners Beginners to any game whether it is online or in a brick and mortar casino, knowing the rules, limits and general gameplay are very important.

Betting Systems A betting strategy also known as a betting system is a structured approach to gambling intended to increase your odds of winning in casinos, card games and with online bookmakers.

Horse Racing Often referred to as the ‘Sport of Kings’, horse racing and betting on horse racing is one of the exciting parts of life that everyone seems to experience at some point in their life. Horse racing is prevalent in almost every country of the world from Australian Horse Racing to UK Horse Racing.

Online Casinos Looking for top online casinos? We’ve compiled a long list of the best online casino reviews!

Online betting is fun and it means you don’t have to go drive to your local sports betting or bar. It also means you can bet online from the comfort from your own home.

OnlineGambling.com has put together a whole section on our website for online sports betting, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and much more. Check out our online sportsbooks and sports betting odds. OnlineGambling.com has them all for you right here!

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OnlineGambling.com > #1 Online Gambling Sites Guide 2016

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Human Capital in the NBA

Posted: February 20, 2015 at 12:43 am

Feb 8, 2015; Sacramento, CA, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic (1) drives baseline against Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore (23) during the first quarter at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, dont use the expression human capital when talking about NBA players. Its a vaguely creepy neologism to begin with, but useful when describing aggregates of hundreds, thousands or even millions in economic terms. When describing the 15-man (give or take) playing staff of an NBA team, its downright impersonal. Its explicitly and almost intentionally transforming men into the machines which were the original capital investments.

The treatment of NBA players or athletes in general as fungible widgets or inputs in a production function is probably not a new thing. At the end of the day, its a business has been a stock answer in an athlete approach free agencys repertoire for many years. But the perception is that using thecalculating, depersonalizing language of the accountant or investment bankeris new. How could it not be, with the influx of finance industry veterans to the ranks of ownership?

This language is part and parcel of a mindset often described as analyical. Not unfairly so, as this new wave of owners has ushered in a wave of quant-centric front office personnel across the league. On one hand, this is a great boon to the league and its fans. We simply know and can learn much more about the game than was even possible three years ago. However, with this outlook there comes a great danger in losing sight that the players are people first, and as such subject to imperfections, emotions and inconstancy. Changing the environment around a player for the worse and its only natural to expect a dip in performance.

In plainer terms, if you treat someone like crap, they are less likely to perform for you. Getting a paid a lot of money is certainly nice, but money alone doesnt obviate the need for job satisfaction and basic human contentment. Being told either directly or by virtue of actions that one is of now value other than the value of the service they perform can and will wear on many. Not every player, some are likely so stoic, so emotionally removed from the business or simply clueless as to these cues to care. But some will react badly.

Fans and commentators usually treat those reactions unkindly. As if the concerns for being appreciated in ones work dont exist in whatever profession in which fans labor. Perhaps its the illusion that the moneydoes solve everything, or maybe its tinged by the jealousy that unlike most workers, athletes sometimes have the leverage to make their complaints over working conditions stick.

In any event, unsettled players are areal risk to a franchise. It might be pointless to appeal to a sense of decency (in the extreme version of this MBA mindset, there is little room for such niceties), but pointing out the practical, tactical problems with a disgruntled workforce might illustrate the issue as well. Simply put, if a certain method of asset management ends up devaluing or degrading some or all of those assets, that cost must be taken into consideration.

These internalities can take many forms. A collection of bad attitudes or unprofessional players can stunt the growth of a young player, either by teaching bad habits or at least hindering the development of good ones. A player might lose some motivation, allow his skills and conditioning to decline, knowing hell still collect a paycheck if a paycheck is all the job now means to him. Worst of all, it can sabotage the relationship between team and player to the point where rational self-interest causes the player to act in a manner detrimental to the organization.

Whether in the form of contract year gunning or an untimely trade demand,the entire framework of the team might be disrupted, and not in current bad-means-good colloquial terms.

Certainly, Phoenixs best laid plans are scattered to the wind with Goran Dragic expressing his desire to be out of the Valley of the Sun toot suite. While the team was busy arbitraging free agency, letting Channing Frye walk and adding Isaiah Thomas for less, Dragic saw another competitor for playing time, touches and shots arriving. In a contract year. With another would-be lead guard in Eric Bledsoe having signed a big money extention late in the offseason. After Dragichad been the point guard performingat a (sadly unrecognized)All-Star level a year ago in the Suns shocking 48 win season. Not to mention Frye was Dragics partner in a deadly pick-and-roll combo. Add that together and its more than a little understandable he lost trust in the organization his past contributions were devalued, his chances of putting up the numbers sadly still needed to secure a big next contract reduced. For all the loyalty he supposedly owes the organization, have they done right by him?

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Human Capital in the NBA

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Bitcoin Billionaire – Forearms Sore From Tapping – Video

Posted: December 16, 2014 at 5:47 am

Bitcoin Billionaire – Forearms Sore From Tapping
NBA All Net Free on iOS http://bit.ly/NBAALLNET NBA All Net Free on Android http://bit.ly/NBAALLNETANDROID I STREAM ON TWITCH DAILY 4PM – 7PM Central Fol…

By: phonecatss

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Bitcoin Billionaire – Forearms Sore From Tapping – Video

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GBS205 First Amendment Video – Video

Posted: December 13, 2014 at 7:46 pm

GBS205 First Amendment Video
Andrew Dye Tommy Marino NBA players expressing their thoughts and opinions on the Eric Garner trial using symbolic speech; expressing themselves through the first amendment.

By: Tommy Marino

GBS205 First Amendment Video – Video

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NBA 2K15 – MyCareer – Reunited with my highschool coach, teammates turned NSA – Video

Posted: November 25, 2014 at 3:52 pm

NBA 2K15 – MyCareer – Reunited with my highschool coach, teammates turned NSA
20 Points, 4 or more blocks, and then my teammates take my phone.

By: ThorntonVideos99

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NBA 2K15 – MyCareer – Reunited with my highschool coach, teammates turned NSA – Video

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P.I.G. Plays NBA 2K14 Part 3 – Video

Posted: September 17, 2014 at 10:42 am

P.I.G. Plays NBA 2K14 Part 3
Free throw simulator 2014.

By: Politically Incorrect Gaming

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P.I.G. Plays NBA 2K14 Part 3 – Video

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Derrick Rose's Long Journey Back to Superstardom Is Only Just Beginning

Posted: at 10:41 am

For Derrick Rose, winning a gold medal at the 2014 FIBA World Cup of Basketball came with a silver liningand not the good kind, either.

Following a strong training camp that had even Team USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski declaring the Chicago Bulls star and former MVP had returned to being elite, per ESPN.com’s Nick Friedell, Roses tournament performance left us with far more questions than answers.

Chief among the latter: After sustaining a pair of knee injuries that kept him out for the better part of two full NBA seasons, Roses road back to superstardom is only just beginning.

Of course, that hes even on that path at all is a testament to both the miracles of modern medicine and Roses own unimpeachable determination, facts that the three-time All-Star heartily acknowledged in a post-tournament interview with NBA.coms Sam Smith:

I think this was just a preparation test for me. Just coming here, really learning my routine, becoming a pro. Im going to transfer this onto the next season with the Bulls because I think this really helped me with recovery wise, taking care of my body, eating rightI still have to get my rhythm back. But as far as Im concerned, I think performed good.

Good might be a bit of an overstatement: In eight FIBA appearancesall off the benchRose registered a mere 4.8 points and 3.1 assists on 26 percent shooting, hitting just one of his 19 three-point attempts in the process.

Thats not to say there werent bright spots. Rose was steady-solid in his teams quarterfinals win over Goran Dragic and Slovenia (12 points on 6-of-10 from the floor), and for the most part, he seemed comfortable careening around the court in his typical frenzied fashion.

But with just two weeks remaining before the start of Bulls training camp, its become increasingly clear that Roses game is still very much a work in progress.

Luckily for Bulls fans, the pressure about the shoulders of Chicagos resident Atlas stands to be measures more manageable with the arrival of a player for whom FIBA served more as a renaissance than a rite of recovery: Pau Gasol.

Gasol, who signed a three-year, $22 million tender on July 14, was easily one of the tournaments most incendiary performers. And while Spains gold-medal gambit fell short in a shocking semifinals loss to France, Gasolwho averaged 20 points and 5.9 rebounds on 64 percent shootingproved he remains one of the games elite big men.

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Derrick Rose's Long Journey Back to Superstardom Is Only Just Beginning

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More speech, not censorship, best antidote for bigotry

Posted: May 11, 2014 at 8:42 am

Published: Saturday, May 10, 2014, 9:00p.m. Updated 12 hours ago

When the NBA banned racist team owner Donald Sterling, some said: What about free speech? Can’t a guy say what he thinks anymore?

The answer: Yes, you can. But the free market might punish you. In America today, the market punishes racists aggressively.

This punishment is not censorship. Censorship is something only governments can do. Writers complain that editors censor what they write. But that’s not censorship; that’s editing.

It’s fine if the NBA or any private group wants to censor speech on its own property. People who attend games or work for the NBA agreed to abide by its rules. Likewise, Fox is free to fire me if it doesn’t like what I say. That’s the market in action, reflecting preferences of owners and customers.

But it’s important that government not have the power to silence us. We have lots of companies, colleges and sports leagues. If one orders us to shut up, we can go somewhere else.

But there is only one government and it can take our money and our freedom. All a business can do is refuse to do business with me, causing me to work with someone else. Government can forbid me to do business with anyone at all.

Of course, government never admits it’s doing harm. Around the world, when government gets into the censorship business, it claims to be protecting the public. But by punishing those who criticize politicians, it’s protecting itself.

That’s why it’s great that the Framers gave America the First Amendment, a ban on government abridging the freedom of speech. But I wonder if today’s young lawyers would approve the First Amendment if it were up for ratification now.

There is a new commandment at colleges today: Thou shalt not hurt others with words. Students are told not to offend. At Wake Forest University, for instance, students cannot post any fliers or messages deemed racist, sexist, profane or derogatory.

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More speech, not censorship, best antidote for bigotry

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