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New Zealand U-17 footballers complete perfect record in pool play at Oceania champs – Stuff.co.nz

Posted: February 19, 2017 at 11:43 am


Last updated20:15, February 19 2017


Max Mata (left) was on the scoresheet for the NZ U-17s.

The New Zealand under-17 men’s football team have prepared for Wednesday’s semifinal at the Oceania championships in perfect fashion.

They beat Fiji 5-0 at Stade Pater in Tahiti on Sunday afternoon, finishing pool play with a perfect three-win record, 18goals for and one against, and are just one win away from qualifying for October’s World Cup in India,.

Matthew Jones opened the scoring in the 12th minute from a header, and completed his brace in stoppage time the same way.

In between, Elijah Just, in the 41st minute,and Max Mata, in the 76th, joined him on the scoresheet, while Charles Spragg scored from the penalty mark after him, his sixth goal of the tournament.

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New Zealand will now play Papua New Guinea in the semifinals on Wednesday, with the winner securing a place at the World Cup, as both finalists qualify.

New Caledonia, who topped group A, will play the Solomon Islands in the other semifinal earlier that day, with the final then to follow on Saturday. The Solomon Islands made it in over Fiji from group B on goal difference, after beating Samoa 12-0 in Sunday’s early match.


Oceania Under-17 Championship Group B, Rd 3

New Zealand 5 (Jones 2, Just, Mata, Spragg) beat Fiji 0 HT: 2-0


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New Zealand U-17 footballers complete perfect record in pool play at Oceania champs – Stuff.co.nz

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Blame automation for loss of manufacturing jobs – LancasterOnline

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Manufacturing jobs have been in decline since 2000. President Donald Trump claims the North American Free Trade Agreement and the entrance of China into the World Trade Organization have jointly sucked those jobs out of our country and deposited them in other countries.

A recent study by the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University, however, indicates that he is probably wrong in indicting NAFTA and China for those job losses. The report found that 85 percent of those manufacturing job losses did not vanish because of either trade deficits or international trade imbalances but to machines that automated most of those jobs.

Manufacturing’s adoption of advanced technologies has increased real output as well as productivity almost across the entire industrial spectrum. These advances have made many manufacturing workers redundant.

Happily, for their owners, these companies produce more with fewer employees.

Bringing manufacturing back from wherever it currently is will most probably lead to more automation and not more jobs. Technology improves at an increasingly fast pace.

In fact, Oxford University reported in 2013 that of 702 occupations,about 47 percent of total U.S. employment is (would be) at risk to computerization/automation by 2023.

Viewed from this perspective, tariffs on imports, or trade wars to force businesses to bring jobs back to the U.S., makes very little sense as those jobs most likely will be automated.

While it is tempting to blame trade deals for job losses, the real culprits are businesses that have machines doing twice the work with one-third the workers.

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Blame automation for loss of manufacturing jobs – LancasterOnline

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Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians against fascism: Continuing the culture of resistance – Straight.com

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This commentary was issued by the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) on February 13. It was originally published on the website of the Ontario-based Magkaisa Centre and on the website of the Philippine Women Centre of BC (which is a member organization of the CPFC).

We are in a crucial moment in history, and to understand how we can advance our organizing efforts as progressive Filipino Canadians, there is a need for a proper analysis of current social, economic, and political developments around the world. Much is happening in the global picture that impacts our national work within Canada, and it is within the global context that we must place our particular realities and immediate struggles. In 2016, we saw the horrendous record-breaking climb of greenhouse gas emission levels, the displacement and deaths of countless war refugees, and the rabid rise of anti-intellectualism, state impunity, fascism, and fascist tendencies. But we have also witnessed the many forms of people’s resistance being waged throughout the world.

In Canada, the Liberal governments promises are crumbling, thus exposing the neoliberal agenda that had been brewing and implemented all along. The implications of fascist America is glaring, with Islamophobic attacks, spurts of neo-Nazi propaganda, and hate crimes surfacing all over Canada. From where we stand, our work in community organizing and building revolutionary consciousness and practice to fight the direct impacts of all these attacks is more necessary than ever.

Since the Liberal Government took power over a year ago, they have made promises to counter Conservative right-wing policies and legislation under the guise of working with communities to consult on issues: from missing and murdered indigenous women, the environment, to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Yet their action and policies prove contrary to these humanitarian consultative initiatives, with the approval of pipelines and the hollow lip service and token treatment of the struggles of First Nations and Indigenous communities. Recommendations to the TFWP are steering towards the further privatization of the agricultural and healthcare sectors. For the working class in Canada, this means the continued exploitation of our labour locked to wage slavery, and further insecurity and instability for local and transnational workers alike.

While the election of Trump represents the rise of fascism in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of the white working class chose to abandon the racialized facets of the working class in order to support a racist, homophobic, patriarchal, xenophobic, and Islamophobic presidential candidate in exchange for empty promises of jobs and industry. On the other hand, the ongoing resistance of the Sioux Nation, and by extension all indigenous people on Turtle Island, in halting the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, and the great show of support and solidarity during the Womens March to Washington all over the world are living proof that resistance is not futile. With the reversal of the halting order and the reckless gutting of democratic institutions, we need to remain vigilant and refuse the clawbacks of our hard-won victories.

The death of past revolutionary leaders, most notably Fidel Castro, signifies the passing of a generation of revolutionaries but also signals the ever-growing need to continue developing the next line of revolutionary leaders to help build the path towards socialism. Defining our task at hand and moving forward requires placing ourselves within this context. The current rise to power of far-right regimes around the world, vis–vis sparse but significant victories in the efforts of the Left to decolonize and overturn the viciousness of the profit motive, comes at a time when every opportunity to carry on the revolutionary struggle must be propelled to full potential.

The socio-economic and political accomplishments of the Cuban people under the leadership of the Communist Party are nothing short of remarkable. Despite its lack of resources and the U.S. embargo, the Cuban people were successful in establishing a healthcare system that is truly universal. It has also trained tens of thousands of doctors, and maintains some of the most advanced dermatology departments in the world. Furthermore, Cuba was also able to establish highly effective educational and youth programs, with illiteracy being nearly eradicated and national boxing and performing arts programs that produced world-class athletes and artists. The deployment of Cuban military personnel and medical professionals to Palestine and South Africa to aid in anti-apartheid efforts, as well as Castros open support for the Black Panthers and revolutionary struggles across Latin America, are a testament of the Partys commitment to genuine internationalist solidarity. In fact, it is clear that this commitment continues on with the recent deployment of Cuban-trained doctors to aid in the indigenous resistance at Standing Rock. Cuba’s contributions in upholding the ideals of communism and building socialism continue to inspire revolutionary cultures across the globe to resist and combat imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, racism, patriarchy, homophobia, and all forms of oppression in the name of achieving a classless and truly liberated society.

Despite the overwhelmingly dismal human and environmental catastrophes caused by neoliberal global capitalism and imperialist war and plunder, now is the most hopeful and opportune moment to engage in the various struggles our societies are faced with today. People are growing more critical and are seeking sustainable and long-lasting alternatives to the unconscionable and unjustifiable mass destruction of entire ecological systems and the violent and deadly repression of millions of people borne out of the current world order. Now is the time to build the future, not to be swayed by the moment. Now is the time to create a lasting legacy and put an end to the domination and destructiveness of the capitalist system.

To challenge apathy and erroneous ideas regarding social activism and political organization, we must acknowledge the strength and the victories of the Cuban people, of the indigenous resistance on Turtle Island, of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Palestine solidarity movement, and all progressive struggles past and presently being fought for in Canada and throughout the world. As history has shown, the masses lead the indispensable role of bringing about social transformation and revolutionary change. In the spirit of resistance and peoples solidarity, we the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians will continue to espouse revolutionary culture and practice to help build and strengthen the socialist movement in Canada.

Expose and oppose the neoliberal agenda of global capitalism! Down with imperialist war and plunder! Onwards with the struggle for socialism! Long-live international solidarity!

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Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians against fascism: Continuing the culture of resistance – Straight.com

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Mike Trout stays humble, but frustrated with Angels’ progress – USA TODAY

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With MLB spring training underway, there’s plenty to talk about. USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout has more MVP awards than postseason appearances, two-to-one.(Photo: Chris Carlson, AP)

TEMPE, Ariz. The worlds best baseball player has a new teammate on each side of his locker in the Los Angeles Angels clubhouse, corner infielder Luis Valbuena to the left, second baseman Danny Espinosa to the right. Yet another newcomer, outfielder Cameron Maybin, is just a couple of stalls away.

Theyre part of a makeover intended to help the Angels bounce back from a 74-88 finish, their worst since 1999, and ideally get Mike Trout back to the playoffs.

Entering his sixth full season at 25, Trout has more MVP awards than postseason appearances, two-to-one. He has five times as many All-Star Game invites and three times as many runner-up finishes in the MVP race as trips to the playoffs.

Mike Trout’s intense offseason training consisted of running with a barbell on his back

The personal achievements are great, but the lack of team success must be getting old.

Its frustrating, for sure, said Trout, pointing to a rash of injuries to the pitching staff as a prime reason for last years pratfall. You want to get to the playoffs. Its fun. Youve seen the World Series last year. You want to be in that atmosphere.

Several things would have to go right for Trout to experience the playoff vibe again this season. Years of neglecting the farm system while spending lavishly and often unwisely on free agents Josh Hamilton didnt pan out, and C.J. Wilson only in his first two seasons have put the Angels in a bind.

They dont have much help coming from the minors, and only enough room in the budget for modest additions.

Second-year general manager Billy Eppler made some opportunistic moves in the offseason, trading for Maybin, Espinosa and catcher Martin Maldonado. He also signed free agents Ben Revere, Jesse Chavez and Valbuena, the latter costing the most at $15 million over two years.

Its debatable whether that will be enough to contend in a division where the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers loom as favorites. Los Angeles likely will need starting pitchers Garrett Richards, Tyler Skaggs and Matt Shoemaker to make strong comebacks from serious injuries to have a fighting chance.

We feel like were going to be competitive and need to stay healthy, and we have to play well in our division, owner Arte Moreno said. The Astros should be better, Seattles Seattle, and Texas won a lot of one-run games, thirtysomething one-run games. Its pretty hard to repeat that.

Regardless of whether the odds are stacked in their favor or against, the Angels can count on Trout maintaining an optimistic outlook, at least publicly.

In his first media session of the spring Saturday, the reigning AL MVP expressed a desire to steal 40 bases, revealed slightly longer hair Some of my teammates complained that I had the same buzz cut since third grade and confirmed he would not play in the World Baseball Classic, although he would not discuss why.

He also gave a hearty approval to the Epplers additions, especially Maybin, who will play alongside him in left.

Cams obviously fast, Trout said. I got to see him play when he was with Detroit. He brings a lot to the table. Last year we were trying to fill some holes in left field. Its going to be fun. The outfields going to be fast.

After his stolen-base total dwindled from a career-best of 49 as a rookie in 2012 to 11 in 2015, Trout returned to his aggressive ways on the basepaths last season, swiping 30. He also led the league with 116 walks and a .441 on-base percentage while batting .315 with 29 homers and 100 RBI on the way to his second MVP award in three years.

In addition, Trout cut down his strikeouts from 184 in 2014 to 137 last year, an indication of his ability to keep improving even when hes at the games top echelon. Teammates marvel at the way Trout answers the bell night after night he has played at least 157 games in each of the last four seasons while remaining remarkably consistent. In that four-year span, Trout has produced an on-base-plus slugging percentage of between .988 and .991 three times.

Hes the best player in the game and it shows on an everyday basis, thats the thing thats most important and special about him, right fielder Kole Calhoun said. He doesnt take it for granted. He tries to win, hes there to work every day and he wants to be in the lineup every day. Thats the making of one of the all-time greats in this game.

Now, if only fans could see him in the postseason.

Gallery: Best pictures from Spring Training


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Mike Trout stays humble, but frustrated with Angels’ progress – USA TODAY

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Nigerian Bankers Committee Plans to Legalize Bitcoin – The Merkle

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Quite a few countries are contemplating how they should treat bitcoin moving forward. Cryptocurrency poses intriguing opportunities, yet it is difficult to regulate as there is no centralized entity controlling the ecosystem. Nigerian banks are contemplating to legalize bitcoin, which would give the popular cryptocurrency a significant boost, to say the least.

It is not the first time someone brings up the concept of Nigerian banks legalizing bitcoin. The same idea was proposedseveral months ago. Albert no one saw this as a hint of what the future could hold, it would appear various Nigerian banks are thinking along the same lines. This development caught quite a few people by surprise, even though it makes a lot of sense.

An article appeared in The Inquirer, which talks about how the Nigerian Bankers Committee is studying blockchain technology. That is anything but surprising, as nearly every bank around the world is well aware of what distributed ledgers bring to the table. However, there has not been any major product to come forth from this interest so far. Experts predict a few of these blockchain applications will see the light of day in 2017, albeit that remains to be seen for now.

What is more interesting, however, is how the Nigerian Bank Committee still feels bitcoin poses somewhat of a threat the national financial ecosystem. To be more precise, the group touched upon the concept of dubious virtual currencies flooding the country. It is not hard to see which projects they are talking about, as OneCoinhas become somewhat of a popular concept in Nigeria. Additionally, there is also the MMM Global scheme, which only accepts bitcoin deposits in Nigeria right now.

It is evident the Central bank of Nigeria wants to gain a better understanding of bitcoin and its blockchain technology. That open-minded approach can mean big things for cryptocurrency in the country moving forward. Moreover, it only appears to be a matter of time until Nigeria introduces bitcoin regulation, which could occur as soon as this year. Introducing such a regulation would effectively legalize bitcoin in Nigeria, even though the current is not issued by the countrys central bank.

Nigeria is not the only country in the world looking to regulate and legalize bitcoin. Japan will be doing the same later this year, which will bring a lot more legitimacy to cryptocurrency moving forward. Albeit no one can effectively regulate bitcoin itself, governments can impose specific guidelines for companies dealing with customer funds, either in the national currency or bitcoin. Then again, running a financial business will always be subject to specific regulation and bitcoin enterprises should not be exempt from those rules.

Bitcoin regulation does not have to be a bad thing by any means. Chinas central bank issued a few new regulatory measures over the past few weeks, which has only helped the bitcoin price stabilizes as time progressed. It is unclear what Nigeria will do exactly when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, but it will be an intriguing situation to keep an eye on.

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Nigerian Bankers Committee Plans to Legalize Bitcoin – The Merkle

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Voices on wellness: Hypnosis and the trance of everyday life – Richmond News

Posted: February 18, 2017 at 4:26 am

In recent columns, weve explored the evolutionary development and potential of the human brain and how new approaches, including mindfulness can use this knowledge to better manage our emotions and chronic pain.

Clinical hypnosis is a technique used by specially trained health professionals to help an individual engage the subconscious mind to reinforce positive thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

It can help you visualize a positive healthier future.

The hypnotic or trance state is an altered state of consciousness that we naturally fall in and out of each day.

Remember the last time you were in a movie theatre totally engaged in the characters and story on the screen?

Remember awakening from that trance when the credits rolled and you walked out of the theatre?

How often have you walked or driven home when your mind was elsewhere and you found yourself at home sooner than you expected without thinking about it?

You were in trance as an impressionable toddler and child, during emotionally charged experiences in the past, in a new place that engaged your senses, when you fell in love for the first time, and when you were lost in thought earlier today.

In these uncontrolled trance states, our unconscious is highly sensitive to suggestion.

We may have accepted incorrect beliefs about the world, other people and ourselves and these incorrect or maladaptive beliefs shape the stories we tell ourselves.

In turn, our personal stories affect our outlook on life and our conscious perspective.

Having suffered from chronic pain in the past, Ive recognized how easy it is to fall into negative thinking traps or cognitive distortions that actually increased my suffering. Negative thoughts about our pain can include the following.

The pain is just going to get worse.

I have to take something (drugs or alcohol) to manage the pain.

I have to find the right test or treatment to cure the pain.

Because the pain gets worse with activity, I must be causing harm and I have to lie down and rest.

Our subconscious mind can accept these beliefs without question.

Similarly, negative beliefs and assumptions we accepted in the trances of early life, can contribute to anxiety, depression and unhappiness throughout our adult lives.

Im not good enough.

I have to be perfect.

The world is a dangerous place.

Somethings wrong with me.

People cant be trusted. Life is unfair.

With mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy, we can uncover maladaptive thoughts and beliefs, and step-by-step replace them with those that are more accurate, adaptive and empowering.

We can become conscious and aware co-authors of our own life stories and agents of positive change in our personal lives and in our world.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. We allow the conscious mind to relax and engage the subconscious mind using imagery.

We often start with deliberate relaxed breathing. Unlike mindfulness meditation, we control rather than simply observe the breath.

In hypnotic inductions, we use the breath as a vehicle of progressive relaxation and imagine the whole body letting go with each successive breath.

When we reach a stage of deep relaxation, we offer positive suggestions to the subconscious.

These suggestions reinforce the new more adaptive neural pathways that will enhance our coping with lifes challenges and allow us to visualize ourselves mastering our lives and achieving our personal potentials.

This creates a positive blueprint for our minds.

Because clinical hypnosis is not appropriate for every person and every psychological or physical health condition, it should only be used by experienced and appropriately trained professionals.

If you would like to find one, contact the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BC Division) online at Hypnosis.bc.ca.

This non-profit society offers training to professionals in medicine, psychology, dentistry and other allied professions including a training workshop in February of each year.

In upcoming columns, well explore how you may use the practical strategies of cognitive behavioural therapy to manage chronic pain or difficult emotions.

Davidicus Wong is a family physician and his Healthwise columns appear regularly in this paper. For more on achieving your positive potential in health, see his website at DavidicusWong.Wordpress.com.

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Voices on wellness: Hypnosis and the trance of everyday life – Richmond News

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President Carter: ‘We must cling to principles that never change’ – Austin American-Statesman

Posted: at 4:08 am

By American-Statesman staff

Editors note: This article was originally published April 8, 2014

President Jimmy Carter said that although much progress has been made on human rights in the United States and around the world, much still needs to be done.

Speaking to LBJ Presidential Library Director Mark Updegrove at the Civil Rights Summit, the 39th president said womens issues including wage disparity, sexual abuse, sexual slavery and racial inequality are issues that still need addressing.

Asked if the country has progressed on race issues as much as he wouldve hoped in the years since hes been president, Carter was blunt.

No, he said. We still have gross disparity on employment, in quality of education, a good many public schools in the South are still segregated.

He also spoke at length about womens issues around the world, including the number of girls strangled at birth by parents seeking boys.

We believe about 40 million people were killed in Second World War. Four times as many baby girls have been killed in this generation by their parents, he said. That creates a shortage of girls that leads to an increase in sexual slavery, including in the United States.

Slavery at this moment is greater than it ever was in the 19th Century, Carter said, quoting state department numbers. Last year 800,000 people were sold across international borders, 80 percent are young girls. Its the worst human rights violation on earth.

In the United States, the problem is glossed over at universities and in the military by officials and commanding officers who dont want their reputations besmirched, Carter said.

Only 4 percent of rapes on college campuses are ever reported to authorities, Carter said. He also quoted a report that said only 300 of the 26,000 cases of sexual assault in the military last year resulted in punishment.

Carter also said American women get paid 23 percent less than men for doing the same type of jobs and working the same number of hours as men.

This is a human rights abuse of the grossest character that needs to be addressed by every American, and we need to set an example for the rest of the world, he said, drawing applause from the crowd.

To combat these problems, Carter said federal funds should be withheld from colleges whose administrators fail to act on sexual assault cases, commanding officers should be removed of any role in bringing forward rape charges, and cities should begin prosecuting brothel owners, pimps and male customers instead of girls.

You only have to arrest several prominent men and the situation would change overnight, he said.

Carter said his greatest concern for America is the unlimited amount of money flowing into campaigns and governments. His greatest concern for the world is the breakdown in international harmony and the abilities of countries to get together to deal with crises before they get to conflict stage.

He also gave a message to young people in the audience who might be looking for ways to create positive change. Citing his presidential inauguration, in which he quoted a high school teacher, Carter said, We must accommodate changing times but cling to principles that never change.

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President Carter: ‘We must cling to principles that never change’ – Austin American-Statesman

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Hubble Telescope’s successor, the James Webb Space Telescope, being built in Maryland – Fox Baltimore

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The most advanced space telescope in the world –and beyond — is being built in our own backyard. (Photo courtesy NASA)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) — The most advanced space telescope in the world –and beyond — is being built in our own backyard.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), an international collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), is slated for launch from French Guiana in October of 2018.

Dr. John Mather is the Senior Project Scientist and is one of thousands working on the infrared telescope, which will be a successor to the Hubble Telescope.

The technology is undergoing extensive tests to ensure it will survive the launch.

When this telescope is a million miles away there’s no way to fix it, so potential problems are solved at Goddard’s facility in Maryland.

“We have the capability here and we might be the only place in the entire universe that can do this,” Dr. Mather said. “We are certainly the only place in NASA that can lead this project.”

Next, parts will ship to California where the observatory is being built but once the telescope is in space, it will be monitored right from Baltimore.

“The operations of the observatory are going to be in Baltimore,” Dr. Mather said. “At the Space Telescope Science Institute where they also run the operations for the Hubble Telescope.”

Scientists are eagerly awaiting the launch. There’s no telling what the findings will reveal about the universe.

“We think we will be able to see the first galaxies being born,the first black holes being born,” Dr. Mather said, adding, “if we guess right about how they actually do. How the galaxies grow.”

He is confident about the team in place preparing the advanced technology for its deep space mission.

“We have a wonderful team here,” Dr. Mather said. “The engineers are are some of the best I’ve met. They make things happen you could only wish for. Eventually we will point the telescope at the sky and discover things you’ve never knew about.”

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Hubble Telescope’s successor, the James Webb Space Telescope, being built in Maryland – Fox Baltimore

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China’s Bitcoin Drama Isn’t A Financial Meltdown – Forbes

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China's Bitcoin Drama Isn't A Financial Meltdown
China, currently the world's largest Bitcoin trader, has caused some complications for the cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year. The amount of Bitcoin traded in the country has plummeted from 10 million a day to 30,000-90,000 due to 'abnormal
Bitcoin traders look to other digital currencies for returnsCNBC
Size Matters: Japan Becomes Largest Bitcoin Exchange Market, Beats China and USCoinTelegraph
Bitcoin Tracker: Denouement?PYMNTS.com
CryptoCoinsNews –The Merkle –Brave New Coin
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China’s Bitcoin Drama Isn’t A Financial Meltdown – Forbes

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Elon Musk: All New Cars Will Be Self-Driving in 10 Years – Futurism

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In Brief

Elon Musk has made another bold prediction about the future of self-drivingcars. In a conversation held at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the Tesla CEO stated that nearly all new cars would be self-driving within the next ten years.

Musk predicts that the first level four autonomous cars from Tesla will arrive by the end of this year. He views this arrival as a paradigm shift for the automobile industry:

There are about 2 billion cars in the world and the total annual production capacity is about 100 million cars, which makes sense since the average life of a car before being totally scrapped is about 20-25 years. This means that the shift to driverless cars wont be immediate, but the point for which we see autonomy appear will not be the point when we see a massive impact on people because it will take a lot of time to make enough autonomous vehicles to disrupt. That disruption will take place for about 20 years.

Musk also mentioned how the supercomputer used to control Teslas vehicles, the NVIDIA Drive PX 2, can reach level five autonomy. NVIDIA thinks that level 4-5 autonomy would only be possible with two supercomputers, but even so, Musk stated that the computers could easily be upgraded to rise the occasion.

We wont have to wait long to see how his predictions will play out.

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Elon Musk: All New Cars Will Be Self-Driving in 10 Years – Futurism

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