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Ron Paul News – The New York Times

Posted: September 3, 2015 at 9:41 pm

Jesse Benton, supporter and onetime adviser to Sen Rand Paul, is charged with paying Iowa lawmaker Kent Sorenson $70,000 to secure endorsement of senator’s father Rep Ron Paul during 2012 presidential bid; accusation comes as latest blow to Rand Paul’s struggling 2016 campaign. MORE

Sen Rand Paul, preparing to announce candidacy for 2016 Republican nomination, will seek to distance himself from legacy of his father Ron Paul, who had several unsuccessful presidential bids in past; elder Paul will likely have only minor role in campaign. MORE

Sen Rand Paul is adopting different strategy than his father, former Rep Ron Paul, as he prepares for his likely 2016 bid to be Republican nominee for president; Paul is trying to bridge gap between fervent supporters of his father’s previous campaigns and with more mainstream elements of the Republican Party. MORE

Op-Ed article by Brian Doherty, senior editor at Reason magazine, examines state of libertarian wing of Republican Party, in light of Rep Ron Paul’s retirement; assesses future and observes that Sen Rand Paul may not only be a standard-bearer for libertarians, but also for the Republican Party. MORE

Backers of Rep Ron Paul protest at the Republican National Convention what they say are moves by Republican leadership to squelch their movements rise; part of Maine’s delegation walks out; protests signal deeper party divisions bubbling under the telegenic surface of Mitt Romney’s nomination at the convention. MORE

Ron Paul exerts a strong presence on the eve of the Republican convention in Tampa, Fla, delivering a speech to nearly 10,000 eager supporters at a rally inside the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome. MORE

Supporters of Rep Ron Paul, after a valedictory rally in Tampa, Fla, are eager to build on his electoral advances and youth support; Paul will not speak at the Republican National Convention, but his libertarian views found new attention in the Tea Party era and served as the focus of a determined grass-roots effort to shake up the Republican establishment. MORE

Mitt Romney’s campaign extends an olive branch to the small army of Ron Paul delegates who will attend the Republican National Convention by scheduling a tribute video to Paul, even as it tries to make sure that such an insurgency does not arise in future campaigns. MORE

Rep Ron Paul’s dedicated supporters are setting their sights down-ballot in an attempt to infiltrate the top echelons of the Republican Party, now that Paul has lost the 2012 presidential nomination; Republican Party officials say they are in daily contact with Paul, in a delicate effort to harness the energy around him without inciting his supporters. MORE

Strategists for Republican presidential candidate Rep Ron Paul are searching for answers as to why his strengths did not coalesce into a candidacy with a real shot at the GOP presidential nomination; not even Paul can entirely explain why the passion he generated in the primary season did not translate into more votes. MORE

Presidential candidates disclose their monthly campaign fund-raising for February 2012; Pres Obama raised $45 million, a big increase for the month; Mitt Romney raised $11.5 million, Rick Santorum raised more than $9 million and Ron Paul reports $3.3. million in contributions; Newt Gingrich has not yet released his report. MORE

Relationship between Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul stands out for its behind-the-scenes civility, in a contest rife with angry rivalries. MORE

Interviews with Rep Ron Paul and scores of his relatives, friends and colleagues reveal that Paul’s unusual political views were largely shaped by his early family life; Paul has held on to those views with unwavering fidelity, and they have directed not only his political career but also the way he lives his life (Series: The Long Run). MORE

Residents of a Nevada town in Nye County have little use for government regulations, be it permits, stop signs, gun regulations or anything that would threaten its brothels; it is the heart of Ron Paul country, the one county in Nevada that the 76-year-old congressman from Texas carried in the 2008 Republican caucuses, and a place that wears its libertarianism proudly. MORE

Surge of support for Ron Paul in Nevada since the 2008 election has revolutionized the state Republican Party; 25 percent of party members in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, back Paul; trend showcases the candidate’s long-term goal of changing the national party from within. MORE

Advisers to Ron Paul say they are in the 2012 presidential campaign to win, but they are also trying to leverage what they have to try to force the Republican Party to take his and his supporters views into account. MORE

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul finishes a strong second in New Hampshire primary, which in many ways is the more telling outcome in a race where Mitt Romney’s dominance was never in doubt; outcome seems to give Paul, often dismissed as a protest candidate, reason to extend his campaign. MORE

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul makes his first campaign appearance in New Hampshire three days after the Iowa caucuses, prompting grumbling from some of his supporters and raising questions about whether he is serious about winning the primaries in the state. MORE

Charles M Blow Op-Ed column excoriates Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul for once again using race to pander to the right; offers chart to debunk claims that blacks and other minorities participate in food stamps programs more than white Americans. MORE

Newt Gingrich, following fourth-place bruising in the Iowa caucuses, immediately begins fulfilling vow to take on Gov Mitt Romney and Rep Ron Paul more aggressively; anti-Gingrich ads aired by the Romney and Paul campaigns helped derail Gingrich’s surge in the lead-up to the caucuses. MORE

Analysis; Mitt Romney’s narrow win over Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses, with Rep Ron Paul placing a close third, ensures that Republican primary contests will be fought aggressively for additional weeks or months; caucuses illustrate how deep ideological divisions among Republicans continue to complicate their ability to focus wholly on defeating Pres Obama. MORE

Few Republican strategists expect Ron Paul to be elected president, but his third-place finish in the Iowa Republican caucuses shows that at the least he will be a force to be reckoned with in the primaries, and in GOP politics. MORE

Outcome of the Iowa caucuses, curious political ritual that is about to open yet another race for the White House, will set a tone for the race after a yearlong prelude that has been off the charts in its unpredictability; Republican candidates enter a final day of frenzied campaigning, with top runners Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Rep Ron Paul rushing to claim victory as the contest then moves to New Hampshire. MORE

Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, on last day of campaigning before the caucuses, implore Iowans to turn out for them. MORE

Republican presidential candidates are making final appeals to Iowa voters as caucus draws near; volatility of race is underscored by latest Des Moines Register poll showing Mitt Romney and Ron Paul essentially tied for the lead with Rick Santorum gaining momentum close behind. MORE

Ross Douthat Op-Ed column examines Rep Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and the basis of his appeal; asserts that in this unprecedented era of American failure, it sometimes takes a fearless crank to expose realities that neither Republicans nor Democrats are particularly eager to acknowledge. MORE

Representative Ron Paul of Texas, during campaign events in Iowa, assails critics of his opposition to United States military involvement abroad, saying he fears an overreaction to worries about Irans nuclear program could lead to war. MORE

Many of the Republican presidential candidates indicate that they hold expansive views about the scope of executive powers they would wield if elected, even as they advocate for limited government; only Ron Paul argues for more limited presidential power, while Rick Perry, Jon M Huntsman Jr, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney see the commander in chief as having the authority to lawfully take extraordinary actions if he decides doing so is necessary to protect national security. MORE

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign signals that it will campaign aggressively in Iowa, a state that spurned him in 2008, just as polls are suggesting a surge by Rep Ron Paul. MORE

Rep Ron Paul’s relatively dovish stance on foreign policy raises the question of whether his views are so far out of the Republican orthodoxy that they will limit his support in many places. MORE

Rep Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has issued strict orders to its young volunteer supporters in Iowa to look and behave in a way that will not jeopardize Paul’s chances; the orders seem to be a recognition of the fact that while the hundreds of volunteers from out-of-state may be Paul’s most potent weapon, there is the possibility that they may rub Iowa voters the wrong way. MORE

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney criticizes Ron Paul’s approach to foreign policy as polls show both men are in the lead in Iowa; as caucus grows near, all six contenders search for ways to win voters’ support across the state. MORE

Republican presidential candidates are in a final push to win over undecided voters in Iowa as the caucuses prepare to open; most are sharpening their criticism of Ron Paul, hoping to keep his support from growing among voters who might consider a vote for a Paul as a message of frustration to Washington. MORE

Editorial urges Ron Paul to release a full and detailed account of his role in the offensive and discriminatory newsletters published in the 1980s and 1990s under his name and to completely disavow his racist supporters in order to clear his discredited presidential campaign. MORE

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s popularity among far-right fringe groups, many of them discriminatory, has begun to attract scrutiny as he surges in election polls; although Paul has stated that he does not agree with the racist and bigoted opinions held by some groups of supporters, he has not disavowed their support. MORE

Newt Gingrich sharply criticizes Republican opponent Ron Paul for the discriminatory statements made about blacks and gays in newsletters attributed to the Texas congressman, as controversy over the inflammatory remarks continue to dog Paul’s presidential campaign. MORE

Conservative publication The Weekly Standard reprises reports of incendiary and discriminatory language used in Republican presidential candidate Rep Ron Paul’s newsletters; focus on his newsletters comes as Paul’s standing quickly improves in primary polling. MORE

Ron Paul’s built-in networks of loyal backers established during his 2008 presidential bid have given the Republican candidate a decisive organizational advantage in 2012 election; analysts say years of groundwork are an important reason that some polls show Paul within striking distance of victory in the Iowa caucuses; Paul’s backers are diverse, ranging from college students enthusiastic about his antiwar stance to conservative populists who are suspicious of Wall Street. MORE

Paul Krugman Op-Ed column asserts that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s hard-money doctrine and paranoia about inflation have come to dominate the Republican Party’s views on the economy; argues that this economic doctrine, like Paul, has been remarkably consistent, clear and wrong. MORE

Gail Collins Op-Ed column on the writings and musings of Ron Paul, libertarian congressman from Texas who now seems to have an outside chance of winning the Iowa caucus vote. MORE

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul’s campaign is picking up momentum in Iowa, as two polls show he is in a statistical tie for first place; many credit his growing popularity to his ability to organize and mobilize niche voters, along with help from grass roots organizations and heavy advertising. MORE

Ron Paul’s right eyebrow visibly droops during televised Republican presidential candidate debate, causing many to speculate that he is wearing false eyebrows, a claim that his campaign spokesman vehemently denies. MORE

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Ron Paul News – The New York Times

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David Stockman told CNBC – FED is the problem – Ron Paul was Right! – Video

Posted: February 8, 2015 at 11:42 pm

David Stockman told CNBC – FED is the problem – Ron Paul was Right!
Former OMB boss David Stockman told CNBC that Romney's vision of capitalism is not possible if the Federal Reserve continues to run the economy. Stockman sai. Please like, share, subscribe…

By: Timothy Brown

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David Stockman told CNBC – FED is the problem – Ron Paul was Right! – Video

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Webster Tarpley – Rand Paul a Libertarian Manchurian Candidate? – Video

Posted: February 4, 2015 at 8:42 pm

Webster Tarpley – Rand Paul a Libertarian Manchurian Candidate?
Webster Tarpley on Ron Paul's secession comments, and Mitt Romney will not run for President in 2016.

By: Webster Tarpley Radio

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Webster Tarpley – Rand Paul a Libertarian Manchurian Candidate? – Video

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John Dickerson: Rand Paul in the land of the free

Posted: January 16, 2015 at 4:41 pm

This article originally appeared on Slate.

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire–Rand Paul loves the free market, and in a one-day five-stop New Hampshire tour, the Kentucky senator dispensed his praise for it like water from an aspergillum. At Murphy’s Diner, when the morning hour matched the temperature on the street, he said the free market was the solution to shrinking the budget and strengthening the economy. At lunchtime, in the Quonset hut of the Londonderry Fish and Game Club, he preached to the standing-room-only crowd about “the freedom to own things.” In the library at the Founders Academy, a charter school with rules for proper behavior written on a yellow sheet on the wall and volumes of Shakespeare stacked like sandbags, he argued that market competition among states should replace Common Core education standards.

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As Sen. Rand Paul continues to build a campaign base for a possible 2016 presidential bid, the politician reacted to a possible GOP rival in Mitt…

So of course he has a free market answer to the growing size of the Republican presidential field. “The more the merrier,” he said as we talked in the “primary room,” across the hall from the Manchester mayor’s office at City Hall where the walls are decorated with buttons, yard signs, and newspapers from previous elections. (A placard in the room reads, “Assume that cameras and audio are always recording,” which is good advice–and nearly encapsulates Paul’s view of government surveillance).

It’s good for the voters to have choices, says Paul, and it seems like Republican voters have more every day. Mitt Romney is seriously considering a run. Former three-term New York Gov. George Pataki just visited New Hampshire to see if anyone remembers him. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is making soundings. It’s getting to be the case that the R next to a politician’s name stands for “Running for president.” “I saw in the paper recently they listed who might run for the Republican primary,” said Paul. “It was like the whole page.”

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Republican Congressman Paul Ryan says he won’t be running for president in 2016, but Mitt Romney says he is considering running again. If he does…

But Paul isn’t just being ideologically consistent when he says, “More the merrier.” He’s happy to see the others split the vote. On the establishment side of the party, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie will fight for the share of voters who want a pragmatist with executive experience. Social conservatives will splinter between Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee. Paul will have relatively less competition for the libertarian conservatives of the kind who supported his father in the state in 2012, when Rep. Ron Paul came in second to Mitt Romney with 23 percent of the vote.

But the son is not the father. To make that clear he has said his father will not be campaigning with him. Sen. Paul’s foreign policy views are less confrontational and isolationist than his father’s are, and he is running a more traditional campaign, assembling constituency groups, not just relying on tribal loyalism. At Murphy’s, Paul talked to small government legislators, at the gun club it was Second Amendment enthusiasts, and at Founders it was education activists. You could almost see the chart on which the careful constituent tending had been mapped out.

John Dickerson: Rand Paul in the land of the free

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Rand Paul calls Romney 2016 bid 'insanity.' Counterproductive? (+video)

Posted: at 4:41 pm

Washington Rand Paul took a pretty sharp dig at possible/probable 2016 rival Mitt Romney on Wednesday. In an interview with the NH Journal, Senator Paul noted that this would be Mr. Romneys third try at the Oval Office if he runs, and then said, When you do the same thing and expect a different result, its sort of what Einstein said, that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Thats right, Paul pretty much flat-out said that Romney would be bonkers to mount another presidential campaign.

Should he have said this? We think not.

Yes, its not far from what lots of Republicans are saying about Romneys surprise interest in 2016. But technically speaking, its inaccurate. Trying something three times and expecting a different result is not the definition of insanity. If it were, everybody who is certain that they know their Netflix password, and that it will work this time if he or she just types it in harder, or more carefully, would be certifiable.

Thats millions of people.

Also, Einstein probably never said this. Like lots of stuff on the Internet, this is a quote that seems vaguely wise and is attributed to a famous person to give it extra power, but nobody really knows where it came from. Ben Franklin didnt say it, either. Neither did Mark Twain.

But this is carping. The real reason Paul should not have resorted to this faux-Einstein chestnut is that its quite likely he (Paul) would benefit if Romney ran. He should be encouraging Mitt to get the gang back together. He should be offering to endorse Romney, or even run the sign-up papers down to the FEC if Romney has to stay home to wait for the car elevator repairman.

Why would Paul be better off with Romney re-redux? Long story short, Romney and Jeb Bush split the GOP establishments votes, money, and endorsements. Paul sticks with his own identifiable, libertarian niche. Hes a unique figure in the race, points out Thursdays Wall Street Journal.

As the field of potential Republican presidential candidates grows, few stand to benefit from the added competition as much as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, write the WSJs Janet Hook and Patrick OConnor.

In particular, Romney could siphon support from Mr. Bush in the early-primary state of New Hampshire, where the former Massachusetts governor maintains a summer home. The Granite State is also fertile ground for Pauls brand of libertarianism, meaning that he could pull off a surprise win or a strong second in the event of a Romney-Bush clash.

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Rand Paul calls Romney 2016 bid 'insanity.' Counterproductive? (+video)

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Littwin: Someone else, please, in 2016

Posted: January 9, 2015 at 12:41 am

There are many things in life I dont pretend to understand. Accretion discs. Dynamic scoring. Adam Sandler.

But Ive always had a pretty good handle on politics. For one thing, its not that complicated. And for another, when I get confused, theres always Nate Silver to straighten me out.

So, in that spirit, we will begin our 2015 column season by explaining why none of the many Republican presidential candidates could possibly be nominated in 2016. One of them will be, of course, which youd think would ruin the concept of the column. But, fortunately, it doesnt.

I mean, I said repeatedly that Mitt Romney couldnt possibly be nominated in 2012 because the guy who invented Romneycare would obviously not be chosen to run against the guy who invented Obamacare. And yet I knew he would be nominated because, who else Bachmann, Newt, Santorum, Cain, Oops? And so Romney got the job and, as everyone except Romney knew would happen, he lost.

And looking back, it was clear he should never have been nominated …

… so clear that respected people are actually talking about him running for a third time. Why couldnt Romney run this time? Are you kidding? Its not just because Chris Mathews predicts in mid-tingle that Romney would win the nomination. Its 47 percent of everything else.

Lets go to the real candidates. One of them will win, I guess, even though none of them would seem to have a chance.

1. Jeb Bush. Of all the candidates, this is the most confusing one to me. Would Republicans really nominate pro-Common Core, pro-immigration Jeb Bush? Who is his constituency the younger and smarter brothers of America? The idea of another Bush-Clinton race is so outlandish, so interstellarish, that when Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination (see: Romney, 2012), Americans will look back at yet another Bush candidacy as the time when someone actually Googled William Henry Harrison.

2. Marco Rubio. Hes a young, smart, attractive, inexperienced first-term senator. And hes written a book. (Sound like anyone you know? I cant wait to hear about the time he spent in Indonesia.) Hes also from Florida, where Jeb Bush will have tapped every donor this side of South Beach. Rubio will run eventually. He might even win. Eventually.

3. Mike Huckabee. In 2008, he shockingly won in Iowa, winning the evangelical vote that Rick Santorum won in 2012, proving that winning in Iowa doesnt mean all that much anymore. Huckabee couldnt raise money in 2008. I dont see where he could raise any in 2016, even if he wins Iowa again. Hes a great retail campaigner in an era when retail campaigns have gone wholesale. I spent a day with him in New Hampshire in 2008 and one of his supporters gave me his card which had imbedded in it a piece of a pink Elvis convertible. Or so he told me. Whats not to like?

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Littwin: Someone else, please, in 2016

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Health Care – Video

Posted: January 2, 2015 at 7:43 am

Health Care
Health Care Michelle Bachmann Ron Paul Rick Perry Herman Cain Mitt Romney Jon Huntsman Newt Gingrich Rick Santorum 2011 SpeechWorks Released on: 2011-09-13 Auto-generated by …

By: Ron Paul – Topic

Health Care – Video

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Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney Q3 Fundraising Totals Compared – Video

Posted: December 1, 2014 at 11:41 pm

Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney Q3 Fundraising Totals Compared
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By: News in World

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Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney Q3 Fundraising Totals Compared – Video

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Illegal Immigration – Video

Posted: November 9, 2014 at 10:41 pm

Illegal Immigration
Illegal Immigration Newt Gingrich Mitt Romney Rick Santorum Ron Paul 2012 SpeechWorks Released on: 2012-02-14 Auto-generated by YouTube.

By: Ron Paul – Topic

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Illegal Immigration – Video

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Jobs / Obamacare – Video

Posted: at 10:41 pm

Jobs / Obamacare
Jobs / Obamacare Rick Perry Herman Cain Mitt Romney Rick Santorum Newt Gingrich Michelle Bachman Ron Paul 2011 SpeechWorks Released on: 2011-10-25 Auto-generated by YouTube.

By: Ron Paul – Topic

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Jobs / Obamacare – Video

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