Turmeric/Olive Oil mask for Hyperpigmentation/Eczema Scars – Video

Turmeric/Olive Oil mask for Hyperpigmentation/Eczema Scars
Products (in order of Use): Clean Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub (oil free) Ponds Deep Cleanser Make up Remover (cool cucumber classic) Ponds dry skin cream (the caring classic) was shown but NOT used ! Lightly pat face dry w/ Norwex antibac microfiber cloth Mixture: 8 tbsp. of Turmeric powder 5 tbsp. Olive or Sesame oil. (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Stirl in a CLEAN DRY bowl until it Becomes creamy and Apply on Faceor Elbows/Knees or Wherever you have Scars or Hyperpigmentation. I'm Going to sleep with this Mask on my face and some parts of my Arms due to Eczema but if You'd like you can keep the Mask on for 30mins-1 hour, then rinse with Lukewarm water followed by a moisturizer. ps my mixture was a little runny to thicken add more turmeric powder or don't go so heavy on the oil lol :) If You Have Any Questions , DO ASK ! lolFrom:Senga28Views:0 0ratingsTime:05:31More inHowto Style

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Turmeric/Olive Oil mask for Hyperpigmentation/Eczema Scars – Video

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